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27th August 2018 By Bestwriter

Are you just out of school? Getting ready to grab some experience from the professional world? Well then, you must be busy with the resume writing process! Here, let us help you out….

We understand that it is nerve-wracking experience to develop a resume. In order to create the best impression, you would be wondering what to write, what to include and how to put across content. Don’t stress out so much, for, this article on how to write resume for students will surely assist you in resume writing.

First of all, don’t think that you have nothing to put in your job-applying-document or worry about not having any work experience. The truth is, of course, you have the right ingredients to write in your resume!! Just that you have no prior work experience, doesn’t mean that you also lack in skills. For example, even community service, volunteering and part time internships can be accounted within a fresher resume.

The best way to begin your process of resume writing is to refer some high school student resume examples so that it will be easier for you to develop content and have better understanding about resume. But don’t fall into the temptation of copying from them, as it is strictly not advisable to do so. These days there are tracking software used by recruiters to check for authenticity of a candidate’s resume.

Ask your teachers or seniors to help you with resume writing or if not, search online for student resume template. Go through the content and check how it is structured. Moreover, it will save your time as well reduce mistakes in regard to formatting. Now, let’s get into the main part of the story….

Tips on how to write resume for students

Here are some interesting ways as to how to write a resume for a student like you, who has no work experience….

Have a checklist: Do a rough check or outline of all the possibilities pertaining to experiences. Be it paid or unpaid ones, it is necessary to consider them before you actually frame the resume. Think and think. Note down as many points as you can.

Any kind of work counted as experience: Are you stressed out over the fact that you will have high school student resume with no work experience? Let we ease out your worries. Have you done any babysitting? Or run errands for someone? Delivered newspapers? Well, all these (and more) can be counted as work experiences. Even if you didn’t get paid, these kinds of menial jobs is useful to reflect your skills and dedication through your resume.

School activities are important as well: As most of the high school passed outs wouldn’t have much or no work experience, it is essential to pick out different aspects on their lives to show that they have good character, relevant skills, work ethics and character to excel in a job. Thereby making it necessary to include all the extracurricular activities, project works, volunteering services and sports activities. It is best to mention about the roles you played such as being a team leader of a project or captain of a team or even, president of a club. Make sure you put them all in bullet points. Refer to any student resume format on internet to know about the kind of layout and styles used.

Highlight performance and attitude: Most recruiters check your professional habits and personal attitude towards work. While they won’t be much bothered about experience, they will focus on your dedication and commitment level – whether you are punctual and regular in your work. Thereby qualities such as “set record in terms of attendance” while sharing any kind of experience is must in a resume for students with no experience. Alternatively, you can specially mention in your activity section about the words of appreciation by your teachers, coaches or mentors during specific project or event.

Achievements are essential: Employers are quite happy to hire candidates who are known to have good background in terms of achievements. They check what kind of contributions you have made and how you flared in different fields, be it academic, sports or through extracurricular activities. Check your experience list and see if you have any possible achievements which are worthy of mentioning. If yes, then write about them by using verbs such as organised, developed, improved, etc. to convey what you have achieved.

Mention skills: Remember to put skills which are relevant to the jobs postings you are applying for. It can include those skills which you gained via academic event, sports tournaments, clubs, volunteer work or extracurricular activities.

Length matters: Have you heard about ‘short and sweet’? Well, the same applies in resume as well. Keep the length short and sweeten the content with all the important ingredients. Maintain everything within one page. Sometimes one may come across in certain sample college student resume, they would have included career summary or objective. Don’t fret out seeing this! It is okay if you avoid putting it in your own resume. What is more important for a fresher to include is their contact details and skills.

Reread and proof check: Don’t be lazy to give a second read to your resume! You would find things which you missed in the first reading like spelling or grammatical error or even some important information. Ask some qualified person to review the resume for you and ask their feedback on your resume writing as well. If you submit poorly written resume or one that has lots of mistakes, then recruiters will get the impression that you are not serious about your career or you have very irresponsible attitude.

Making the final copy: It is fine if you have come up with two-three drafts before making the final copy. It is completely normal and also, it gives you a chance to submit the best copy. Go in for a good quality, white paper for printing and opt for laser print to give a professional touch.

Hope after reading this article, you will be quite confident to write a resume on your own with much efficiency. However, if you have any doubts or need further assistance, we are just click away. Contact us and we will be available at your service….





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