How to Conquer Your Fear of Writing Personal Essays

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15th July 2018 By Bestwriter

When it comes to getting admission to a foreign university for higher education, one of the most difficult things to get right is the personal statement you write. What makes it all the more crucial is that personal essays play a crucial role in deciding the admission of the candidate—there’s no doubt about that.

This makes personal essays a nightmare for many candidates to even think about.

However, since personal essay cannot be set apart, you need to always conquer your fear to come up with an impeccable essay that can talk about both your personal traits and extracurricular activities.

So, let us talk about the factors you need to keep in mind while writing your personal essay;

Understand what your university needs

When you start writing a personal statement, you need to know the context of the same. This is where the requirements of the university come into play. Only when you know what you are writing for, you can craft a sensible and impressive write-up that can meet the objectives.

Most of the universities specify what they want when it comes to a personal essay from the student and what elements they would like to see addressed.

The major objective of the essay is to know the candidate better in ways more than what his/her academic transcripts and scorecards can say.

When a student approaches us wanting a personal statement, we gather information about the university’s needs to make sure what we write fall categorically in line with what they are looking to understand from a student’s personal essay.

Do your homework and plan your writing process

This comes right after you have understood the requirements of the university while writing your personal essay. Since what you write on the essay is going to decide your admission, you need to think about everything you are going to include in the essay, and not.

As per the requirements of the university and its expectation of a student’s personal essay, your narrative must be formed. For this, you need to do your homework.

Listing all the things you can include in your personal essay is one of the best ways to do so. While doing so, also make sure that your essay does not become too lengthy and turn off the admission committee. If you think there are elements that do not any value to your essay, strike it off confidently.

The next thing is trickier than you think it is—there must be a clear and defined progression in your essay. The jumps from one idea or incident must not be felt abrupt, it must be organic. Only when the succession is impressive and well-earned, the personal essay can create the impact it needs to create in the minds of the admission committee to secure successful admission.

Never forget the personal element

As you would know, what you are writing is a personal essay, which means there is a strong personal element to it. As such, the narrative must have a strong personal element to it. Everything you write there must have helped you grow personally or exerted a strong influence on your personality.

Many students who write personal essays tend to think there must grand experiences to share with the audience. This is a very wrong notion that students have. It is not the scope of the event or experience that gets the attention; it is your learning, your response and your growth following the experience that counts.

A strong personal statement has personal anecdotes and experiences that shaped the aspirations and ambitions of the student and set the student on the current path. What you need to keep in mind while writing your personal essay is that, the admission committee wants to know about the person rather than their achievements.

Reviewing and editing

Even after you think you have written an impressive personal essay, there will always be room for improvement. There may be grammatical inconsistencies that you need to take care of while editing. This will certainly improve the overall quality of the personal essay you are writing.

Another important aspect of reviewing your personal essay is that it will help you take care of the spelling errors that might crawl into the statement even if you take extreme care to avoid them. More than the issues caused by the errors themselves, the message it sends about you is crucial here.

It will let the admission committee know that you are clumsy and create bad impression on you. In a nutshell, it will be counteractive.

Finally, the presentation of ideas can be made better with each review. The better your presentation becomes, higher the chances of impressing the committee altogether.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that writing personal essay is not an easy task to pull off even by someone who is able to play well with the language.

It requires focus, experience and the ability to present ideas in ways that will not only impress the admission committee but also let the committee know of the cognitive resources of the candidate.

With our writing prowess and experience, we can help you do that.

Over the years, we have helped numerous students from diverse academic backgrounds aspiring to get admission to some of the best institutes in the world. Understanding their personal traits and academic performances, we have created strong cases to be presented to the admission committee for successful admissions.

We can do that for you as well.

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