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27th August 2018 By Bestwriter

So finally you are entering into the professional zone!!! All set to take the first step into the world of employment? Have you got everything ready? What about your resume? Do you think it is perfect? Or do you feel that you need to still work on it? Or are you stuck on how to write a resume for job? Put your worries at rest by reading this article!

As you would be knowing that resume is very much essential part of the job searching, job application and job interview process. In fact, it is THE important tool that every candidate should have these days. Well, resume writing these days have evolved out of many styles and traditional formats, there are certain things and content that have remained consistent even today. Before that let’s get down to basics!


It is document which includes:

  • Name, contact address, email id and phone number
  • Objective (summary)
  • Educational qualification
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Professional experience
  • Hobbies & interests
  • Personal Details
  • Reference (if any, but optional)

The resume is used as a reference by the recruiters, employers, job consultancies or any other official organisation to know about your background and see how much qualified you are for a job or what qualities you have that suit their job profiles. A good resume will help you to attract a job interview.

Before putting pen to paper it is essential to understand – what your industry is, what kind of job you are looking for, which are the companies offering relevant job vacancies and what are your strengths, among others. It is good if you maintain separate resumes to suit each different profession and include right keywords to match your kind of job profile. Updating one’s resume regularly is also a good habit.  Most importantly, it is necessary that your resume is – SIMPLE, CLEAR, EASY TO READ and CONCISE. Now let’s move on to the main issue as to how to write a resume…

Checkout here tips on resume writing format:

Types of resume: There are different resume types such as chronological, functional, combined and target oriented.  The most common one is the chronological resume that has (reverse order of) most recent work experience or educational qualification on top. However candidates with good amount of work experiences use this. Similarly, those who are right out of school put educational qualification first while others put professional history first, followed by educational background. Whereas in the functional type, the skills and achievements are highlighted. However, applicants who have several years of gap within their job experiences or don’t have strong educational qualification can use this one. Hence it is advisable to spend good amount of time on one’s resume to see in which category they fit into and write well before submitting it.

Choose the best resume template: It is good if you first choose an appropriate resume template for your resume before you start writing, instead of modifying it later. Once you are happy with a particular template, then use it effectively by editing it completely by replacing the contents with all your important details and information. Personalising it in every way is very essential as it has to reflect your own unique facet.

Refer to resume examples: To get a better idea on writing a resume, you can go through different examples of resumes online or read those from your seniors. Besides, you will get a fair understanding about various types of formats which will suit any kind of job applicant as well let you know what are the information which need to be included in a resume. But again, make sure you modify the examples and put your own skills and abilities that will match your job application.

Keywords are essential: These days, most of the HR personnel rely on special software that helps to sort candidates easily. Really? Well, yes! This software helps in screening the applicants’ resumes, by going through the kind of keywords they have used and checks whether those keywords match the ones mentioned in the company’s job profile. So it is important to devote some time to see how you can incorporate the right skills and keywords with job you applied for.

Pep up the job summary: Think creatively but wisely before writing a summary. It is very important to make the first impression the best one. So write something that catches the attention of the recruiting manager right away.

Seek help: Don’t be shy to ask help from anyone on how to write a resume for the first time! Everybody has gone through this crucial process so one should not hesitate to seek advice. You can choose to ask assistance from your school/college-based career counsellor or professional content writing service. However before resorting to paid service, do research and try to gather as much information as possible from internet or other resources.

Check before you send: Ensure your resume is completely error-free. Edit it thoroughly before submitting it for job application. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, misinformation, style inconsistency, typos and so on. Ask someone qualified to proofread your resume.

Cover letter: It is very much important to attach a relevant cover letter along with your resume. Along with resume writing formats, you can come across many examples for cover letter as well. Take reference and write one of your own. It is advisable to ask someone to read and check the cover letter.

We really hope this article was useful for you and the tips would help you to write a good resume on your own! Make sure you write 2-3 rough copies before coming up with a final one.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our resume writing professionals, who will be quite glad to help you in every way.




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