Pay Attention to These Factors Before You Start to Write Personal Statements

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23rd June 2018 By Bestwriter

Pay Attention to These Factors Before You Start to Write Personal Statements

Whenever an in-take season gets underway, aspiring students from around the world preps us to tackle one of the most difficult, time-consuming and stressful aspects of any higher education application—the personal statement.

Also referred to as statement of purpose and application essays, personal statements assume greater importance in any application process due to its unique standing.

Perhaps, the most important objective behind the universities requiring a personal statement is to learn the personality of the applicant which the universities cannot read from the academic transcripts. If you have checked a few personal statement examples, you would really know that.

The very standing of the document makes it really difficult to constitute making it all the more difficult to get an impeccable statement that can emulate all the qualities of a perfect personal statement example you would have seen or read.

Though difficult, writing a personal statement for college application is not impossible. If you can pay attention to a few important elements and be ready to work a little hard, it will come along your way.

That’s why we have compiled a post, pulling from our professional experience over the years, explaining all the important tips to write a personal statement.

Let us begin;

Start With Brainstorming for Ideas

One of the major issues that most students face while starting to write a personal statement for college or a university is that they do not have a clue on what to include in the statement.

The best way, hence, to address this problem is to brainstorm for ideas and noting the same down for future.

Even when you are going to write about yourself and your experiences in your personal statement, if you aren’t brain storming, you might end up forgetting to include certain important aspects that you would have wanted to include in the statement.

Brainstorming will help you all such issues.

Besides, it will also encourage you to begin writing the personal statement as having ideas will surely address the inertia to begin writing.

Plan Your Personal Statement for College

By the rule of thumb, planning ahead of anything is an important element that can help you always stay in the track because you know where you are going and on which path you intend to go on.

Most of the times, if you have checked any personal statement examples, you can see that there is a capping for the characters or words or lines to be used for most universities. So if you do not have a plan as to what you are going to include and how much you are going to explain each of the aspects, you might end up overwriting.

It can lead to serious concerns as you might not have enough space to include important things in the personal statement for post graduation, or MBA or any other course for that matter, leading you to either cut short on what you have already written or not include the remaining elements.

This can pose a serious problem. As such, it is always important that you have a plan when it comes to writing you college personal statement.

Have a Checklist on What to Include and What Not to in Your College Personal Statement

Before you begin writing your personal statement, you must always try to create a checklist on the things that you want to include in your personal statement and the things you don’t want to.

Though this comes under planning, it must always be kept in mind that after the brainstorming session, you will be bombarded with plenty of ideas that can be potentially included in the statement of purpose you are writing. If you have checked some of the personal statement examples online, you will understand this.

But you must consider only those aspects that are relevant and important to include in the statement. Two factors decide this; the space and the focus of your statement.

So having a checklist will help you intelligently remove the things that aren’t important and keep only those that are worth including.

In our experience as a personal statement writer, we have had clients who come to us asking to include all of their extracurricular activities, hobbies and training programs they had undergone while writing the personal statement.

However, we educate them about the need of only including a few relevant factors to the course being applied for without losing the focus of the statement.

Keep Making Your Draft Better and Better

You need to realize that no personal statement is ever perfect and there is always room for making it better—even the personal statement examples you have checked.

As such, after having written your statement, you need to work on it as much as you can to make it better.

Even when you think you have a great personal statement, you have plenty of options to make it better. You can make the ideas crispier, change the way you express certain things and even update the vocabulary to be more expressive and relevant.

There is no doubt that working on the statement will enhance its quality and the ability to engage with the audience.

If you did not know, that’s exactly what most admission committees are looking forward to finding in any college personal statement.

Have Someone Else Review and Proofread Your Statement

It is the thing with the human brain—it gets familiar with the thoughts it has already produced and hence follows even if the written sentence has a typo in it. This is why you need to have someone else do the checking for you.

You can have one of your teachers or a friend who can help you with the process of reviewing and proofreading.

Ask them to also comment on what they think about the statement—not the positive but the negatives as well. So that you can work on it and make it better.

Concluding Thoughts on Personal Statement Examples

This post has been compiled using the tips and tricks that we follow to write personal statements for our students and hence, we know they all work.

Following these will definitely help you come up with an excellent personal statement.

However, many at times, even after following these tips to write personal statements, students have a tough time getting the statement right.

In such cases, you can contact us to write your personal statement. Our experienced writers and professional editors will make sure that you get the best personal statement that will considerably improve the chances of getting admission.

The personal statement examples we have on our website will tell you about our personal statement prowess and proficiency.

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