How to Write an Exceptional and Winning College Admission Essay

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27th June 2018 By Bestwriter

How to Write an Exceptional and Winning College Admission Essay

Getting admission to a college has never been a walk in the part. There’s so much to do than you would probably like to do. But you have to do them all, without fail.

You have given the tests you were required. You have got the recommendations the college needs you to have; and you have also got then application ready.

Now, it is time for you to take care of the one thing you have been putting off; your college admission essay.

There is no doubt that most of the students spend days and weeks—some, even months—to write a college admission essay, it is really important to know that admission panels hardly allot three minutes to assess an essay.

This makes it extremely important for you to learn a thing or two from some sample college admission essays to draft an impressive one for yourself.

Even when you can take inspiration from sample college admission essays online, there are important elements that you still need to take care of.

Take a look at them;

Open with a Simple, yet Relevant, Anecdote:

If you have already checked a few of the sample college admission essays online, you would see that all of them open intelligently. Their openings are engaging, effective and relevant, and pull you right into the context.

That is the kind of opening that would give your admission essay a special place among the many ordinary essays that the admission panel would read.

Such an opening would set the perfect stage and platform for you to impress the admission panel. Because, when you already have an exceptional opening, it will be easy for you to tread on the goodwill you have already earned.

Do Not Take Elements from the Sample College Admission Essays

When you have numerous sample college admission essays at your disposal downloaded from the internet, it is natural that you may be inclined to use certain element from them.

The persuasion would be stronger when you know they have all worked in the past.

However, samples should only be used to know how the document is structured and how the entire thing is done.

If you are going to fashion your college admission essay after the sample, chances are high your essay would lose the most important trait of the essay—its uniqueness.

Use a Vocabulary that You Are Comfortable with:

Some of the sample college admission essays make it feel as if the best way to impress the panel is to use high-end vocabulary. As with us, we always encourage our clients to stick with an effective vocabulary that they are comfortable with.

Most of the time, when clients approach us to tweak and improve their admission essay, most of the times we tone down it to make sure that the level of vocabulary matches with the academic proficiency of the clients.

This is in fact a conscious effort that must be made by all candidates who want to get admission to your dream-university and course because you do not want to send a wrong impression to the panel.

So, just because you see certain level of vocabulary in a sample admission essay, you don’t have to follow a similar trail.

Be Yourself and Not Someone You Are Not:

Another important thing you must keep in your mind while trying to write college admission essay is to never pretend to be a person you are not.

It can take a lot of shapes; you can create scenarios where your situations are a little rough; claim to know certain things you clearly have no clue of; and claim to have done things that you have not done.

There are a few things that you need to know about the admission panels that assess your essays; they are experts, they have years of experience and they go through hundreds of essays every intakes. They will know a framed scenario when they see one.

So it is important that you try to be yourself and craft the best picture.

This happens with many of our clients when they do not have stellar academic scores and grades. They want to add elements that actually do not represent their true self. However, interact with them and collect as many details as possible to create compelling cases about them and draft winning admission essays that impress the admission panel.

The Sample College Admissions are Just Samples

There are a myriad of ways to draft a college admission essay. The sample you have read is just one of them. Unless there are clear instructions from the college as to how the essay must be framed, you can pretty much write the essay in any way you would like.

Over the years, we have had clients who come to us with certain sample college admission essays they got from their friends or online. Then, they would require us to create an essay just like that.

We take our time to educate them about the importance of creating unique essays that represent the person for whom it is written and why it needs to be unique.

So it is always advised that you need to treat the samples as samples and it is not a good idea to create a different version of it. There is no value in it.

Besides, it is already used once and many other students would also use it like a sample.

Concluding Thoughts

Of course, writing a college admission essay is more strenuous than anyone would think before starting. However, by the very nature of the same, it must be written—and written with great care.

If you find it hard to come with a compelling draft for your college admission essay even with the help of a sample college admission essay, what you need is the support of an experienced admission essay writer.

And if you are looking for someone who can meet your schedules, budgetary requirements and provide you with an impressive essay, you have reached the best place.

You can contact our client support team now.

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