Writing a SOP for PhD (tips)

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13th February 2018 By Professionalwriters

You may be done with all the application processes and now are ready to wrap up a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for your Phd admission in your dream institution. With these good scores and most importantly the desire, can you think of a complete rejection? If it’s a No, then take heed before you proceed to your SOP. You should never go for the easy “Copy -Paste” option. Uniqueness and originality are the part and parcel of this drafted essay about yourself, I should say. Above all it’s a short statement explaining who you are and what more you are going to become as a student.

By taking care of certain details you can succeed in writing a great SOP and can consummate your goal. Before moving forward, bear in your mind certain basic ideas to shape and form the essay.

Take hold of the reader’s attention throughout

            For this, you need to be a narrator or a character in a story. Make it a story, but not a fantasy. Stories are easily understood and remembered

Value the reader’s time

            The committee may have to go through a number of SOPs in a day, so try to be to the point, even though you are telling a story. Think will you listen to a story that is too long and too elaborated? Boredom is a natural phenomenon. Try to keep it interesting but remember it’s not a comic.

Prepare an outline

            Understand the criteria used by the institution for admission and frame a vague outline on which the entire story is to be written. Also keep in mind about any specific conditions like word limit as prescribed. Ideally it can be as long as 1000 words. So use your writing skills sensibly.

Be the one out of the crowd

            Avoid usual phrases and descriptions, say, I like to read books from my early childhood.

Instead be precise in saying what you have actually done as about any of the conferences you have attended, competitions you had won and so.

Be formal but casual

            Use a formal language with a casual tone. It makes both the writer and reader to communicate in the right manner. Humor sense should not then be a factor to throw away your application; use it only to put a smile on the one who reads it.

Make every word count

             Be precise in each word so that it contributes to the purpose of your application and reflects your passion, thus making the jury convinced to admitting you.

Take some time to do research

            Go through the institution’s website and have a glance at the department of your choice, know the activities, faculty members and try to align your interests with the areas which they already had worked with. Again and again don’t praise the institution but do it in a way you can score. Don’t be in a hurry to finish this task. The time spent is worth it.

No university is the same

            Always customise your SOP each time you apply in different different institutions/university. No one person is the same, so does the institutions.  Each have their own vision, culture, mottos, fields of interest and are different in each and all aspects. So you should tailor your essay as to impress them.

Got get some advice

            Take advantage of your relation with a professor, if any. It can be no harm if it cannot help you at all. They give you their experiences and views which you can use wisely and as and when needed. They can at least provide a professor perspective to the draft.

Read, read and read

After completing your SOP, take some time to read, edit and correct it. Make your friends or someone to read it and ask for their reviews. Be open to censures and corrections.

Simply, it is a monologue that has to be presented as a dialogue or a 2 way conversation in which you are supposed to expose whom you are and what the institution can expect from you. It’s not hard as you think; but to end up in a good and remarkable SOP for Phd, do the research beforehand. Be ready to read lots of sample copies of good SOPs available but be alert about the plagiarism.

After all, examine whether it portraits the real you or not.

Now get, set, go……Grab the admission.

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