How to write an admission essay for a college?

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20th August 2017 By Bestwriter

Education plays a very important and necessary role and getting into a good college sets the tone for the rest of our lives. While applying to a college, many documents are needed. For instance, letters of recommendation, transcripts and language test results. But, nothing is as important and crucial as one’s admission essay. This piece of writing acts as the mirror into our academic and personal life. It showcases your interests and future plans.

An admission essay tells the college committee why they should give the admission spot to you, and not to someone else. People who have a good control over language and can express their thoughts eloquently write this admission essay themselves. For others, there are admission essay writing services in India.

Let us look at some essential points to keep in mind while writing an admission essay for a college:

  • A strong debut: The beginning of the admission essay needs to be able to grab attention instantly. The human mind gets bored pretty easily, and especially the people on a college committee who have to go through thousands of admission essays. Every word used in an admission essay needs to count towards convincing the reader that you are worth their time.
  • Avoid repetition: The same things or words should not be repeated. This gets monotonous and the reader might feel like there is nothing more to you. It gives a bad impression.
  • A good structure: An ill-framed admission essay is something the reader won’t even read till the end. It needs to make clear sense. An essay of jumbled thoughts is going to leave the impression that the writer himself is unorganised.

The order usually is:

  • Begin with what program you are applying for and why
  • Your academic record
  • Internships/Job experience, if any
  • How you can contribute to the institute
  • What is your plan of action after finishing the said course

This is a crisp way of putting things. It shows clarity of mind. The challenge is to make all of these paragraphs an interesting read.

  • No grammar mistakes or typographical errors: Mistakes may be human, but the college committee is hardly divine enough to forgive them. An admission essay needs to be proof read many number of times to avoid any errors.
  • Do not lie or exaggerate: The college committee is a bunch of highly experienced academicians who have read countless admission essays. If they feel that some fact that you stated in your admission essay is incorrect, they do not hesitate to look into it.

Admission essays are almost always required for admission into the top MBA colleges around the world. If you are somebody who feels comfortable juggling words and writing them down in a proper fashion, then writing an admission essay might just be like cakewalk for you. For those who feel like their command over the English language is not good enough, they are free to engage our MBA admission essay writing service.

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