7 most frequent executive resume mistakes and how to effectively tackle them

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11th March 2017 By Bestwriter

Of all the advantages that come along with being one of the top 10 resume writing services in India, the opportunity to get our hands on so many CV is the most important one for us. It has provided us with the rare chance to look at a copious amount of executive CV—and it caused us heartaches seeing the mistakes that plague these otherwise impressive CV.

As the case is, as one of the most experienced resume writing services in India, we have decided to put together a post that addresses the so-called mistakes and ways and means to avoid them, while you are sitting back to craft an executive CV next time or trying to find a cheap resume writing company. We have strived hard going through a string of executive CVs to come up with the following mistakes and ways to attend to them successfully.

Mistake #1: Dearth of an impacting, clear and comprehensive title

John Caples once said:

“If you use a poor headline, it does not matter how hard you labor over your copy because your copy will not be read.”

And, nothing more eloquent can be said about the importance of having a great headline. The title of your resume is what is going to sell you and is often the best way to communicate where you can fit. Time constraint can be a problem for most selection panels to spend much time on any one CV to know more about the candidate, if you don’t have a comprehensive title, that is. The job of the selection panel is made simpler with an effectively titled resume—whether to consider you or not.

Mistake #2: Missing keywords that speak about your area of expertise and experience

Gone are the days when you send your resume to a person and then him seeing it and analyzing the same; in this era of digitization, software programs and screening softwares scan through resume even before it gets to the hands of a human being. Hence, make sure that your CV is keyword-optimized for better visibility.

If you find it difficult to get the keywords that matter to you, a quick online search on a job portal can definitely give you all the right keywords you need. Or, in most metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc. in India, there are professional CV writers who can do the affordable keyword research as well.

Mistake #3: Too much of details about everything you have done in the past

When you are crafting a resume, you need to keep in mind about the details that can get you the job along with the understanding that a person is going to read the same. If you cram everything you have been doing into your CV, it can only make your CV uninterestingly lengthy. Always put enough efforts into listing about your previous activities and experience that are relevant to the job in offer and then add it over to your resume successfully.

It is always better to stay focused while writing your CV and providing only details that matter to the job in offer can always better your chances of being hired.

Mistake #4: Crowded, ambiguous and unintelligibly complex summary

Most executive summaries that we have come across are dense at best, making it uninteresting and unintelligible. The foremost idea of having a summary is to convey a sense of your professional history with the person reading it. If you think only by including lengthier sentences and big words can you get the traction you need, you are building a roadblock for the one reading it. As a cheap professional resume writing services in India, we have served clients from Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and other major cities with executive summaries quite simple enough to communicate the right message effectively.

Mistake #5: Not Including LinkedIn URL

If you think about it, in this day and age, not having a LinkedIn profile can really hurt your professional image that you are trying to build. Having a LinkedIn profile can show the recruiter that you are a dynamic person that stays in the changes of the industry. As the icing on a cake, if done-well, LinkedIn profile can give all the necessary details that your recruiter might need, which are not given in your resume. Often, an ideal LinkedIn profile can shed more light into your personality thus winding-up a whole picture about the person you are—both professionally and personally.

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, create one immediately and take advantage of the same. If you are a middle-aged person and do not have a LinkedIn profile, recruiters may tend to think that you are have aspersions against technology or you are not a tech-savvy person, which can diminish your chances of being hired.

Mistake #5: Using the same resume for every job opening thinking one-size-fits-all

This is another mistake that most people make while they are desperate to find a job. When there are openings for different jobs that fit your experience, skills and career aspirations, the tendency to send the same resume for all of them is very common. However, this can only make you desperate as the chances of you being hired are thin. So, the first rule is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in the recruitment industry, if you want a job that matters to you, that is.

Pay enough attention to the job advert and carefully learn what the requirements are, the experience they are looking for. Once you have a clear idea about their requirements, then craft your resume and optimize to match it to their requirements. If you can do this for every job that is in offer, you can see the difference and sooner, you can stop job hunting, for sure.

Mistake #7: Not paying enough attention to formatting

One other thing that is glaringly found across various executive CV is the problem of formatting. There is always a predetermined format that most recruiters prefer. However, if you use too many fancy formats that only make the CV render useless and less-readable, it will land your resume in a trash bin, for sure. Make sure that the CV is created in a format that is readable and compatible across multiple platforms. Do not send a resume created in Mac Pages; for the best results, create your resume in MS-Office.

It is rather amusing to see how common these mistakes find their ways into an excellent CV. We have to say that, it happens when you are unable to get the right resume writing services in India to support with your efforts. Having an affordable professional support can really make a world of difference to your resume and job hunting efforts.

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