Resume Writing for Students- What you should not do?

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5th September 2017 By Bestwriter

A resume provides the employer with an insight into your life. We all know that a resume is very important because its sums up your professional profile. Every resume needs to adhere by certain formatting standards that facilitate easy reading. Understanding the importance of a resume, there are international resume writing services that help you create an excellent impression on your potential employer.

First of all, let us all accept the fact that writing a resume is a very daunting task because one cannot copy a generic format. When the resume is just a copy of a common format, it does not bring any individuality. Every person has a separate skill set and this is why, there is different information on all resumes. What needs to be understood is that every person needs to comprehend various formats of resumes and create a wonderful amalgamation that fits your professional personality and showcases you in the best way possible. There are also resume editors that help you edit what you have written.

There are certain things to keep in mind while writing a resume.

  • Do not pick a fancy font: Keep things simple. When you use a fancy and over-the-top font, it might not be easy for the other person to read. It is also unnecessary and might give the impression that you are trying hide or make up for the qualities that you are lacking for a particular position. All that glitters is not necessarily gold. Using a fancy font does not guarantee a success. There are resume making services to help you with this.
  • Do not jumble up things: Have sections for everything. Do not present a mixed order of facts as they do not make any sense. The reader/employer is not going to make an effort to sift through your resume if it does not appeal to the eyes. Keep a section for your particulars, your college qualifications, your school records, your internships and job experiences. Other than this, also mention your extracurricular activities and any other special mentions that you think may seem appropriate. Be careful to mention all this information in a chronological order so that the reader finds it easy to quickly glance over it.
  • Don’t use random keywords that do not make sense: When you are describing your previous jobs, use relevant keywords that shed light on your qualities. Engaging keywords like “mentored”, “initiated” and “organised” highlight your leadership skills. Vague keywords like “was a part of” or “participated” do not show you as a leader but someone who just goes with the flow.
  • Do not include information that is confidential: While writing your resume, think of what you think should be mentioned and what can be potentially avoided. Do not put in every single piece of information that you can think about yourself. Sift through all of it and include only that which is relevant.

Resume making services are at your disposal to help you create a long-lasting impression and help you get the job of your dreams.


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