Writing a student resume for higher studies- Tips

31st July 2017 By Bestwriter

Today, there exists strong competition in all sectors of the academic and professional world. The first impression generally becomes the last impression because no one has enough time to give you a second chance. Your resume has to be the perfect reflection of you, and it has to be put together in a wonderful package: no grammatical errors, a tidy appearance, tailor made for the job or the higher studies course you are applying for. Your resume needs to be crisp as opposed to long and shabby and to help with this, there are student resume writing services.

Imagine that you have the right kind of experience for your higher studies, the right grades, the perfect amount of paper publications. Now, imagine the end result if this information is not presented in the correct fashion. The resume writing services in India help you avoid this bad scenario. A resume has the power to make or break your career; both academic and professional. Since a resume is supposed to reflect you, it needs to show your personality. The way you draft your resume says a lot about you. Sometimes, even when the resume looks decent, it goes unnoticed. The person reading your resume probably has a heap of them on his table and he’s just looking to sort them out. He is not obligated to read your resume. The opening of your resume needs to be such that it makes this person give it a second look. An interest needs to be sparked and that can only be done with the help of a perfectly crafted resume. You need to put in work so that you have something to fill that paper with.  So, the moment you know that you want to apply for higher studies, you need to actually start working towards it and the resume writers in India are here to help you put this information forward in the best possible manner.

Some common mistakes to avoid are:

  • Grammatical errors: Bad grammar is never forgiven. Your resume may have technical merit but if the grammar is wrong, it shows the reader that you did not make the effort to proof read your resume. While bad grammar might be condoned in case of a job, it is never ignored by the college committee. Wrong spelling implies laziness and a lack of observation. Every single word needs to spell checked because there exists no room for error.
  • Minimum criteria: Sometimes, the candidate applies for the course without making sure whether or not they meet the minimum requirements. Many times, the resume is not lacking anything but it does not meet the requirement of the college committee. In this case, your resume will carry no value.
  • A font too fancy: The main purpose of a resume is to clearly put forward your profile as a prospective student. If you use a fancy font which cannot be understood easily, the members of the college committee are not going to spend time trying to decipher them. Always choose a simple font like Times New Roman or Ariel. \
  • An exaggerated resume: Many people tend to exaggerate or lie on their resume. Do not do it. The truth eventually comes out and it will make you look really bad when it does.
  • Dropping off information: Everything that you do as a student counts on your resume. So, do not hesitate in writing about the various clubs you were a part of in your school. All extra curriculum achievements, the languages that you are fluent in, areas of interest, positions of leadership- all of this needs to be included. But make sure that all this information does not leave your resume too long. It needs to be crisp and precise, putting forward your interest in the said course unambiguously.

Our team has often witnessed such mistakes and we know when and how to avoid them. Even though there are several resume writers or such writing services in India, there is no guarantee that such services will provide great result. A certain amount of communication is required with the candidate so as to produce a resume that is his actual reflection. We believe in building a strong relationship with our customer and our aim is to produce a resume that will eventually get you into the college of your choice.


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