Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Statement of Intent

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25th July 2018 By Bestwriter

In the grand scheme of writing a statement of intent, you need to consider a trove of aspects to ensure that you get it right at the end. It becomes all the more important since the image you are going to create for yourself through the statement is what will decide your admission.

However, due to the importance of the statement, most of the students find the job extremely difficult—and stifling, at times. But that should not come in your way to come up with an impressive statement of intent.

That is exactly why we have crafted an effective post that will explain everything you need to keep in mind while writing a statement of intent. Most of them are from our experience, as well.

Let us take a look at them:

Follow the directions of the university

Some of the universities have specific directions to candidates about the statement of intent they are writing. If you have such directions, then you need to adhere to it perfectly.

It will help the university learn that you are a person who can understand directions and are willing to abide by the same.

However, even when you are following the directions, you need to bring in a unique style and character to everything you write for better effectiveness.

Keep in mind your audience

When you write a statement of intent, you need to keep in mind the audience that’s going to review your admission and the document.

Since the admission committee consists of academic professionals who have years of experience in evaluating various admission essays, they understand everything you are writing on your statement of intent.

Only when you have the audience in mind can you create a compelling narrative for the statement.

Do not confine the writing to academic achievements alone

Of course, you need to touch upon your academic achievements in the statement of interest to let the admission committee know you have what it takes to pursue the course in the intended university.

However, if you are going talk only about the academic achievements, you would miss the crucial element of presenting yourself as a holistic professional who are willing to get out of your comfort zone and work hard for causes.

Also let your extracurricular activities talk loud about your overall experience as well.

Write a draft

In the grand scheme of writing a statement of intent, the first document is always a draft. No one takes the first draft and submits it.

Only when the draft is reviewed, edited and proofread multiple times can it come into a shape that can be presented at the admission committee. Also you need to realize that the process of writing a statement of intent is a lengthy process that takes time.

As such, you need to sit through writing and editing the document multiple times to get a draft that can share your vision and present yourself as a strong contender for the admission.

Never forget the person aspect of your statement

Every admission committee looks to understand more than the academic and extracurricular activities of the candidate to decide whether or not the candidate is suitable for the admission.

Hence, you need to bring in elements into your statement of intent that will give enough insights into the person you are so that they can understand you beyond the realm of academic performances.

Explaining about your motivations and the situations that made you chase your dreams will help you create strong personal impact on the admission committee.

The statement of intent is not just about the past, but also about the future

Most of the times, many students tend to think that, when writing a statement of intent, writing about their experiences and motivations is the only thing that matter.

Well, that is a wrong notion altogether.

While explaining your motivations and past experiences is a crucial part of your statement, it does not mean that is the only thing that’s important.

The admission committee is equally interested in knowing what your aspirations are in the future as well. Along with explaining why you are going on a particular career path, shedding light on where you intend to go is also equally important.

Unless you can talk confidently about the future that you are going to create for yourself, the why you are going there will remain less impactful.

Always review your statement of intent

Even after you seemingly have written an exceptional statement, you need to always set aside time for reviewing the same. When editing and reviewing, you will have options aplenty to make your ideas sound better, sentence constructions become more professional and add elements that you might have missed before.

Further, you will also be able to take care of typing errors that, if left unchecked, can send wrong message about your personality as well.

Having realized this, as a professional admission essay writer, we have a dedicated team to do that.

However, if you find it difficult to do that yourself, you can rely on your teachers or friends who can offer you objective criticisms to make the document even better.

Concluding thoughts

Paying enough attention to these elements can help you create effective and winning statement of intent for sure. However, since your statement is going to decide the fate of your admission, and possibly your career, it is only befitting that you seek the help of a professional who have experience in the realm.

If you are search of one just like that, we can fill those shoes for you.

Over the years, we have helped numerous students with writing impeccable statement of intent helping them secure admission to their intended course in their favourite university.

With exceptional writers, years of experience and affordable service offerings, we will sure provide the best statement of intent that can improve the chances admission for sure.


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