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25th May 2017 By Bestwriter


Ravi Veda, a Safety professional, wanted to attract the professional attention of top MNCs through an impressive LinkedIn Profile for lead position in reputed company. He wanted to take his career to the next level by building on his experience.


LinkedIN Profile that would make potential recruiters stop by and take note of Ravi’s profile and achievements.


Ravi had crafted a profile on his own. Despite lapsing of significant time since creation of that profile, he hadn’t secured any interview calls from companies he had been eyeing.

Writing process

First of all, our team of LinkedIn profile writers in India scrutinized the whole profile and its presentation. The assigned writer  changed the generic headline that was posted next to his profile picture with a bold statement of his professional mettle. This intriguing headline, with clear articulation of Ravi’s expertise, would definitely pique the interest of the potential recruiters.

Next, the profile was more of a prose and there was nothing exciting that would compel prospects to learn more about him. We inserted his key expertise that can be backed up with evidential documents uploaded on the portal itself. Next, we keyed in a line that glorified his past accomplishments and can be endorsed by high profile professionals from his previous jobs. A line was dedicated to a list of projects which are breakthrough in nature, innovative in approach, and are inherently powered with the potential to turn around the productivity or efficiency of previous organization. Everything was presented in a coherent manner without any bragging. The language was kept simple, witty and was toned professionally. At the end, the link to the repository was provided where the summaries of the stellar work carried out by Ravi during his previous professional stints were deposited. It was a complete package wherein only germane aspects of Ravi’s career were dealt with in concise manner. All the potential queries that might arise in the minds of prospective recruiters were answered to through the profile. Further, sufficient links, endorsements and resource base were provided from where the recruiters could learn more about the professional character of our client.


After the profile was posted, Ravi’s mailbox was inundated with a number of interview calls. He could finally secure a senior position matching his aptitude with our assistance. Tweaking a few critical aspects of the profile resulted in a magnetic statement of Ravi’s achievements and ambitions which instantly resonated with the likes of potential head hunters. LinkedIn Profiles need to be laser targeted and lucid.

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