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25th August 2018 By Bestwriter

STOP worrying on how to write resume format with these interesting tips!

Writing a resume can be quite challenging when one has to open the bag of mixed emotions… Like anxiety, confusion, nervousness or even over-confidence. But all that apart, one needs to be extremely focused while writing a resume for a job application. The moment you sit down to write a resume, you will find yourself in a blank space and wouldn’t know what to write or how to write or even how much to write….

Thankfully, the writing process gets easier if one takes notes from different resources and online materials about resume writing format. Again, one needs to choose the best format that suits one’s profile as well as the job posting. This can either impress the recruiters or make them reject your resume right away. So it is important to make some time to write a good and compelling resume. But don’t worry, resume formats are not some kind of rocket science and one can easily master them, if you get the basics right. So let’s move on to the important things first…

What follows next are some guidelines as to how to write a simple resume… Before that, let we tell you that there are three kinds of resume formats and we are going to elaborate each of them…

  1. Chronological
  2. Functional
  3. Combination

Chronological Format:

This kind of format is suitable for those who are freshers, have little or no experience and candidates who are applying similar job types consistently. It is one of the most reliable and most preferred resume formats. In the reverse chronological resume format, one has to put the most recent work experience or education on the top, followed by other important details. It makes recruiters easier to assess you in better manner and understand your background and professional history. Also, since most of the candidates use this format, the recruiters will effortlessly read through the resume.

What one needs to include in (reverse) chronological resume format:

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Career objective/summary
  3. Professional experience
  4. Educational qualification
  5. Skills
  6. Achievements

Through this format, one can easily highlight their important details and latest skills. However, the catch here is… As it the common format type being used, it tends to get monotonous and recruiters get easily distracted or lose interest. Hence it is essential to maintain the unique factor by writing effectively and using appropriate keywords which will be grabbed by recruitment tracking software.

If at all, you are relying on any sample resume format, then it is better to edit them thoroughly and modify to suit your profile and job requirement. Be creative to write something which will make you stand different from other candidates.

However, this kind of resume format is not suitable for those who have considerable gaps in between their job history as HR personnel will easily find them. Also, it is not good for candidates who keep changing their careers.

That’s why is essential to choose resume format for job according to one’s qualifications, experience, and job profile they are applying to.

Functional Format:

For some making a cool statement via their resume is very important. For them the functional resume format will be most suitable. This kind of format is ideal for those who are overqualified and looking for mid-level job positions, people with military background as they need to fit in jobs that are outside their previous profile and those who are in creative field since their portfolio is more important than the qualifications.

What one needs to include in (reverse) chronological resume format:

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Career objective/summary
  3. Skills
  4. Professional experience
  5. Educational qualification

Here one doesn’t need to worry about the number of work experiences. Instead, one needs to give emphasis on their abilities and skills. However, only those who are raring to go, make use of this type of resume format, as it mainly highlights skills alone while the job history takes a backseat. So there are chances that this kind of resume to get rejected or impress the recruiters as they need solid proof of your background. Also, the recruitment tracking software wouldn’t be able to follow your resume and fail to extract relevant details out of it.


Combination Format:

Next to chronological format, this one is the next best option while resume writing. When you are struck on how to write a resume or which format to use, you can safely go for this combination resume layout – because it balances both your skills and work history sections quite well and also gives the recruiters a clear idea about your entire background.

The combination resume format is best suited for those who have strong work experience in relevant fields with loads of achievements and for those who are changing careers and want to showcase their large amount of skills they gained from years of experiences.

What one needs to include in (reverse) chronological resume format:

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Skills Summary
  3. Professional experience
  4. Educational qualification

In this format, you can beginning by writing briefly about your skills that are relevant to the job posting you are applying for. Follow each of the skill with professional achievements put in bullet points so as to highlight that particular skill.

Finally blend in all your achievements and awards to accentuate all your skills. But take care to be specific and mention for what you got honoured and certifications. It is very essential that you have good amount of work experience so that your skills will be well-connected and in sync with all the contents.

Finally, it is better to always choose a simple resume format rather than the flowery types. What is more important, is to pick a format that covers all your information rather than putting random content and using over-the-top layout. If you have any further queries or in doubt about the resume formats, then please do get in touch with us and we will help you right away….


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