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22nd July 2018 By Bestwriter

What if you are faced with a job vacancy unexpectedly? And being a fresher, you don’t have a resume on hand at the moment? Or have no clue on how to write a resume for the first time? Don’t stress yourself out! Writing a resume is not such a huge or difficult task as one assumes. It is quite easy as ABC if one understands and knows what to include and what not in their resume.

Here are easy guidelines that will help you to write a resume for job application effortlessly within a short span of time.

  • Know The Important Sections In Resume:

For the first time resume writers, it is important to understand the section you need to include within your resume. This will make the writing process much easier and help you streamline things. Freshers need to write their resume for applying job within one page and not more than that. So try to include maximum important information as far as possible, without going out of the limit. Analyse your current career juncture. If you are fresher, then include Career Objective or others mention it as Summary section. Go on to state about Work Experience, Skills, Achievements, Education, Awards and Hobbies and Interest Sections.

Yes, don’t forget to put your Name and Contact Details (correct phone number and email address) in the top most part of your resume.

  • Stick to Related Information:

So far, you would have got a fair idea about the resume writing format, let’s move over to the concrete substance. Those who have no experience can put Education first and Work Experience next. If you have strong employment history, it is better to avoid the Hobbies’ part. Always go for reverse chronological order, by citing the most recent qualification/job first. Also, don’t try to include every qualification or professional background; instead, mention only the important ones and those which are related to the job posting. Even stating related skills alone is advisable, so as to maintain the one-page layout and also, not to put off the recruiter by providing with a lengthy resume. For fresher, it is best to share about internships, training programs, part-time jobs or even volunteering experiences. Make a rough draft first and later go on to edit and cut down unnecessary details.

  • Using Bullet Points:

Now that everything is slowly getting clear about how to write a simple resume, here’s the main element – structuring your information in efficient manner. The effective way through which you can describe your skills and background story is via Bullet Points. Although this is a good and reliable format, people take it for granted by putting everything in bullet points. This is wrong since recruiters won’t have enough time to read every pointers. Again, state only what is important and relevant. Share the things which you are proud of – say, achievements and responsibilities. Try to include 3-5 bullet points in each work or achievements or skills sections. Take notes from some resume writing examples so you will know better about these.

  • The Editing Process

It is now time to sit and edit your resume that you have developed so far. Take little extra time and see if your resume is exceeding beyond one page. Only professionals with years of experience have more than two pages. Cut down anything that doesn’t serve its purpose or not help any hiring manager for their respective company’s requirement. Check whether the information provided are compelling and generate interest.

On another note, it is advisable to modify your resume for job application according to each different profession or industry that you are applying for. Have a thorough background check done of the company and employer before sending your resume. This practice will enable you to tailor your resume in tune with their requirement and increase the chances of getting selected for a job interview.

  • Polish The Resume

Give as much importance to this process as you gave to developing a resume. No matter what information or details you put in your resume, ensure that the format is clear and well-structured.  You don’t want to put off the hiring manager by presenting a confusing or over-the-board resume layout. All the information should be placed proportionately, organised and highlighted accordingly. Keep consistent font style and size. Don’t try to squeeze in content in small spaces. Don’t use fancy symbols, borders or even include a photograph in your resume. Take examples from any resume template to see how you can maintain a professional outlook.

Well there! Now we are sure with this article you will be well-equipped on how to make a resume for first job on a faster mode. If you are still unsure about writing a resume or want to do on a quicker basis, then get in touch with us immediately and we will help you write away, through our professional resume building service.


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