How to Start a Personal Statement: Things to Keep in Mind to Create an Impeccable Opening

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2nd June 2018 By Bestwriter

Are you getting aggravated because you are not satisfied with the opening of your personal statement no matter how many you have written?

Or even worse, you can’t seem to begin writing at all because you can’t come up with a start?

Well, fret not.

You are in the company of so many students who feel agitated thinking how to start a personal statement. Sometimes even in the company of writers.

So, the real question is how to write a start college personal statement that nails its purpose.

Over the years, we have helped numerous students who want to go to diverse parts of the world to pursue their higher studies from diverse academic backgrounds with impressive and unique college personal statements that got them admissions. And we have always maintained that opening is not the most crucial aspect while beginning to write a personal statement but the content of the statement is.

As such, there’s no need at all if you aren’t able to come up with a starting sentence that leaves the readers instantly impressed of you.

If the rest of the story is good enough, you will be in.

However, if you can come up with a great opening, that will be like the frosting on the cake.

So let’s now look at the ways through which you can render your statement with an excellent opening;

Avoid the Pitfall of Overkill Opening

When students want an exceptional opening, they tend to get carried away with writing one—a wrong one. This can be detrimental to the chances of your admission as it would many a times sound artificial and can turn the admission committee be turned off.

So it is important to keep it real while thinking about how to start a personal statement.

The point of writing personal statement is to engage the admission committee with excellent ideas and perspectives and not by including something that is flashy or gimmicky.

If you are trying to sound smart so hard, you may end up losing it all.

So it is imperative that you focus on what is important and then let all other elements fall into places as you go on.

Always Remember Why You Are Writing the Personal Statement

The ultimate aim of writing a personal statement is to get the admission to your favourite university to the course you want to pursue.

It is not to have an excellent opening, per se.

While opening can have an impact on how the committee would see the rest of the document, paying all your attention to the opening and worrying about the same can have diverse effect on your chances of getting admission.

The following things need to be kept in mind while thinking how to start a personal statement;

  • Do not waste your time and energy trying to create a catchy opening. It often may not serve the purpose you expect.
  • The most important thing that must be talked about in your statement is your interest about the course and why you chose it.
  • The best personal statements talk about the most important points quickly rather than setting up the stage for what’s coming.
  • Often the best opening is the fundamental reason you have for having chosen the course, your personal experience and even what impressed you about the course itself.
  • Being specific about what you are saying from the first is the best way to start writing your personal statement.
  • Establishing your understanding of the subject now rather than what inspired you when you were six.

Over the years, we have had many students who ask us to ‘make the opening a little more attractive and impressive’.

While we always strive to honour all kinds of requests from our clients—after all we work for them—we convince them of the importance of going any other way if that adds more value to the personal statement.

That’s what we do here—adding what brings more value to your statement and improving the chances of admission. We, of course, think about how to start a personal statement to make sure that the right impression is made when the admission committee reads it.

Do not begin at the start of your personal statement

Most of the times, students tend to experience some hitch while trying to begin the process of writing an impressive personal statement for graduate course—or for any other course for that matter. This will make them delay the entire process of writing until they are able to get the beginning they want.

Trust us, this will not end up good for you, your admission and even for your future.

Most of the times, the delay is attributed to the incapability of finding an apt start for the essay.

This is why, if you are in the same league of people who procrastinate, you need to start writing your statement anywhere other than the beginning. This will give you plenty of options to think about how to start a personal statement.

You will have several paragraphs to write on your statement addressing different aspects of your academic, professional and personal accounts.

This will help you get into the process of writing. Most of the times, once you start writing, ideas will naturally flow which will also endow you with a few exceptional ones that you can use at the beginning, as well.

So, get to writing as early as possible.

Avoid Clichés at the Beginning

No one hates clichés like a reader does. And if you are going to use them right at the beginning of your statement, it will do you no good than any good.

As such, always be careful as to not use clichés if you do a little brainstorming about how to start a personal statement, it will help you save from that pitfall for sure.

But how do you know what you are writing is cliché?

The following are some of the most often used—and abused clichés—that you must avoid in your statement.

  • Even from my tender age…
  • For as much as I can recall…
  • I chose this course because…
  • The course attracted me because…
  • I have chosen this course as I want to gain more knowledge…

All of these sentences suggest that you have run out of creative ideas and ways to put across your thoughts. There always is a way to creatively convince the admission committee why you want to pursue this course other than these often used phrases. Clichés such as these are what make it important for a student to seriously think how to start a personal statement creatively.

As an experienced personal statement writing service, our creative writers will always find the best way to convey what you want to without relying on these clichés.

Chuck the quotes

Many students have a tendency to begin the statement with a quote for the sake of it. None of the admission committee members will be impressed if you have a quote at the beginning of the statement and worse, they would even hate it.

It will also convey the wrong message that you have not given enough thoughts on how to start a personal statement creatively and lazily clung onto what someone else had said to cover up the dearth of ideas.

If you aren’t explaining why it is there in the first place, it will make things even more difficult.

Since it is your statement that you write, what the university wants to know is what you think and not what some famous random person does.


Writing a personal statement is a difficult task. Making it impress the committee is all the more so. Since the quality of the statement will surely have significant bearing on your future, it is important that you get someone who has the right experience in the field to do it.

All considered, you need to make every element of the statement excellent and impressive. As such, it is important that you consider all the options while thinking on the lines of how to start a personal statement creatively.

That’s why you can rely on us—one of the most sought-after personal statement writers in the industry. With our expertise, exceptional writers and experience, you will be able to get the best statement is no time at affordable costs.

You can contact us to know more about our offerings.


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