How to Write a Resume for UAE Market

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14th August 2017 By Bestwriter

The power of a resume depends completely on its quality. We all know how useful a good resume is while looking for a job. It is not only an essential part of one’s job application, it also helps a candidate make a mark for himself and stand apart from the rest of the candidates who are applying for the same job position. Your resume is what helps you market yourself and sell your skill set. Understanding the importance of a well-written resume, there are resume writers that help you showcase your best self.

Indians are heading over UAE need to market themselves in the best way possible because it is a competitive feat to accomplish. A high-quality resume is one that beautifully elaborates on your skills, abilities and qualifications. It also tells the employer about your personality, your basic levels of organisation and focus, and also sheds light on your meticulous nature.

Since not everybody can work wonders with mere words, it is often suggested that a resume writing service be engaged to help you out of this tiff. What makes the job market in UAE more difficult is that there exists no law on discrimination there. The employer has the freedom of demanding someone who looks a certain way, is a specific age and may even specify the nationality. Hence, when you submit your resume, it needs to be moulded according to every single job that you are applying for.

There are many important things to keep in mind while writing a resume for the UAE job market.

  • The personal details: Your resume needs to contain your name, full address, nationality, age, contact details and email address. Your gender also needs to be mentioned.
  • Academic Qualifications: Education received is the most important detail that needs to be presented in the most clear and precise manner.
  • Skill set: As discussed, your resume markets your skills. This is why it is important to mention the different skills that you have. Mention only those skills which stand relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  • Internships and work experience: Today, every student undertakes internships throughout their course. So, internships and previous employments, if any, and their brief details need to be mentioned.
  • A resume in brief: Technically speaking, a resume is a summary. It is should precise and brief. With a maximum of two pages, a resume highlights the basic qualifications and skill sets. It is the curriculum vitae that provides the employer with a deep synopsis of your background.

We provide the best resume writing services in India because we understand the audience for whom such a document is being written, and that has a major impact on the angle from which a resume writing is approached.

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