Statement of Interest(SOI)

Your admission application for top graduate schools necessarily has to be accompanied by statement of interest (SOI). Basically, a description of your research interests, the statement of intent is an expression of your academic motive. Before trying to write it yourself or hiring experts of statement of interest writing services in India you must be aware of at least the basics.

The motive behind furnishing SOI

Before delving in this, let me narrate an incident. Two years back, one candidate had approached us for getting his SOI re-drafted. When going through his SOI, we were amazed by the linguistic quality and clarity of thoughts presented through the content. However, the candidate had directed his energy and attention to make it literarily superlative but had failed to showcase his research interest clearly.

As you know that foreign universities give priority to educational quality more than the marks. Hence, you need to demonstrate your willingness to be a part of the research culture over there in spirit and writing.

Purpose of SOI

Statement of Interest helps you outline:

  • Your academic interest in a particular area; the one to which your research topic relates to
  • The linkage of your previous academic experience with your research interest
  • Your expectations out of the academic program you wish to enroll
  • How your internship learning as well as projects relate to your research interest
  • What are your future aspirations and what you hope to achieve out of the prospective course
  • Any particular professor under whose mentorship you may like to work on a particular research topic


Format for SOI ( Statement of Interest)

Often, the Statement of Interest needs to be in accordance with the format provided by the university in which you have applied for. You can however take some creative liberties to elaborate upon your research interests. However, it should be in the form of short essay only of 250-500 words.

In order to be entitled for consideration by the approving committee, you need to ensure that you have gone intently through the specific instructions provided by the university. This is important for providing the answers to exact questions you have been asked to shed light on. If you are experiencing problems with the format of SOI, you must not hesitate to contact the graduate program officer to gain insights into difficult matters.

Anyway, your SOI need to be convincing. You can do this by including below mentioned information in concise and logical manner.

  • Details of the research or academic work you have already carried out in your interest area i.e. the specialization stream for which you have applied for
  • Specific skills that you have acquired through self-study or by enrolling in different programs
  • Your familiarity with sophisticated tools, software or other techniques that would facilitate prompt understanding of the advanced tools you would have to use during the graduation program
  • Establish connection of your interest area with the specialization you are going to pursue in the course
  • Research about the faculty members in your area and the research work done by them and publications
  • Express your interest in an eminent faculty and link your past project with research work done by him/ her
  • Show your interest in student assistantship of professor so that you can be a constant companion of him/ her and gain insights more strongly
  • Mention the research publications of the faculty member which you have gone through and which have inspired you to further dive deep in this area
  • Mention the citation of the reference work as footnote
  • Talk about your research work that have been published in journals
  • If you have attended workshops, conferences, presentations or other such forums; share what you have learnt from there


Through your Statement of Interest, you are essentially building a case for yourself. You have to use this medium to showcase yourself as the fittest candidate for the course applied for. By proving your worth, you are actually highlighting the fact that your presence in the graduate program can add more value to the institution. This means that you would potentially be an asset for the university and can collaborate with your fellow learners to explore newer avenues of knowledge.

Statement of interest is a powerful tool in your hand which you can creatively utilize to secure admission in best university. At PWS, we have been helping students create compelling SOIs for past 2 decades and we have a glorious track record of 99.9%. Connect us with your request for Statement of Interest writing services in India and we would help you get through the admission round with confidence.


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