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9th July 2017 By Bestwriter

LinkedIn is an employment driven, networking website and your LinkedIn profile is like your resume that attracts recruiters towards you. The importance of a well-structured profile that has all the needed information cannot be emphasized enough. You need to sell yourself as a package to a recruiter. This means that you want to appear organized, intellectual, professional and focused. There are a lot of professional LinkedIn profile writers who can help you achieve this goal.

These LinkedIn makeover services attractively put in all your information, update your contact details and your work experience, the one section that says volumes about you is your LinkedIn profile summary. It is the most powerful branding tool that you have to make te best use of. A profile summary either intrigues the reader to learn more about you or he decides that you’re not what he is looking for.

Your profile summary should answer the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your most important accomplishment?
  • What are your values and passions?
  • What skill set is unique to you?

And then you substantiate this is some facts and figures. Do note that you need to avoid writing a length summary. It needs to be precise and clear. Ideally, a profile summary should be less than 2000 characters. LinkedIn profile writing services use keywords that illustrate the role active role that you have played in work you have undertaken in a professional capacity. The recruiter wants to see your energy and passion for work.

There are several kinds of profile summaries.

  • Target based summary: It starts with general details of what you do and then gets more specific.
  • Personality summary: If you want to get a recruiter’s interest, you start with an anecdote or a little story that would make the other person want to know you better. This summary focuses more on “soft skills”.
  • To the point summary: It is the smartest choice for a profile summary that professionals make. Here, it is easy to use a lot of keywords as well.
  • A mixed summary: Here, you mention something that shows your personality and some information that talks about you in your professional capacity.
  • Achievement list type summary: This tells the potential employer what you have achieved and why you deserve a certain job.

The absolute worst thing that you can do is leave a blank profile summary. It shows that you are disinterested. A profile summary is all keeping your best foot forward. Be authentic, share your story with a sense of humour. Show that you are motivated and a hard worker. Presentation is very important. Divide your content into paragraphs that have been strategically placed under headings and sub headings. You should attempt to make your profile summary neatly organised so that the reader can easily read through it. If you present a huge paragraph on yourself, it will take the reader more time to find out the relevant material and he might not want to do that.

We house exceptional LinkedIn profile writers who help you with writing your profile summary. These services are also referred to as LinkedIn makeover services. These professional services give you an edge as you can be sure that your content is being presented in the best manner possible whereby you get closer to the road that leads you to your dream job.

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