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4th March 2017 By Bestwriter

No experience? These ways can help you craft an excellent resume with no experience

“I have no experience, how can I make a compelling resume without any experience?”

—is a question that plagues the minds of so many job hunters out there. And the fact most recruiters want to hire those with some experience only adds to the worry.

The fact that most affordable professional resume writing services in India give so much importance to having experience—and working your resume as per the experience one has—is also an issue.

But, is it all that difficult to make a resume without experience?

Not so much. Well, according to us, it should necessarily be not —not at least as it is made seem.

However, writing a resume with no experience is different than writing a normal resume. That’s what we along with all other top 10 resume writing services in India believe and all other resume services providers hailing from Bangalore, Mumbai or Chennai.

But, how different is it? Have you ever thought about the issues that come along?

Let us consider the following;

What makes you think you are fit for the job?

When you consider applying for a job without any relevant experience, one thing is sure that there are reasons why you consider yourself suitable for the job. This area is where you need center your resume to get the attention that you require.

Work around the qualities such as your skills, attitude, potential and your voluntary works in a field related to the job in offer—everything must be included to grab the attention as much as an experienced candidate would. An incredibly written graduate CV often highlights the training undergone by a candidate. And you should, too, if you have any. If you are a person right off your college, talk about your coursework, the project that you have undertaken and the extracurricular activities that make you an even better candidate than an experienced one.

Our interactions with some of the best resume writing services in India have taught us that a well-crafted resume that pitches in the suitability of a fresher can get more attention than an experienced candidate’s resume can, at time.

Make yourself an irresistible commodity in the market to a recruiter

Yeah, we know, this may not particularly be specific to a candidate without experience.

But in the grand scheme of things you do to make yourself an excellent candidate when you have enough experience, this may often take the back seat. Of course, because you have the required experience.

However, since that is not the case with someone without the said experience, this takes precedence over everything else. It is important to convey that you have all the desired personality traits that the role in offer definitely needs.

According to most industry experts, one of the more important things you need to do while crafting a resume—or getting the support from one of the cheap resume writing services in India—is to demonstrate your desirability rather than implicitly state it on your CV . State examples of the relevant things you have done when you were in your grad school and explain what value such an experience can bring to the company and the role.

Also it would be an excellent addition of value if you can write about overcoming any hurdles that matter to you now—it can show your resourcefulness and how adaptive you are to threatening situations. This, according to many affordable resume writing services in India, from our interactions, is an increasingly rare quality that many recruiters would love to see in their recruits.

Make it not about you but about the company or the business

While it is important to make resume feel more personal and focused, what to focus is an important aspect of writing a winning resume when you have no experience at all. It is clear that most job adverts prefer candidates with certain degree of experience, but this hurdle can be overcome, if you are able to focus on one thing that matters to the recruiter the most—the company itself.

One of the best ways to impress your recruiter or the selection panel is to help them understand that you see yourself from their perspectives and you project yourself that way.

This is easier than most think. Instead of saying anything from your perspective, try to present in a way that the company would like to see it;

For example;

Instead of saying—

‘I have led a team of students in my graduation’, ‘my experience in leading a team helped me understand the importance of team dynamics and it can help me bring  the necessary leadership skills to the team, if hired’

—makes a recruiter understand about an additional skill or value you can bring to the table.

It is imperative that you shift the focus from all about being yourself to the recruiter—the better you do it, the better your chances fare in getting recruited.

Be flexible with the layout of the resume

Think your resume must be in any pre-determined format?

Who says so, anyway?

It is a misconceived notions that there are fixed layouts for a resume.

Let us say it loudly; there are no fixed layouts that you need to worry about not being able to adhere to.

Layouts are made to make the lives easier for the people trying to create a resume, that’s it.

No one will avoid you from hiring if you have all the desired qualities and traits but your resume does not follow a layout. The only thing is that whatever you do with your resume, it must be lean, comprehensive and follow a logical order that you think can highlight the person and professional you are.

If there is any resume writer that persuades you to use a specific format, it does not matter to you. Keep calm and follow a format that makes sense to your sensibilities.

According to us—with so many clients across the nation from metro cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and others tier two cities— if you are able to communicate everything that makes you a perfect fit for the job in a logical and sensible way, that’s exactly what recruiters wants; nothing more, nothing less.

A few more general things to consider

Apart from taking care of the above aspects, take care of the following things as well, to make a better impression altogether;

  • Whether all the employer criteria are addressed?
  • Proofread and ensured no typos?
  • Does it appeal better and readable?
  • Has it all the necessary information in it?

If you think, it is all good and set, you’re good to go.

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