SOP Sample M.Sc. in Human Resource Management

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SOP Sample M.Sc. in Human Resource Management

I pique myself of 10+ years of insightful experience in diverse domains pertaining to accountancy, business development, executive secretariat, and human resource management. The significant span has convinced me that gaining a proper foothold in business oriented career segment is impossible without an MBA from prestigious institution. Further, any altruistic or philanthropic activity through a profit raking organization cannot be carried out unless your professional position inspires respect in the perspectives of senior management. An influential position within the organization would enable me to take up the matter of corporate social responsibility more strongly and help me convince higher management to loosen the mouth of company wallet for financially supporting such activities.

Human resource management is a multifaceted task. It is not mere humdrum execution of a series of tasks on daily basis and then taking home your wages at the month’s end. The dynamics of human resource landscape is innately intricate that calls for comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the prevailing concepts in the context of successful implementations. Concurrently, one needs to factor in the perspectives of industry experts and authority stakeholders to understand the success of various theories. This pragmatic knowledge is critical to become successful in this domain. It is equally important that one should leave his mark so that the good work done for the society is carried on by others. In order to become the cynosure for aspirants, one needs to carve out her distinctive identity. The M.Sc. in Human Resource from NTU would empower me to forge ahead in the direction of crystallizing my ambitions.

After my initial schooling, I had opted for Bachelor of Commerce from Allahabad University in India. I also possess a Diploma in Financial Management and am well-versed with computers. The knowledge of computers extends beyond mere smattering as I have developed greater understanding of the recondite operational philosophies through self-study. I am conversant in English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi languages and this has endowed on me a high degree of confidence while interacting with people. Presently, I am professionally associated with The Sultan Centre, Kuwait in the capacity of Executive Secretary. I have acquired commendable skills in business development, purchasing, distribution, organizing sales campaigns, devising supply strategies, implementing and tracking budgeting and finance controls, enforcing quality control, identification of consumer temperaments in alignment with market trends, negotiation, and working in ERP oe enterprise resource planning systems.

Nottingham Trent University UK has an exalted reputation in the arena of qualitative learning. Its infrastructure and resources rank among the best in international universities. This would allow me to access the best in class literature and dissertations on human resource from under one roof. The hallowed campus frequented by most enlightened of minds and erudite of professors would assist in nurturing of my nous optimally.

NTU places great emphasis on practical assimilation of knowledge driven by research and self-analysis. This is critical for success in any field. Mere booking knowledge would not assist in expansion of the horizon one’s comprehension. This facet has endeared NTU to me and I earnestly look forward to be a part of its vibrant student community.

A M.Sc. in Human Resource Management would fulfil my career aspirations and confer upon me practical skills to better deal with situations and steer forth the organization in the path of undiminished success and better discharging of corporate social responsibilities. NTU would offer me access to expansive resources in audio-visual and physical formats. This would serve to make me a better human resource professional.

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