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29th August 2018 By Bestwriter

It is quite taxing as well as bothersome to be a fresher or someone who is eagerly waiting to put some strong experience within their humble resume. One will be gripped with excitement to bag a chance to showcase their skills and abilities and at the same time very nervous to put their best foot forward. While a fresher has all the opportunities to grab his/her first job, in some cases it is essential to have an internship experience included in one’s resume. Now, many of you may be wondering about how to write resume for internship. But don’t worry too much about it…for, this article will help you out!

Guidelines on how to write a good resume for internship:

If you are stressing about having no experience to include in your resume, then take the assistance of internship jobs. Having got a chance to work as an intern has more benefits than meets the eye. First thing, it develops your skills and second, you get introduced to the professional world in a small way that will get you prepared for the real scenario. So having an internship background is very essential and one should highlight it in best possible way. Given below are simple steps as to how to go about the resume writing process when you have worked as an intern….

  • Before you start writing, do your homework by reading how to put an internship on a resume sample that is available on internet. While there is not much content to write for those with no experience, it is essential to maintain a professional outlook through one’s resume. Don’t fret out if you do not have much to write and also, don’t simply write for the sake of it.
  • Make a good beginning. A recruiter hardly take few seconds to scroll through an entire resume. So strike it hard by making a catchy start. Write an impressive yet clear career objective in the beginning of your resume (after putting down name and contact details on the top). Make an impact while sharing your career objective by effectively summarising your educational background, skills and experience. Check online for samples of internship resume objective to get the clear picture about the whole thing.
  • Writing a career objective is not intended to state your requirements. Instead, it is to stress on the fact as to how you are eligible for specific job and how you can achieve a company’s goals.
  • Take a note that the objectives of resume for summer internship varies from a training program. So don’t get confused between the two and understand in which category you exactly fall into.
  • Write a compelling educational background. While for experienced candidates, this section is just like an added-value and put towards the end, freshers need to highlight the educational qualification and put it on the top part of the resume. Resumes of high school students and college passed-outs must focus on including: Grades, relevant coursework, achievements and extracurricular activities. As you wouldn’t have no experience to include in your resume, take this opportunity to write elaborately and effectively about your education section. Refer to sample cv for internship on internet and take notes from it. But take care not to copy exactly the same content, else you will end up being a victim of plagiarism.
  • When it comes to the experience section, one tends to hit a roadblock. However, the best way to utilise this space by including achievements and highlighting your major projects. Treat this section with a professional approach. For instance, make a header out of the project’s name and follow it up with pointers including your skills and abilities. You can even put about your college club and below it mention your participation details. Showcasing your achievements are important because it is a way to convey a prospective employer that you have appropriate experience to take professional duties.
  • Keep in mind that the cv for internship for freshers is different from those with little experience. So it is essential to make best use of this particular space by summarising your accomplishments in right manner.
  • Even if you do reference work and write your own resume by taking online notes, remember that each profession has different criteria and so the resume content will vary from one another. For instance, in the resume format for internship engineering applicants have far different objectives from those of arts or science background.
  • Don’t hesitate to mention about your awards (if any). It will help to showcase a recruiter you have been well appreciated for your efforts and achievements.
  • Be accurate and don’t give fake details. Recruiters are easily put off with exaggerated content or wrong information. So once you are done with resume writing, make sure you give it a thorough read and check if there are any kind of errors.

The industry competition is getting tougher day by day. Thereby making it all the more challenging and daunting to meet up the standards and appear unique. It becomes very crucial to present a strong resume and freshers find it difficult to write a good one. But the basic rule is to maintain a simple, concise and clear resume. Include all the important details – education, skills, internship experience, achievements, awards and hobbies – in a neat and structured format. Most HR personnel get impressed with elegantly written resumes than with the flowery formats.

There are so many examples available on web as to how to write a cv for internship with no experience, through which you can easily understand what information needs to go or what kind of format is used for various professions or how is the resume structured. If you need further assistance then, feel free to contact us and we will help you with resume writing right away!

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