Sample SOP for Phd in Marketing

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Sample SOP for Phd in Marketing

Mankind owes its conception to the womb of woman. The theme of women empowerment is sparking refreshing change in the Indian landscape. In a bid to complement this wave of positivity sweeping the nation, I am endeavouring to secure a Ph.D. in marketing.

Marketing is a vibrant field where one gets to bond with the key and potential stakeholders of the organization with the explicit aim of retaining their loyalties for furthering company’s interest. The community of customers, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers has always captured my attention as this domain has tremendous scope for qualitative research. Analysing the demand and supply patterns, organizational response to market vagaries and economic volatilities, consumer temperament shifts, appeal of products vis-à-vis demographic, geographic or other considerations, competition mapping, devising apt marketing strategies, performance measurement, and involvement in other market oriented programs have been my favourites since long. I now want to imbibe international perspectives on aforesaid areas and expand the breadth of my knowledge with a Ph.D. from USC Marshal.

My academic roadmap is a tale of constant evolution as an enlightened individual. My schooling took place in convent backdrop with stress on strengthening of concepts through questioning everything enigmatic. My matriculation and intermediate scores were 72% and 89% respectively. I completed my graduation and post-graduation in Commerce and scored 84% and 89% in B.Com and M.Com respectively. The subject of my dissertation presented in 2014 was ‘Impact of social media advertising on online shopping: a Facebook based survey’ wherein I had carried out analytical study under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Jojo Paul of Kerala’s Bharat Mata College. In 2016, I had presented another dissertation titled “A comparative analysis on Tax Planning of IT Sector and Non IT Sector employees in Bangalore City” under guidance of Prof. Girish H. Both my dissertations received abundant positive feedback for the depth of research conducted. I did my internship at Wipro Ltd, Bangalore from April to May’2015. In GRE, my scores are 140 for verbal and 138 for quantitative aptitude. I am awaiting results for TOEFL. Conversant in MS Office, I can manage computer related activities with efficiency.

Presently, I am serving as a Guest Lecturer in Bharat Mata College, Kerala wherein my pedagogical responsibilities involve are marketing management, product and brand management, advertising and sales promotion, modern banking and entrepreneurship and project management.

University of southern California (Marshall School of business) has an unsullied reputation of extending dedicated support service to offshore students for acclimatizing them to US academic ambience. The University ranks among the top international institutes offering Ph.D in Marketing and the degree is internationally recognized. The marketing segment is comprised of more than twenty erudite and internationally acknowledged faculty members with numerous cutting edge research papers to their names and fifteen doctoral students. Each aspect of marketing such as globalization issues, channel of distribution decisions, market response forecasting etc. is dealt with through proper research methodologies. USC Marshall moulds the characters of the leaders of tomorrow and I am eagerly awaiting my turn to be a part of this illustrious intuition.

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