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cover letter for schengen visa

How to Write a cover letter for Schengen Visa

Impactful Sample Cover Letter for Schengen Tourist Visa

Planning a vacation to explore the Schengen region?

Are you on the lookout for professional help in the Schengen visa application process?

Worried about writing a powerful cover letter for Schengen visa?


We have the perfect solution to your problems! Take a look at this blog which covers every dimension of writing a cover letter for Schengen Tourist Visa. Our professional writers have prepared this blog especially for you to get a clear picture of the cover letter writing process. 

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Cover letter for Schengen Visa - An Overview

Let us first set the context. The Schengen region is a group of European nations that have collectively decided to lift all international borders, allowing European citizens to travel easily without obtaining a passport or visa.


Thus, a Schengen tourist visa is a type of travel permit that enables non-EU nationals to visit or stay in the Schengen area for 90 days. Depending on the purpose of your trip to these nations, there are various types of Schengen visas. 

What is a Cover Letter for Schengen Visa?

A cover letter for Schengen visa is a personal statement which highlights your intentions of visiting the Schengen area. It is an opportunity presented to you for elaborating on your eligibility and purpose to travel to any number of Schengen countries. 

A cover letter for Schengen Tourist Visa is submitted by non-European travellers if they are visiting the region for personal pleasure. In this formal document, you are required to make an appeal of your genuine intentions, personal information, travel plan, duration of your stay, ties with your home country, financial position, etc. 

Significance of a Cover Letter for Schengen Visa

Now that you are more or less aware of what a Schengen Visa is, allow us to explain how writing a cover letter for one can be helpful to you:

What are the key points to be included in a Schengen Visa Cover Letter?

Your cover letter for embassy must include the following points in order to add value to the visa application process to visit the Schengen region:

points to include in a schengen visa cover letter

Potential reasons for rejection of your cover letter for Schengen tourist visa

Here are some reasons that might raise a potential red flag and cause rejection of your cover letter for Schengen visa:

  • Your authenticity might be questioned if you fail to provide a convincing and genuine purpose for your visit to the Schengen area. 
  • Failing to provide concrete evidence of returning to the home country can give rise to suspicion of visa abuse or overstaying. This can lead to the rejection of your cover letter. 
  • Incomplete or inconsistency of information sends a bad signal to the visa officer. This is also a potential reason for the rejection of your visa request to visit the Schengen area. 
  • Inability to provide supporting documents can give rise to suspicion on the feasibility of your trip, leading to the rejection of your visa. 
  • Your cover letter faces the threat of rejection if you fail to prove your financial capacity to fund your trip adequately. 

How to Write a Winning Cover Letter for Schengen Visa?

We understand the frustration of producing a convincing cover letter for Schengen tourist Visa. But let us assure you that by referring to the below given inputs, your task can be completed with ease. As you read through, you will go past:

  • Writing guidelines
  • Ideal format
  • Strong sample
  • Formatting guidelines
  • Additional writing tips

Writing Guidelines to put together a strong Cover Letter for Schengen Visit Visa

We have put together the process of writing a personalised cover letter for Schengen Visa. Follow the below given steps to get started:



Ideal Covering letter format for Schengen visa

A good format can provide the right motivation and guidance to producing a strong and personalised cover letter. We have hence attached an ideal format that you can follow to produce a strong cover letter for Schengen visa:

  • Start by providing your residential address and pin code
  • Then state the concerned embassy/consulate, the job title, address etc. 
  • Include the date on which you are writing the cover letter
  • Formally greet the reviewer to create a good impression. 
  • It is ideal to use “Dear”, “Respected” etc. 
  • Add a subject line that includes the visa type, your full name and passport information
  • Introduce yourself by giving your full name.
  • Mention the purpose of your visit to the Schengen area
  • State the duration of your stay, including the dates of arrival and departure
  • Start with a detailed travel itinerary stating the countries you intend to visit, the number of days you intend to stay in each country, etc. 
  • Make a list of the activities, or tourist attractions you wish to experience in the Schengen area
  • Provide your financial information to prove your capacity to fund the trip
  • Mention your ties with your home country to clarify your intent to return to your home country by elaborating on your commitments like family, property, work, etc.
  • Provide details of your travel insurance 
  • Convey gratitude to the reviewer for their time and consideration
  • Close by agreeing to comply with the visa regulations
  • Provide your phone number, email address and other contact information
  • Put your signature above your full name 

Schengen visa cover letter samples

A good sample cover letter for Schengen visa can be instrumental in setting standards for your writing process. Below, you can find a sample cover letter for Schengen tourist visa for your reference:

June 20, 2023

“Address of consulate/embassy”

Subject: Ayushi Pathak, Indian passport no XXXXX, Schengen visa for personal trip

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Ayushi Pathak and I am writing to apply for a Schengen Visit Visa for my winter vacation starting from DD.MM.YYYY to DD.MM.YYYY. The primary reason for my visit is to spend time with my friends, Sreelakshmi and Anahita, who are currently residing in Germany.

Besides spending quality time with my friends, I intend to explore the aesthetics and culture incubated by Germany. I am excited to experience the German food, the beer as well as the tourist hotspots that the country boasts. During my stay, we have also planned to vacation in France and Spain to celebrate our reunion. 

I have prepared a detailed travel itinerary for the above-mentioned one month period for your kind perusal:

Day 1 – Fly to Frankfurt from New Delhi via “flight name” scheduled at “flight timing”. Upon landing, I intend to head directly to Sreelakshmi’s house at “address”. 

Day 2 to 9 – Sightseeing in Germany and spending time with my friends 

Day 10 – The three of us plan to fly from Frankfurt to Paris via “flight name”. We intend to reach Amsterdam by “time” after which we have reservations at “name of hotel”.

Day 11 to 13 – Sightseeing in France 

Day 14 – We plan to take the “name of flight” scheduled at “flight timing” to Madrid. We are scheduled to reach by “time” and check in at “name of hotel”.

Day 15 – 19 – Sightseeing in Spain

Day 20 – Return to Frankfurt via “flight name” scheduled at “flight timing”. 

Day 21 – 29 – Spending time with friends and sightseeing in Germany. 

Day 30 – Fly back to New Delhi from “name of airport” via “name of flight” at “flight timing”. 

I am a professional salesperson and I have about 10+ years of experience in managing sales teams. I am at present working as the Northzone Head of Sales at “name of company” and I have an annual compensation package of XXXXX. I have attached the details regarding my leave that have been approved earlier this week. 

I am financing my trip by myself. I have been maintaining a bank balance of XXXXX  and XXXX in my savings accounts at “name of bank” and “name of bank” for the past XX years. I am certain that this would cover my expenses I will incur during my one month vacation. I also have immovable property valued at XXXXX in New Delhi and Maharashtra. 

I have all intentions to return after my one month break as I have to return back to work. I currently reside with my mother in New Delhi and she is heavily dependent on me. I have asked Ahalya, my second cousin, who is currently studying in Delhi University to stay with my mother while I am away. Though I am confident of my sister’s ability to take care of her, I am looking forward to reuniting with my mother who has been the greatest source of strength and support in my life. 

While I am in Germany, I will be staying with Sreelakshmi Iyer, who is currently residing in “address”. She is working as a Marketing Executive at “name of company” and is available at “phone number” and “email” for any clarification. I am also meeting Anahita Singh, who is an established aesthetician and a businesswoman. She resides at “address” and is available at “phone number” and “email” for any further queries. 

I have attached the following documents to support my application:

  1. Duly filled and signed visa application form
  2. Passport-size photos
  3. Passport showing my previous travel to the USA, Brazil and Australia
  4. Travel insurance policy covering XXXX
  5. Flight ticket booking
  6. Details of hotel reservations
  7. Employment contract
  8. Document to show leave approval from employer
  9. ITR, bank statements and payslips to show financial strength 

I am certain that I have provided you with all the information pertaining to the visa application. I am excited to meet my former school mates who have stayed with me through thick and thin. 

I am hereby assuring that I will abide by the visa regulations and I am aware of the implications if otherwise. In case you have any further queries or require any other documents, you can contact me at “phone number” or “email address”. 

Thank you for your time and kind consideration. I am hoping for a favourable response from your end. 


Ayushi Pathak

Formatting Guidelines to produce an appealing Cover letter for Schengen Visa

As much as the content matters, the readability and appeal is added by the format. Our professional writers have provided these guidelines to help you make your cover letter for Schengen Tourist Visa more presentable:

Word limit:

300 to 500 words

Font Color:Black
Font size:11 to 12
Font type:

Times New Roman, Arial


1 inch

Line Spacing:


Additional Tips For Write your Cover Letter for Schengen Visa

Our writers have prepared this list of additional writing tips to help you personalise your cover letter for Schengen Visitor Visa:

  • Ensure that you have addressed all the important points as mentioned in the visa regulations
  • Personalise your cover letter with your unique information and stand out from the rest of the applications
  • Make sure that you appropriately address the concerned authority with a formal greeting as this creates an impression in the starting itself 
  • Do not add any irrelevant information and make it too lengthy. Keep it concise and to the point. 
  • Duly attach all the documents that are required to support the claims in your cover letter
  • Ensure that you proofread and revise thoroughly to do away with any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. 

Different types of Schengen Visa Cover Letters

Like the Cover letter for Schengen Tourist Visa, there are various types of cover letters for people who wish to travel to the Schengen area. We have listed below a few from the list:

Final Checklist For Writing a Cover Letter

Now let us take a look at the checklist which can help you keep track of your cover letter for Schengen visa:


Yes, you are required to submit a cover letter for Schengen visa application

There are 27 countries in the Schengen area namely:


  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • France
  • Greece 
  • Italy
  • Iceland
  • Spain
  • Lithuania
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg 
  • Hungary 
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Portugal 
  • Slovakia

A Schengen visa is typically valid for a maximum period of 90 days. 

Your cover letter for Schengen visa must be within 1 page. 

Yes, certainly. You can hire expert writers to draft your Schengen visa cover letter.

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