General tips on writing resume for engineering job

22nd July 2018 By Bestwriter

A resume, also called as Curriculum Vitae (CV) is regarded as one’s own marketing device. The main purpose of the resume, however, is not to attract a job, but an interview. Yes, that’s right! It is unfathomable thought, indeed – given the fact that an individual resume gets evaluated by a recruiter more or less than 30 seconds. So it is very much essential to ensure that one’s resume is unique and stands out from thousands of applications for the person who sorts through. The objective of engineering resume must not be to convey what one has achieved or done so far, but it is to emphasis on what they can do for the prospective employer if they get hired.

Tips on how to write resume for engineering job

Although the following tips are aimed at engineering students on how to write a good resume the skills required to write the resume are also applicable for engineering job (such as professionalism, checking errors, accuracy, etc.). Following these tips will reflect one’s use of those skills to prospective employers.

  • With resume you present your first impression to a prospective employer. Ensure it is the best one.
  • Carefully go through the job posting. Then take time to customise the resume to demonstrate your list of experiences that are sync with the job requirements and skills that match those required for the job position.
  • Highlight well all your achievements rather than concentrating on job responsibilities alone.
  • Make use of reverse chronological order while writing down important information. Keep the most recent job and education on the top in their respective sections.
  • Use a professional tone; be clear, specific and concise.
  • Maintain an honest approach.
  • It is fine to avoid details about one’s interests and hobbies in extreme case.
  • Avoid putting negative information in the resume, such as getting fired from job, loss of pay and so on.
  • Being a student, it is absolutely okay to limit your resume to one page. Instead of using elaborate content or sentences, choose bullet points to showcase your information. This will save a lot of space. Go through some engineering resume templates to get a fair idea on this.
  • Make your resume 100% free from errors – spelling as well as grammar mistakes.
  • Don’t include photograph in your resume.
  • The resume should be well-formatted and it should remain consistent on which ever medium it is displayed – be it on paper, computer, tablet or even mobile.
  • Ensure that your resume gets rechecked by a third party before using it for applying a job.
  • Interesting tip: After you are done with resume writing, put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and think whether you will hire you?

Guidelines on engineering resume format

A resume, no matter what kind of job or industry, should be customised well in accordance to the particular job position one is applying for. One should also completely modify the way one chooses to showcase the following details. Thus, one may either opt to name the sections to match with the job details or to put first the most related or key information about one’s qualifications in their entry level engineering resume.

  • Name and Contact Details: Use a bold text, larger font (than the other content in resume) or capitalise letters to highlight your name. Make sure all the details like your email address, phone number and address are correct.
  • Career Summary/Objective: In a concise manner market yourself and make employer feel how you will fare exceptionally in the potential position by achieving personal as well as company’s objectives. See that both your summary and the job posting are in sync. The core idea of this section is to generate the interest of the recruiter. Hence one has to be quite specific and ensure every word shares valuable outlook of oneself.
  • Educational Background: Include educational history that includes degree (UG/PG), graduation year and respective GPA. It is good if you can mention any academic honour here.
  • Coursework: So what you don’t have any work experience? You can give a fine impression by demonstrating how skilled you are or what are your qualities by listing out important project works and training programs.
  • Experience: Include all kinds of related work, volunteer services and internships that enhances your practical experience. In doing so, mention the name of company, employment duration and location. For each company, make use of action words to demonstrate your skills, project work, experiences and achievements that will reflect your capabilities required for the job you are looking for.
  • Skills: Mention relevant skills such as professional and computer skills that will create a good impression.
  • Extracurricular Activities/ Awards: By including these sections, you will convey that you are competent way beyond your field and academic boundaries. Listing extracurricular activities, honours, sports, clubs and volunteer works that is not related to engineering, can be very useful. Refer to some mechanical engineering resume examples on internet so that you will understand how the content has been framed and what needs to be included.
  • References: If you want to put this section, ensure you get prior permission from respective reference persons before including their name in your resume. In most cases, it is better to put a line ‘provided on request’ against this section.


Most of you would download engineering resume format and go ahead to modify it. But be careful while doing this so that you don’t end up copying information. Personalise the resume by including your own abilities and skills, using your own tone and style.

Similarly the objectives and career goals of different professions will vary. The professional domain of engineering is quite vast and it has varied extensions in several fields. For example, the duties of civil engineer and electrical engineer is comparatively bit different from each other. While there are thousands of sources for engineering resume examples for students, consider your area of interest and qualification before choosing on the format and content.

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