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Here we present the privacy policy of the website of Professional Writing Services. This policy lines how we handle and protect any information collected through this website.

Use and purpose of information

We value your privacy and remain committed to securing the information you provide. In case you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please feel free to reach out to us.


 Automatically collected information

PWS reserves the right to collect and store certain technical information about your visit on a temporary basis. We do this for security purposes and site management. The information we collect includes:

We gather this information to improve your experience. We also ensure the security of this website. The information we collect allows us to understand the number of visitors to the website and the different types of technology that are being used. Please note that we don’t make any attempt to identify individual users or track their usage habits unless authorized by law enforcement for investigative purposes. We retain the raw data logs temporarily for site management and security. So, your information would be in safe hands when you use our website.


 Tracking and customization using cookies

You might already be knowing what cookies are. These are small files file created on your computer when you use a website. Cookies store specific data and share details with us about your session duration and other details related to your system. However, we don’t allow any other party to access these cookies. 

Primarily, we use two types of cookies. These are session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies have a limited duration and we store these until you close your browser. The website of PWS uses session cookies to enhance navigation within the website. Using the information obtained by cookies, we can customize your preferences. Besides, these cookies serve other technical purposes.

Persistent cookies store data on your system for a longer period of time. At times, this website may access persistent cookies to facilitate your future visits. However, we assure you that we won’t be sharing your information with any public party.

Besides, our visitors have the option to change their privacy settings. This would prevent the storage of any cookies on your system. However, please note that this may impact the functionality of this website.

 Personal information

Under certain conditions, this website might request personal information from you. For instance, when you send an email or fill up forms, you may have to furnish these details. Rest assured that no personal data you provide would be used for any other purpose apart from the intended goal. These include providing our services, acknowledging your inquiry, or providing the requested information. Please note that we will never ask you to furnish sensitive information like credit card numbers, bank information, or banking passwords. To understand your requirements and engage with our users better, we may ask you to share information through questionnaires, feedback, or polls. You may participate in these events voluntarily. In case we need any specific information, we will reach out to you in advance.

Policy for opting out

PWS gives you the opportunity to remove any information from the database of this website to avoid any communications in the future or disconnect from the company’s services.

Disclaimer about links and endorsement

Our website may contain links to external websites that are created and maintained by third parties or public entities. We provide these links to offer our clients and visitors additional resources. These resources benefit our visitors in different ways. However, please note that these links are not to be considered endorsements from PWS.

When you click on a link on my site, you will be redirected to the respective website outside this platform. From that point onwards, you need to adhere to the privacy and security policies of that specific website. It’s important to understand that PWS doesn’t remain responsible for how these external websites collect information.

 Therefore, we would recommend you to check out the privacy policies of these websites. This will help you understand how they use your personal data. Also, the terms and conditions of this website will not apply once you leave our platform.

 Warranty and disclaimer

We hereby inform you that our website and all the materials and services covered by it don’t carry any warranty in any form (express, implied, statutory, or otherwise including). This is not limited to the implied warranties of non-infringement, title, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Besides, this website doesn’t warrant any of the following:

 Copyrights over articles and learning materials

PWS retains exclusive copyrights to all the articles and learning materials published on the site. It is mandatory for any other party or visitor to seek our permission to reproduce these articles and content resources in any form. This clause applies to books, magazines, websites, CD-ROMs, or any other medium. We humbly request to provide the credit we deserve in case you reproduce the content in any medium, including electronic media. Also, we would appreciate the inclusion of a link back to this website.

If you want to reproduce our content or use them in any way, please reach out to us. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting the copyrights of the materials on this website.

At your service

You can reach out to us for any kind of assistance, and we would be happy to assist you and help you fulfill your goals. We remain committed to serving our clients better in every possible way.

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