Choosing the Right Personal Statement Template: How It Helps Your Application Stand Out

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21st July 2018 By Bestwriter

By design, personal statements are an important document about the person you are laid out along with your admission application. The selection committee looks at what is given in the personal statement most of the times to process the admission part from the academic transcripts and scorecards. This is why creating an impressive and engaging personal statement is crucial for any student who wants to get into the her/his dream university.

As such, in the large scheme of personal statement writing, personal statement template plays a crucial role in helping you include only those elements that add value to the statement and get rid of what does not.

If you are in the process of writing and have no idea about the personal statement template you much choose, we are here to help you.

There are no concrete personal statement templates unless otherwise given


Well, most of our clients whom we tell this are.

By the rule of thumb, the only intention a personal statement carries on its shoulders is o help you get admission. Hence, more than the structure or the personal statement template, what it says is more important.

However, some of the universities have specific personal statement templates that all applicants must adhere to, and in such cases, you are no exception either. Along with your offer letter from the university, they will mention the same or it will be given on their website for the applicant to understand.

Our clients, when they come to us requiring a personal statement, we look at their offer letter or the website of the university to understand if there is any specific personal statement template given to write on.

Choose the best personal statement template that complements your statement

Everyone has a different story to tell through the personal statement. Hence, way each of these statement progresses must be different from another statement. For the story you want to tell, it is important to choose the best template that suits the story and elevates its flow.

Whatever you tell your admission committee through the personal statement, it must have a narrative style that takes them with your story so that they can understand your motivations, experiences and aspirations as you yourself do it.

One of the most important aspects of writing a personal statement is that the statement conveys the motivations and ambitions of the student in the best way possible so that the student stands apart from the rest of the pile.

Make your personal statement, well, personal to engage and impress the selection committee

By the nature of the document, it is important that you need to shred light onto your personal experiences that have influenced you in the past and persuaded to take the path you have chosen now. While doing so, it is important to ensure that the personal statement template that you have chosen adds to the effectiveness of your story.

If the body of the statement cuts from the flow from one to another without any clear progression, the selection committee will have a hard time understanding your motivations and aspirations. Worse, your statement may look like a half-baked broth without realizing the ultimate goal it was created for.

So when you write the statement, keep in mind that the progression is never broken.

Assess your personal statement template and see if tweaking is needed

After you finish writing your statement in any personal statement template that you chose, it is imperative that you give it a fair amount of time to assess the quality of the same.

Read the same a couple of times to see if the statement has a natural progression and if any tweaking is needed. If there is any such tweaking is needed, go ahead and do it.

The time after the writing is ripe to make the entire statement better and more convincing.

Alternatively, if you think someone else can do the tweaking part better, you can rely on your relatives or teachers to go through the same and provide you constructive feedbacks.

When our clients approach us to write their personal statements, we have an experienced team of editors who scrutinize the statement to make sure that it is structured well and able to serve its ultimate purpose well, as intended.

Concluding thoughts

We hope that the post has been able to help you understand the truth behind personal statement templates and debunk most of the myths regarding the same.

Even then, if you have doubts regarding writing your personal statement and want a professional to write it, we are the best people to help you.

Over the years, we have written numerous personal statements in diverse personal statement templates for students aspiring to get admission to their preferred university.

With our exceptional writers, years of experience and understanding of various university requirements, we can always take you closer to realizing your academic dreams through impressive personal statements.


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