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1st August 2018 By Bestwriter



Meta: For those who are stepping into the job seeking process for the first time, this article will prove to be the best guide. Here are some important resume writing tips of freshers.

Entering a whole new world of work and employment is exciting as well as nervy experience. While one maybe quite kicked to shed their uniform image and don the shoes of a professional, they would be equally anxious to put their best foot forward. And it all starts from the word ‘resume’. It is one document that can make or mar your chances of getting the ticket to your dream job. Hence it is very essential to write your resume in best manner.

If you are breaking your head as to how to write resume for freshers, then this is the right page for you! Don’t worry if you have no work experience. We are to share some resume writing secrets that include perfect ingredients which are essential for new job applicants like you! It is, in fact, far simpler than one can imagine. All you need it some concentration and bit of creativity and lo! You have a pretty, simple resume on hand!! So let’s get started….

Basic issues in freshers resume:

  • The main idea of resume is to serve its purpose – that is, to help recruiters assess your qualification and skills. Hence, provide information that is relevant and concise.
  • Keep in mind that the prospective manager is looking for certain criteria of their own. So you must be able to fulfil this requirement to the fullest by entering maximum keywords suitable to that particular job. Else, there are high chances of getting rejected via recruitment screening software.
  • It is not advisable to maintain one single resume content style for all the job you are applying to. While the basic details and information will remain same, you have to edit your resume to suit each and every employer.
  • Do your homework! Yes, you read it right! It is very essential to do proper research about the company and job profile before applying for the job. It will be good if you get hold of someone in-house, so that you can get some valuable information and avoid putting wrong content in your resume.
  • There is no hard-and-fast rules for resume format for freshers, except the fact that it should include basic information. But if you have very important detail like internship experience, be sure to include it.
  • As far as possible stay away from embellishment and stick to relevant and important facts alone. Rather than putting elaborate content and information, it is good to maintain a clean, neat, accurate and short resume.

Ways to format your resume:

Your resume format is very crucial and hence, enough thought process should go behind it:

  • A resume should be easy on eye as well as to read. Always consider the reader’s perspective and their needs.
  • Use headlines effectively so that you can segregate your content appropriately in simple sections. This helps the recruiter to shift his attention on specific details like educational qualifications and so on.
  • Present a professional outlook. If possible, use colour combination in elegant manner. Check on online for examples on resume for freshers so that it will be helpful for you to write effectually. However do take care that you personalise the entire document by incorporating your own skills and abilities.
  • Give good amount of spacing for your content. Don’t try to fill in small spaces with elaborate details.
  • It can be noted that the resume format for freshers engineers is way different from those with arts background. So before writing consider your qualification and career objectives.

Simple layout rules for fresher resume:

If you are clueless, then it will be better to download resume format from internet and edit it completely and accordingly to suit your job application. But here’s more to the whole resume writing process – checkout what details have to go in your resume:

  • Name and contact details: Make it loud and clear with bold fonts.
  • Objectives: Optional. However, if written, then do keep it concise.
  • Educational Qualifications: Be accurate and relevant while providing information. Ensure that whatever you are writing is important and in sync with the job requirements. Use the same set of keywords which have been mentioned in job profile to help you cross the recruitment software screening successfully.
  • Skills: Mention your software skills which are very essential during the recruiter’s assessment process.
  • Work Experience: It includes your project works, and internships. Make sure you include the relevant information according to the employer’s criteria.
  • Achievements: Be brief and clear. Elaborate to share more details about the positions.

Final Important Note:

The most common blunder that anyone makes is applying for the jobs with incomplete resume or something that has lots of mistakes. Don’t wait for the D-Day to work on a fresher resume format doc; instead plan well ahead, prepare and come up with a final copy for submitting. Something that is written in haste will have discrepancies and such resume will end up in rejected list.

Make Sure That:

  • All requirements of employer are fulfilled via your resume content?
  • Are there any typos?
  • Does it look professional enough?
  • Have you included all the vital information?
  • Is it structured well?

Well, then all the best to you – YOU ARE ALL SET TO GO!

In case, you are still not sure about your writing skills or if you don’t want to take chances – then do get in touch with our team to seek professional help in writing resume for freshers looking for the first job. We have years of experience and expertise to especially help those without any job experience. So be assured that you will be guided in best possible way…

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