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MBA, the coveted business degree, is the academic mainstay for any aspirant wishing to steadily rise in his career and be empowered to steer his organization on the path of success. Inspired by the earnest desire to take my career to the next level and be a visionary business leader, I am seeking admission in MBA at the renowned Dublin School of Business.

The first milestone of my academic journey came in 1998, when I passed my SSLC with stellar marks. Upbeat about future prospects, I was seeking admission in a reputed institution when a severe bout of illness got me bed-ridden. Subsisting on a regimen of adjuvant medicine, it took me one year to convalesce fully. The health problem deferred my pre-degree admission by one year and consequently I could complete by pre-degree in 2001. I did secure good marks in my intermediate exams. Computers were making their presence felt in a bold manner during early 2000s and seeing the potential of this segment in fulfilling my future goals, I decided to opt for a certificate course after pre-degree. As soon as the one year certification program concluded, I took admission in Bachelor’s degree in 2002 and pursued it religiously till the final exams in 2005.

Driven by the motivation of embracing a rewarding career in hospitality management, I choose to seek admission in renowned Australian Institute so as to get a global perspective on contemporary trends in hotel and hospitality segments. The year succeeding my degree completion was literally used up following with Australian Embassy to secure a student visa to that country. Finally, I succeeded in getting needful clearance by 2006 and immediately boarded the flight to Australia to complete a 2 years spanning course in hospitality management. Equipped with needful insights and expertise after course conclusion in 2008, I embarked on the process of securing bridging and TR visa so as to get a promising job that would complement my acquired skills. The tedious process dragged and finally I was able to convince concerned authorities to give their positive nod in my favour by April, 2010.

In May 2011, I came across a lucrative career opportunity in the form of Manager at Lassetors Cassiao Alicesponge. I was quick to latch on to it and continued in the organization till February 2011. Back home in India, the health of my father had deteriorated irrecoverably and this compelled me to return back to my native place after resigning from services in March 2011. I went all out to minister to my father and finally he returned to the pink of his health by June 2011.

In June 2011, I joined the ranks of JRT Rock Producers as Sales Executive and dedicatedly continued over there till December 2013. A better opportunity in the form of Marketing Manager at Sunflame Latex Enterprises propelled me to shift loyalty in January 2014. My stint with Sunflame continued till January 2017. The significant professional experience transformed the neophyte in me into a shrewd and discerning business manager who was well-acquainted with the secrets of the trade. My decision making nous, problem solving skills, liaising capabilities, interpersonal skills and other traits have been sufficiently bolstered. The realization also dawned on me that to climb the rungs of senior leadership profiles, one needs to be necessarily equipped with an international MBA degree.

I aspire to pursue the course from Dublin School of Business because of its repute as a top notch global institute where the focus is on imbibing important life skills through project oriented and experiential learning. Having been in Australia for long duration, I am conversant with the culture of Ireland which bears significant resemblance to that of Australia. I have secured an educational loan of INR18 Lakhs to defray the expenses of my learning. Further, my personal savings are sufficient enough to allow me to fend for myself. I have appointment letter for the post of Marketing Manager from a reputed Dubai based Company and it is willing to wait for the duration of MBA completion. An MBA from Dublin School would materialize my short and long term aspirations and help me forge ahead with confidence in my life. A high paying job in the short run and being at the helm of my own company in the long run would become realizable in deed.

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