Guide to writing a Statement of Purpose for admission into an MBA programme

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21st July 2017 By Bestwriter

The value of a strong statement of purpose can never be understated. Just like an essay or a statement of purpose is needed for the purpose of admissions into undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is no exception. However, while approaching the statement of purpose, it is pertinent to note that there exists a very fundamental difference between a SoP for MBA and for other Masters. Most of the have some work experience. So, they have to incorporate that into their essay as well as talking about the other key points. Such an MBA aspirant also has to show how his work experience has solidified his decision of pursuing an MBA. Hence, SoP for MBA is slightly more descriptive and detailed than the other Statement of Purposes. To make the SoP stronger, effective and result-generating, there are SOP writing services which can help you achieve your goal.

As someone who has had professional working experience, your maturity and clarity of vision has to be apparent in your SoP. This is why the structure of the essay is very important. A poorly framed one has the potential of costing you your admission. The manner of writing has to have a welcoming effect. The reader should feel like he is able to easily understand the point that you are trying to put across. SoP writing and editing services can be engaged for this purpose.

Some Do’s:

  • Be creative. Do not use the same phrases in multiple places in your application. Repeated information is not appreciated. Solid command over the language is always a plus.
  • Substantiate your claim. If you say that you “like challenges because they help you grow”, mention some challenges that you have faced. Such generic terms are often received with mistrust. Your essay has to have the ability to convince the reader that you’re good enough.
  • Include long term goals. The statement of purpose makes the reader learn about your past, present and future. If you are unclear about your ultimate goal, the reader won’t be interested in offering you a seat. You have to be on top of things and be focused.
  • Give your SoP a personal touch as well. Alongside you, every single candidate is going to talk about their academics and work experience. Your duty is to stand out. Use little stories or anecdotes to your make essay a bit more memorable. Add only such information which will make the reader look at your application in a more favourable light.
  • Don’t go overboard. Normally, there is no word limit given for an MBA SoP. Some MBA aspirants let loose and write too much. This leads them into trouble. The lengthier your essay is, the more you are being judged. When you keep your essay short and to the point while artfully presenting yourself, you give the reader the impression that you are organised and confident enough to not use words in a frivolous fashion.

Some things that need to be mentioned in your SoP that all the best SoP writers add:

  • Background
  • Personal achievements
  • Work experience
  • Short and long-term career goals
  • Purpose of pursing MBA
  • Why is that university the perfect fit for you.

There are many Statement of Purpose writing services and SoP editing services in India. However, this is something that is handled amazingly well by our team that consists of some of the best SoP writers in the country. The most common problem that arises where the MBA aspirant has hired a company’s writing services is that the candidate is not actively participating. A well written SoP is the product of meticulous hard work. Our team understands the need to have such a candidate equally involved and this is why we are one of the best in the nation.

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