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LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

Are you in search of professional LinkedIn profile writing services in India that can help your career take off to new heights? Are you not happy with your current LinkedIn profile? Need an overhaul for better results from a seasoned LinkedIn profile consultant? We can definitely help.

There are about 470 million LinkedIn users
Nearly 90 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new talents

Even then why your LinkedIn page or profile is not giving you enough traction?

Theoretically, it should. Right?

Trust us!

Our LinkedIn profile building services can surely make the difference.

PWS LinkedIn profile service highlights

  • Written 700+ LinkedIn profiles starting from 2014
  •  A team of 10+ professional writers (guided by real recruiters)
  • Worked for businesses and job seekers from varied backgrounds
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO and keywords to be incorporated
LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

If your profile is failing to grab eyeballs, there may be many reasons for it.

  • You have a dormant profile; it does not have any worthy details in it
  • Your profile does not present well the skills that you possess.
  • Does not place you as a strong candidate and better than others
  • It does not do anything to add value to your professional branding

Any or all of these issues can keep you away from recruiters even if you are the best candidate fit for a particular job. Having a LinkedIn profile is exactly like having a webpage that showcases how employable you are. It has enough space and sections that you can leverage to your advantage by listing your experience, skillset, and your future goals, etc. It can speak loud why you should be hired over others. Make the most out of best LinkedIn profile makeover services


Best LinkedIn profile writing services in India- PWS

Being a LinkedIn profile writer India company with a really experienced team, below are some of the most popular services for which we are contacted frequently.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile making services

If you still don’t have a profile or just one for namesake, our LinkedIn profile making services is the right option for you. Starting right from creating your account to adding an attractive profile photo, background image, skillsets, SEO optimized professional summary and all other needful elements, our LinkedIn profile maker India do everything from scratch. You just have to provide your latest professional photo, resume and fill a single questionnaire that we will send. Our LinkedIn profile creation service is strategically crafted to make profile available to recruiters all the while projecting your unique traits that the prospects will be looking for.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile makeover services

In case you already have an existing LinkedIn profile, it is good. But to make sure that it creates the impact and fetch you the desired results, simply having an account is not enough. This is where you need support from the best LinkedIn profile makeover services in India. Doing some refining and makeover to the same will elevate its overall appeal and saleability.  With our best and the most professional LinkedIn profile makeover services India, your value as an effective professional, executive, job seeker, or business will further increase. You will be more searchable and approachable. In short, a complete overhaul is done.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile optimization service

Your profile may look good enough to be presented but there can be many minor issues that could adversely affect its entire impact. Let our LinkedIn profile optimization services help you. In fact, the process is not just about the LinkedIn profile optimization keywords or merely LinkedIn profile SEO optimization but a lot more. Deciding the strategic cover picture and a well-planned profile picture itself is a part of optimization.  SEO optimized vanity URL is another. Likewise, a lot more are there. Experts here at PWS specialize in all these LinkedIn profile search optimization techniques and tricks to ensure that you get maximum leverage.

Our LinkedIn profile and resume writing services packages

In addition to the below, we can offer any types of custom packages based on your preferences.


Basic- Starter

  • LinkedIn profile creation/makeover
  • Professional resume writing

Basic – Pro

  • LinkedIn profile creation/makeover
  • Professional resume writing
  • Cover letter writing


  • LinkedIn profile creation / SEO optimization
  • Visual resume creation (Done in Photoshop)
  • Cover letter writing + job inquiry letter

Super Premium- Personal branding

  • LinkedIn profile creation /SEO optimization
  • Visual resume creation (Done in Photoshop)
  • Cover letter writing + job/business inquiry letter
  • Personal resume website (Single page)
  • Facebook page creation and initial content addition

Note: For person resume website, domain and hosting charges will be additional

Who all can benefit from our services?

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile for job seekers

If you are wondering how to create a LinkedIn profile for job search or how to improve your LinkedIn profile for job search, seek our assistance and we will assure you with the best LinkedIn profile for job search. We create professional, warm and welcoming summary while being focussed on your target job requirements. Our team not only create but also optimize LinkedIn profile for job search.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile for freshers

Get the best LinkedIn profile for freshers. The best thing if you are searching for a LinkedIn profile for beginners is that many of your counterparts are still relying solely on resumes. So, when you apply with your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume, the recruiter will obviously sense your seriousness. So, this service can be very beneficial for new grads( fresh graduates) and all categories of freshers.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile for students

Having the best LinkedIn profile for students can be immensely helpful. If you are planning for internship or higher studies, you must know how to make a LinkedIn profile for students. All vital attributes like URL, headings, skillsets and summary for LinkedIn profile for students must be incorporated properly. We write for high school students, college students and new (fresh) graduates.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile for company

People in the business who are smart enough already know how to make a LinkedIn profile for a company that really works. Else they assign the task to experts like us. With a LinkedIn profile for business, your professionalism and seriousness about the business can be communicated. Also a LinkedIn page for your company helps you keep your prospects and employees completely updated.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile for freelancers

LinkedIn profile for freelancers or self-employed professionals can for sure help in getting more businesses. In this platform, you have in fact a gold mine of high potential clients. Most of the decision makers of a company have an account in LinkedIn and  with a powerful profile of yours here with some portfolio (examples) of your work can help you catch their attention and close deals.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India

LinkedIn profile for CEOs

The LinkedIn profile of a CEO or an entrepreneur should stand apart from the rest. Prospects look on it with expectations as you lead from the front and are supposed to be careful and professional about every aspect of your branding including you that gets displayed to your targets. Referring to some CEO LinkedIn profile examples and tips can help but get it done perfectly, contact experts. We are one.

Writing a LinkedIn profile- Things you must know!

Writing a LinkedIn profile is not that easy. You may find a lot of tips and tricks on how to write a convincing LinkedIn profile online. However, these cannot compete with the experience and insight of a professional providing LinkedIn profile writing service in India. Many factors matter in the creation of a profile and an expert offering LinkedIn profile update service India takes care of all these.

The audience that you communicate with: 

It is always important to keep the prospective employers in mind while making the page. This needs the touch of a professional LinkedIn profile writing service as they know exactly how to communicate to the audience through the details on the page. We are one of the best LinkedIn profile makeover services India.

What you display on the page:

One the prime objective of having a page is to showcase how skilled you are and how you are the best candidate for the job that is being offered. Designing the page logically thus convincing the recruiter takes the skill of a writer and that is exactly what we are here to do for you.

What not to display:

It is important to know what not to display or write on the page as well. There are restrictions on the number of characters allowed on each section of the page. We are however, not pointing to it. There are some features, qualities and even accomplishments that must not find place in your profile.  Our experts very well know that. Obviously we are aware of the limitations of LinkedIn as well and supersede them with the experience we have garnered over years.

The use of keywords:

If you have noticed, for the search to show up your profile, you have to have certain keywords. It is important to have the keywords that recruiters search for candidates who have the skills they desire. If you go anywhere on this, you are bound to lose. As a responsible LinkedIn profile building service provider, we carry out extensive keyword research to make sure that your page is visible when recruiters are looking for candidates having skills that you have.

The tone that you communicate:

In any type of communication tone is an important factor that affects the quality of the communication. Here too, it is important to strike a professional tone with a subtle touch to make is sound individual and personable. This is a harder job to do and it required excellent grab on language and finesse. Our expert writers can achieve this relative with relative ease helping your page sound unique to the recruiter.

Why we are the best LinkedIn profile writing services in India?

For a person looking to find a LinkedIn profile writing service may be able to find numerous providers but what makes us the most favoured is our professional and customer-centric approach in carrying out each and every project that we undertake.


We have served as consultants and LinkedIn profile building service providers for fresh graduates, experienced professionals, IIM and IIT alumnus as well.

Customer service:

We associate ourselves as a strategic consultant with the clients and help them in writing LinkedIn profiles so that the LinkedIn pages are able to show up on relevant searches. We operate closely with the clients and provide excellent customer support in deliver stellar and one-of-a-kind LinkedIn profile writing services in India.


With amicable pricing policies and payment options, we always make the payment options at the convenience of our clients. Most of our clients find our pricing to be highly competitive making us the best LinkedIn profile writing services provider in India.

LinkedIn profile writing services- Locations to which we serve

Indian locations

  • Kochi
  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Mumbai

International locations

  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Dubai
  • Bahrain

If you would like our experts to have a look at your LinkedIn profile and how we make it the best.

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