Want to Learn from Statement of Purpose Samples: Keep These Things in Mind

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19th June 2018 By Bestwriter

Are you trying to write a statement of purpose that can get you admission to your graduate college but have no idea how to go about it?

Looking at some of the statement of purpose samples can give you a few ideas about how it is done.

But is looking at a statement of purpose samples that worked for someone else going to help you?

We don’t think so.

Over the years we have written quite a few statements of purpose and each one was unique having diverse elements impossible to replicate in another statement.

However, we are of the opinion that if you want to get a head start and want to write your personal statements yourself, looking at some statement of purpose samples can be of great help.

But there are certain things you need to keep an eye on. Let us see them;

It is better to get statement of purpose samples for the same university

Thanks to internet, it is quite easy for you get any number of statement of propose samples as you wish if you want to take inspiration from. However, it is advised that you try to get statement of propose samples from the same university you are applying to.

Most of the universities have a focused attention on what the SOP must be from an aspiring student and if you are able to get a few samples, then you will be able to understand what exactly the university is looking for in an SOP.

If you are able to get such samples, then it will be easier for you understand the style, tone and progression of the SOP to create one in those lines.

Never get carried away with the sample you have with you

Just because a particular type of SOP worked for a student in the past for a particular university, there is no hard and fast rules that every SOP written similar to the same will be able to gain the same traction as the first one.

As such, even when you look at some statement of purpose samples, you need to realize that it is your SOP that you are writing. Hence you need to make the document as much unique as possible.

Only try to learn from these samples rather than blatantly copying the ideas and elements talked about in the statement of purpose sample you are referring to.

Always stay focused with your statement of purpose

When you are writing your statement of purpose, the major objective must always be to impress the admission committee instead of creating a rewritten copy of the statement of purpose sample you have with you.

This is an important aspect since students tend to believe that creating SOP just like the samples can definitely get the admission.

This is a myth; what can get you the admission is the way you write your SOP, and nothing else.

Keep in mind the requirements of the university about the SOP

If the university has given you a specific format which your SOP must follow, stick to it. Depending upon the requirements and nature of the course, the specifications may change. As such, always give more importance to what the university has to say.

For example, if you are trying to get admission to a literature program, you must not only display your achievements and extracurricular activities in the similar field, your writing must actually show your flair for writing as well.

As such, looking at a statement of sample for a management course won’t bring the help you are anticipating.

Always do the research required to explain your career goals

One of the major elements that many students forget while creating a strong case for their career aspirations is that they forget to do the research. Since, the career goals of two individuals will be different, taking cues from the statement of purpose samples will not do you any good.

As such, according to your expectations of the course and its opportunities, you need to create an exceptional career plan that will convince the admission panel that you are genuinely interested in taking the path in this career.

It will also help you bring a unique take to the ways the course can be taken advantage of.

Review your statement of purpose more than once and more

Have you ever wondered why the statement of purpose sample you have was able to impress the admission committee?

Yes, because it was excellent and focused.

You need to realize that no statement of purpose is perfect after the first draft—not even the statement of purpose samples you have with you.

In order to make your write-up the best and appealing to the selection committee, the best option you have is to edit it as many times as you could. This give will you plenty of opportunities to review your sentences, the ideas that you are presenting and other elements that you can work to improve.

Also, if you are able to find someone—like a teacher or your relative—who can offer you objective and constructive suggestions, that would help you make your statement all the better.


There is no doubt writing a statement of purpose is no walk in the park. It takes research, hard work and patience. Even then, there is every chance of it going not as per your plan.

As the statement of purpose can decide your future and career, it is important that you have someone professional to help you with even if you have certain statement of purpose samples with you. This is where we can help you.

With our expertise and experience, we have helped numerous students get into their favorite universities and courses. We are fortified well that for you, as well.

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