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How To Write IGNOU Assignment? An Ultimate Guide In 2024

Are you a new IGNOU enrolee feeling anxious about assignments? One of the key requirements for completing an IGNOU course is writing assignments. But worry not! This blog is your ultimate guide to cracking the IGNOU assignment process. Here, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the assignments, from understanding them to writing, formatting, and optimising them for better evaluation and higher scores.

What Is IGNOU Handwritten Assignment?

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi Open University) requires students to produce handwritten assignments rather than typed ones. In other words, you have to prepare your assignments through the physical act of writing. Through this process, IGNOU assesses students’ critical thinking, handwriting quality and information retention capacity. IGNOU Handwritten Assignments are an integral part of the unique learning experience the institute promises to inculcate in students. 

Some Useful Things to Keep in Mind While Crafting IGNOU Handwritten Assignments

Here are some useful things to bear in mind while crafting your IGNOU assignments. These points will ensure you don’t miss any important evaluation criteria set by the institution.

ignou assignment writing

How to Write IGNOU Assignment?

As academic experts, Professional Writing Services has assisted hundreds of students in achieving success with their IGNOU assignments. We’ve identified patterns and trends that contribute significantly to assignment scores.  We highly recommend utilizing these insights from our experts to enhance your own assignment writing process.

  1. The instructions matter. Go through them carefully and strictly adhere to them. 
  2. It is recommended to use A4-sized paper for your assignments. Ruled or plain papers are accepted. 
  3. Once done with the assignment writing, arrange the papers in proper order and then staple them. 
  4. Answer the questions based on your understanding of the topic. 
  5. Divide long answers with several points into multiple paragraphs each dealing with a specific point. 
  6. Prepare a cover page in the recommended format for each assignment subject. 
  7. It is possible to submit your assignments at the study centre either in person or by post. 
  8. In case you have requested for a study centre reallotment and haven’t got the new one yet, don’t submit your paper at the previous one. Wait till the new one is allotted. 
  9. Get the correct course code and subject code from the official INGOU website and write them on your assignment cover page. 
  10. To prevent ink bleeding or potential tears during handling, avoid using low-quality or thin paper for your IGNOU assignments.
  11. Don’t exceed the word limit that is specified for each question. 
  12. Ensure that there is enough space between the answers for the examiner to add comments. 
  13. Plagiarism is strictly checked for. Stay away from copying answers from the internet or reference materials. 
  14. Make sure that your answers have a logical flow and a proper analytical base. 
  15. Organize your IGNOU handwritten assignments in course-wise order with separate files. 
  16. Remember to send your assignments only to the program coordinator of the study centre you choose at the time of course enrolment. 
  17. Always obtain a submission receipt when submitting in person or a postal tracking number when sending by mail. Keep these records for your future reference.
  18. Handwritten assignments are a mandatory requirement for IGNOU programs. So, don’t submit typed ones as they can be instantly rejected. 
  19. After submitting your assignments, you should be able to check their submission status on the official IGNOU portal through your student account.
  20. To prevent confusion or misplaced assignments, include a copy of the question paper with your IGNOU assignment submission.

Cover Page and First Page Formatting Criteria for IGNOU Handwritten Assignments

IGNOU requires each assignment to include a cover page or first page with specific details. You can either download the official cover page format PDF from the IGNOU website or create one manually on a separate sheet of paper that you can then staple as the front page of your assignment. The IGNOU assignment cover page should include the following key details:

How to write ignou assignment

Session: IGNOU offers program enrolment in two sessions: January and June. Specify the session of your program with the year. For example, January 2024.

Study Centre: Mention the name of your study centre with code. E.g., Delhi Regional Centre (03)

Program: Write your program name. E.g., Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Course Code: Enter your course code. E.g., BSCEV-101

Course Title: Wrote course title. E.g., Environmental Studies

Enrolment No: Write the enrolment number allotted to you. E.g., 758641024

Name: Write your full name as it is on the IGNOU ID card. E.g., Anil Kumar 

Mobile: Provide your mobile number. E.g., +91-88445 56622

Date: Enter the date of assignment submission.      Signature: Add your signature

How To Excel in IGNOU Assignment– Key Tips On Hand Written Assignment

Due to its handwritten nature, IGNOU assignments often seem a daunting task for most students. Trust me, with the right approach, you can excel in IGNOU assignment writing. Check out these expert tips while you do it. 

Precision appeals: Evaluators expect a precise assignment for your IGNOU program. Precision is the key reason why the assignment is asked in the handwritten format. 


Number the questions correctly: For your evaluator’s ease of reference and to avoid any confusion, number your answers as they appear in the question paper.


Leave space between answers: To make your answer sheet look neat and also to allow your evaluator to add any comments, put two extra lines between the answers. 


Include relevant and up-to-date info: Do proper research about the topic and supply only the most relevant and up-to-date information for your assignment. 


Use proper formatting: Figure out IGNOU assignment how to write and format and ensure that your paper is formatted as it is supposed to be for the margins, line spacing, headings and citation. 

Why Do Students Rely on Our Experts for IGNOU Assignments?

Professional Writing Services has a reputation for being the no. 1 IGNOU assignment writing service. Thousands of students who are uncertain about how to write assignment in IGNOU and struggle with time constraints increasingly rely on our experts for assignment preparation. Whether it’s formatting correctly according to standards, crafting legible handwriting, or including relevant data, our experts promise a significant edge. So, if you dread how to write an IGNOU assignment, don’t hesitate to seek our assistance. 

What Is the Deadline to Submit IGNOU Assignments?

Since IGNOU offers two academic sessions each year, January and June respectively, the assignment submission deadline varies depending on your chosen session and course. For the January session, the submission deadline typically falls between March and April, and for the June session, it falls in August and September. Make sure to get the exact submission date by referring to the official IGNOU website or contacting your study centre.

How To Submit IGNOU Assignment - Online and Offline Methods Explained

IGNOU allows assignment submissions both online and offline. Here is how to do it either way. 

Online Submission Guidelines

  • Go to the official IGNOU website at http://www.ignou.ac.in/
  • Navigate to the official webpage of your IGNOU regional centre which you can find under the Regional Network dropdown menu. 
  • Go to Students Zone and click on the Online Assignment Submission link from the list of links placed on the left. 
  • You will find the list of study centres under the specific regional centre and the links to submit your assignments. Click the respective link and submit your assignments as instructed. 

Offline Submission Guidelines

Submitting your assignment offline involves visiting your chosen study centre and handing the assignment in person to the program coordinator or designated staff there. Make sure you do it on or before the deadline as per your chosen session.


Writing IGNOU assignments offers a unique learning experience by allowing you to research, retain knowledge, and express it in your own handwriting. We hope you found this blog on how to write IGNOU assignments useful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments.


IGNOU assignments account for 30 to 40 per cent of your subject score. They are mandatory to pass the exam. Missing the submission deadline disqualifies you from the upcoming exam and requires you to reapply for the next session.

If you’re short on time to prepare your IGNOU handwritten assignments, tackling them yourself can feel daunting and may even compromise the quality of your paper, research, content, and formatting.  In such cases, considering a reliable assignment writing service like Professional Writing Services can be a helpful option. With over 10 years of experience, they have a proven track record of assisting clients with successful IGNOU assignments.


The word count for each IGNOU assignment varies from subject to subject. Review your assignment question and instruction for clarity. It is important that you strictly adhere to the recommended word count for your IGNOU handwritten assignments. 


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