Tips for Writing a Winning Personal Statement for your College Admission

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25th August 2017 By Bestwriter

Getting into your dream college is very important for you and the life path that you have decided for yourself. Understanding that, it is pertinent to emphasize on the importance of a strong and solid personal statement for your college admission. A personal statement is exactly that; a “personal statement”. It cannot be generic and void of emotion. A strong personal statement provides the reader with a quick flash back into the writer’s life.

While writing a personal statement for a college admission, there are three ways to go about it. You can choose to write it yourself, if you feel like you will be able to do it complete justice. You have the option of getting it reviewed. There are personal statement review services for that. The last option is to engage personal statement writing services if you are of the view that you will not be able to write an amazing personal statement that could grab you an admission in your dream college

There are many little yet crucial things to keep in mind while writing a winning personal statement for your college admission. The best personal statement services are at your call, to make sure that your best image is portrayed in that personal statement.

  • An attention-grabbing beginning: The beginning of a personal statement is crucial. It sets the tone for the rest of the personal statement and a good opening ensures that the entire personal statement will be read by the admissions committee. Instead of the generic opening, start with something unusual and intriguing. Instead of saying that you are applying for X course, which is mundane, put a spin on it and start with an anecdote that tells why you are applying for the said course.
  • Organisation is key: The second most important thing is to put your thoughts down in a clear and organised way. The key to a winning personal statement is to have a proper structure to it. From start to finish, the timeline of events needs to be in the correct chronological order.
  • Starting with the program you are applying to
  • Your academic history
  • Any internships or jobs and the impact they had on personal and professional level
  • What you would bring to the college
  • How this course would help with your future plan
  • Proof reading multiple times: A personal statement is potentially the most important document of your life. It needs to be proof read many times so as to ensure that it is void of any grammatical or typographical errors. Not only does this facilitate an easy reading, it also sheds light on your meticulous nature.

There are professional personal statement writers available, who do an excellent job in writing a personal statement. These days, medical schools all across the globe demand you to submit a personal statement at the time of admission. We offer medical school personal statement writing services that help you put your best foot forward while applying to your desired course.

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