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3rd March 2018 By Bestwriter

Getting admission to colleges has become an extremely tougher job to pull off as the race to admission is competitive than it ever was. However, there is one element that can prepare you well to take on the competition like a champion—your statement of purpose. By the very nature and importance of the same, writing a college admission essay is not an easy job. Even then, if you are willing to take the necessary pain, you will certainly find yourself walking into the gates of your preferred university.

We are here to tell you how. Most of the tips given here are the ones we practice while writing statement of purposes for our students. ‘What is a statement of purpose and how can I write one?’ are the two most common questions we hear every day.

Let us begin;

Tip #1: Don’t Start Writing Immediately

You read that right, yes. One of the most important aspects of writing a college admission essay is not to write one immediately.

Confused much? You will be…

What we mean here is planning—it is important that you plan what you are going to write on your essay well in advance. Ever since you start thinking how to write a college application essay, you must plan its execution.

You need to;

  • Brainstorm
  • Put ideas together
  • Note down what to include, and what not
  • Create an outline that you are going to follow

Since starting is always a problem, brainstorming will help you organize your thoughts and begin the process of writing your college admission essay.

Tip #2: The Tone of the Conversation

Most students tend to confuse with the tone. For us, tone is one of the most important elements that impress the admission panel. So when students approach us wanting a formal tone for their college admission essay. Since a Statement of Purpose is by all means a statement, it is formal and direct.

However, a college essay is more creative, inventive and conversational. As such, its tone will certainly be an important factor as the SOP will always lean towards your academic and professional credentials.

On the other hand, an admission essay will directly address the questions shot by the university towards the aspirant. When students approach us with their requirements, we always communicate with them about the importance of striking the right tone, and none of them have been at the short of the stick.

Tip #3: The Actual Process of Execution

One of the most complaints we hear from our students is that they find the actual process of writing a college admission essay extremely difficult. Since all essays are going to have multiple parts, you need to carefully tether each of them together so form a consistent essay that can impress the reader.

When a student approached us a couple of months ago, there wasn’t a strong motivation for her to include in the essay. We worked around her academic strengths to create a strong case of motivation and included in the essay. At the end of the day, she was extremely happy about the engaging and compelling motivation naturally included in the essay.

While writing the essay, following things are to be taken care of;

  • An impressive opening
  • Look for a creative angle at all times
  • A natural progression
  • Work around your relevant achievement to include
  • Always have an idea on what not to include

Tip #4: The Process of Improving and Embellishing

This is the final stage of the writing process. It is not enough to write a good essay, you need to always make it great by editing it multiple times. While editing, the following aspects of the essay must be kept in mind;

  • Carefully reflect the motivations
  • Blend your aspirations seamlessly
  • The grammatical errors
  • The stylistic errors
  • Establish clarity of thoughts

Since proofreading will make your college admission essay more impressive and engaging, it will definitely improve the chances of your admission. Sometimes, we get students seeking the help of our editing team to tweak their college admission essay professionally so that it is devoid any technical efforts.

We have heard many students say that proofreading is really tough as it is written by them. In such a case, you can always depend on any of your teachers of friend you can depend to provide you the required feedback to make it better.

Concluding thoughts

Paying attention to these details and following these tips will certainly help you come up with an intelligently crafted and impressive college admission that can improve your chances of getting admission to a venerated university.

We are certain that these tips will help you as well because we have written numerous college admission essays that worked and got admissions to all our students from diverse academic backgrounds.

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