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Personal essay examples- Get an idea on how to write personal essays.

Personal essay is a concise reflection of your life’s journey from different perspectives like academics, professional accomplishments, ambitions and aspirations.  It’s importance has grown as most universities as well as some corporate firms require you to submit personal essays to judge your eligibility for a course or role. To be able to make your presence felt by rising above hordes of similar profiles waiting for scrutiny, your essay need to be emphatic and convincing. The scrutinizing person must be able to relate with your objectives and deem you as the most deserving candidate for the opening. At PWS, we have mastered the art of crafting compelling personal essays that send your message across in no-nonsense terms for optimal acceptance of your candidature in the very first screening. You can glance through our repository of personal essay examples to form an idea of how we portray thoughts in a definite flow that is coherent, meaningful and drives home your point effortlessly.

How to write powerful personal essays?

The purpose of personal essay is to convey your claim for a particular position like admission in a course in an informed manner. This essentially means that you have to intelligently present in a nutshell all your important achievements and worthwhile activities to impress the scrutinizer that if given an opportunity, you can prove to be an asset to his organization/ institution. If you go through examples of personal essays, you would notice the writing tone modulations done strategically at inflection points to inspire trust in your capabilities. The essay assures that you are mentally tough and intellectually balanced to take the right decisions at opportune moments.


Never stray away from the focus

It is important that you set the focus of essay well ahead of actual scripting. This would help you remain concentrated on the theme and prevent digressions. It would be topical to narrate the case of a student who had been seeking admissions in Medical in a German university. Her essay was rejected by the scrutinizer and she had approached us to tweak the content rationally. While going through the submitted essay, it was apparent that she had not connected the content with the purpose. Her aim should have been to correlate various achievements with her aim to highlight how her previous insights would help her excel in medical genre academically. Instead, she had written in a bland manner with no connections whatsoever to the intent. Our team got down to revamp the entire content and focused the spotlight on the purpose right from her childhood aspirations to the projects carried out in her last academic stint. Each point was logically connected to a bigger objective to subliminally convince the scrutinizer that she can only survive in a career whose initiation would be through the course applied for. It clicked and in next submission, her candidature was approved of. Browsing our personal essay examples would help you understand the thematic flow of ideas that convinces and assures scrutinizers.


Always stick to an outline

It is a common complaint of applicants that they can’t figure out where to start, what to include and how to draw the conclusion. This problem shows up because one feels lost in the huge deluge of information with the challenge of encapsulating everything within say 800-1000 words. With our long experience, we have gain expertise in this art as would be evident from our personal essay examples. We make a summary of the key points that describe your personal, academic, professional and versatile personalities in the right light and then proceed with content. In all our examples of personal essays, you would find that no extra flesh exists and only relevant and dynamics aspects find place. Developing an outline before actually penning the content would lead to accuracy through conciseness which would highlight your skills of organizing matter and decision making. Our personal essay examples would help you appreciate the meticulousness with which our team approaches each assignment and articulate personal motives of candidates in engrossing manner. Trust our writing instincts and see your way to success seamlessly.


Think from the perspective of the reader

You may be brimming with ideas and want to showcase the amount of effort that you have put in to become a better intellectual. But, the scrutinizer may be least interested in that as he is delegated with the task of sifting through a mountainous heap of personal essays and make quick decisions. While writing personal essays, our writers put themselves in the shoes of the reader and think accordingly. This offers clarity of vision and help compose content in a consistent manner for better acceptance. Personal essay examples available with us would help you understand this viewpoint in better manner. Always start with a draft, proof read the same, make needful changes and then get it read by an impassive person. You would realize if you have hit the bull’s eye or not.


Underscore each claim with facts

The appeal of an essay ends the moment you start making exaggerated claims about your capabilities without backing the same up with relevant data and endorsements. Suppose, you had been setting new benchmarks in the internal assessments of your university. Simply stating this would not suffice, you need to mention special projects, guides, marks obtained, expos in which projects were presented etc. to add substance to your claim and impress the reader. Our examples of personal essays offer glimpses into how the marriage between facts and claims is achieved.

At PWS, we have been delivering personal essays that drive success since 2007. We have succeeded in materializing the ambitions of scores of aspirants with our quality and compelling content. Our team has consistently lived up to the expectations of people who have posed trust on our literary skills. We would help you derive optimum value on your investment with our creative pens. Our personal essay examples would help you rely on our capabilities without any inhibitions.


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