Considering Higher Education from a Foreign University? Everything You Must Know about Personal Statement

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17th July 2018 By Bestwriter

Getting into an excellent education institute is a crucial aspect which can decide the quality of the career and future of the candidate. As such, it is of paramount importance that all efforts must be taken to get into an impressive and academically venerated institute for higher education.

While your academic scores are significant in helping you secure admission, an important document that complements your admission in proportions you cannot imagine is your personal statement.

In the grand scheme of everything you do to secure admission from one of the best higher education institutes in a foreign country, paying enough and more attention to your personal statement is crucial.

Many students tend to rally their efforts behind a few personal statement samples they secure online.

But is that all?


There’s a lot more to a personal statement than meets the eye that a student must know while writing one.

Know what you are going to put into your personal statement

Your personal statement has a purpose to serve—help the candidate secure the admission. As such, it is really essential to know what to add on your personal statement and what not.

Albeit having different requirements, all the university looks to understand both the academic and extracurricular activities of the candidates. This helps them know if the candidates have what it takes to take full advantage of the course and bring value to the institute as well.

Since personal statements are a unique document that most students have no idea of writing, it is only befitting that they look for inspiration from various personal statement samples to know what to include in the same.

While this can be really beneficial, if not taken care, the personal statement samples can influence the one you are writing. When that happens, the personal and unique nature of your statement can suffer.

Make sure that the focus is never lost throughout the statement

One of the major issues that we see with the personal statements written by some of clients is that even when they start the statement quite impressively, the focus is lost midway. This can prove dangerous for your admission expectations.

If you have seen some of the winning personal statement samples, you would understand that they all have a clear and streamlined focus throughout the document that elevates the quality of the document. Most of the times, the focus a candidate can maintain throughout the statement can impress the admission committee thoroughly and improve your admission chances.

With every project that we take up, we always bring in a unique and focused narrative thread throughout the statement to warrant highest quality of the statement.

Couple of months ago, we had a client who wanted to pursue master’s in architecture. Since she was born into a family where her father and uncles were engineers, she had been brought up in such an environment.

She also brought a personal statement sample, which lost the element of focus, with her, we convinced her of the importance of building her statement focusing on the environment she was brought up.

We were able to successfully tether this element to her motivation strongly and helped her secure the admission quite effortlessly.

Take your time with the actual process of writing

When it comes to creating an engaging statement, taking the required time to write the statement is a crucial element. Only if you pay uncompromised attention can you come up with a personal statement which can improve your chances of winning the admission.

Even when you are writing something of this sort for the first time, taking the time required to do so can help you make the process easy and effortless.

While writing, taking time will also give you enough confidence to create a unique and even better personal statement than the personal statement samples you have seen online.

Give your statement a thorough review

Even after you have written an exceptional personal statement even better than the personal statement samples you have seen online, it is important that you review the carefully. It will help you get rid of various issues that might plague your statement otherwise.

If you did not know, all of the personal statement samples that impress you and the admission committee are the result of careful review and editing.

As reviewing the statement will give you plenty of opportunities to make each sentence better, it will no doubt improve the overall quality and focus of the statement leading to improved chances of admission.

Having realized it ourselves, we have a dedicated team of editors who review the written statements to make sure that they are able to meet the admission expectation of the clients.

Concluding Thoughts

Even when you carefully adhere to these techniques while writing a personal statement, the actual process can be really strenuous at times. As such, you might need to get the help of an experienced personal statement writing company who has the right experience and expertise to create engaging and impeccable statement like we are.

Over the years, we have created a range of personal statement for candidates from diverse academic backgrounds with unique career aspirations.

You can see the personal statement samples we have written for clients listed on our website. All of it has helped the candidates get admission to their preferred university in their preferred academic domain.

We can do that for you as well.

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