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3rd March 2018 By Bestwriter

Are you a student aspiring to make it big in your career?

Are you unable to put together your thoughts to craft a gripping statement of interest?

Fret not about your admission for we are here to help you with all the help you need to write an impeccable statement of interest.

As statement of interest is a document tasked with breathing fresh air and life into an otherwise dry application, its importance can never be undermined.

Knowing how to write a statement of interest is not just enough. You must know who you are and what kind of a person you are beyond all your academic escapades to represent your true self on the statement. While this is certainly difficult, it is not impossible.

We have come up with a myriad of ideas that we use in our daily operations to shape up pretty impressive statements of intent for all our students.

Take note;

Begin With Thorough Planning

Before right away getting into the process of writing your statement, you always need to plan the same and how you are going to do it. As such, planning how to write a statement of interest is the first step.

You can create an original and impressive statement of intent only if it is adequately planned. At this stage, you need to note down various points that you intend to include in the statement you are writing.

Asking the following questions, you will be able to know what to include, and what not;

  • What must be put into the statement?
  • How will you present your academic details?
  • What is the motivation for applying for this particular course or job?
  • What are your career objectives?
  • What are your qualities which will help you to secure a place here?
  • How the university will benefit you?
  • What are the interests and passions that will support your goals?

Since each statement of interest must be unique, we ask these questions to our students to ensure that their statement reflects their true self.

Create an Outline of the Essay

Most students hit a roadblock even before the process of writing perplexed on how to write a statement of interest. While this is a serious matter, having an outline can effectively address the same.

There is no doubt that an essay will have multiple, self-contained sections that exist all by itself all the while forming an integral part of the essay.

An outline will help you establish a precise beginning, middle and a conclusion in the essay. This is a natural progression that is universally accepted and will certainly make your essay all the more coherent. If you check a statement of interest sample that worked, you can understand how that turns out.

To do so, create an outline as to how the following elements fall into your essay;

  • Academic and professional experiences
  • Your interest patterns and hobbies
  • The career options
  • Your academic goals
  • The motivation to pursue the course
  • How the university fits into your academic pursuits

Make a rough jottings of all these, and it will help you to maintain a persistent flow of thoughts for your essay.

The Most Difficult Part—Writing

Yes, that is right. Apart from answering the question that is how to write a statement of interest, the next difficult part is actual writing.

We have heard several of our students saying that they find it extremely difficult to do the actual writing. And we agree. It really takes some command over the language and the willingness to work around to come up with an impressive statement.

You never start writing the final copy. There will always be drafts which you can keep making better and better with each reading. While writing a statement, you need to ensure that all the important aspects are included in the same. After writing the first draft, you need to check the following to see if such important aspects are included in the same;

  • Skills and technical certifications
  • Academic qualifications
  • Professional training programs, projects and internships
  • Professional experiences
  • Extracurricular interests
  • Personal qualities and attributes

Proofing Your Document

Even when you have an exceptional statement, proofreading your document is the best option you have so that you can come up with a perfect statement of intent.

When proofreading the statement try to austerely evade;

  • Domineering tone
  • Unnecessary lengthy stories
  • Confusing or inappropriate information or details
  • Negative references or experiences about your former institutions or organisations
  • Poor language or sentence formation
  • Grammatical and spelling error
  • Over the top adjectives

Since proofreading is a difficult job, even for an experienced professional agency like us. As the case is, when thinking on how to write an effective statement of interest, ensure that you have someone reliable to proofread your document.

These will surely help you come up with an impressive and winning statement.

Well! If you want experts to write on your behalf, reach us and it would be our pleasure to craft something that can change for future, for good.

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