How to Write Resume for It Company-Guidelines & Tips

29th August 2018 By Bestwriter

In order to excel as an IT job applicant, it is very essential to write a very good resume in first place. This article here deals with the idea of how to write a resume of IT professional and basic guidelines for the same.

  • First decide how you want to present your resume. As you will be knowing there are different kinds of resume writing format – chronological, functional and combination. If you are choosing the first one, then go for reversal chronological format – by putting the recent job and education first followed by others in same order. The functional type is used by those who have less work experience but are highly skilled. And the last one, as the name suggests, it combines the first two formats in effective manner. However it should be used by freshers or those who have no work experience.
  • It is mandatory to fill the top portion of your resume with all important details that is needed by any recruiter or employer to get in touch with you. Emphasis your name and follow it up with correct contact number and email id. And most important thing: Give an email address that sounds professional. For e.g. is strictly no-no. Some even add their LinkedIn link/blog below these details.
  • Remember that every resume gets less than 25secs of scrutiny by a recruiter. Thereby it is very important to make the best impression in the beginning itself. Give a summary/objective that summarises your education, skills and experience, within less than 5 sentences. For entry level it resume, it is better to focus on writing about skills and abilities, besides qualification. The main idea is to convey the hiring manager how you can fulfil their requirements and how capable you are.
  • If you are a fresher, follow your career objective with the education section. For others, the work experience should come first. In the experienced resume writing format, use the reversal chronological order. Highlight the company’s name and job title and give bullet points to demonstrate your responsibilities. Through these, effectively weave in your skills and abilities as well. If you have good number of experience, then don’t include each and every job history. Choose the important ones which are directly related to the job which you are applying now.
  • Next comes the education section for the people with work experience. Include the most recent education qualification like graduation/Masters and completely do away with lower grades. This will save you enough space. Take reference from internet for some it resume samples for experienced professionals, to understand how information are used and where.
  • When it comes to freshers, you can make use of any kind of work experience including the time spend in doing community service, part-time job, internship or even babysitting! Yes, here the skills and your capabilities counts instead of real professional experience.
  • It is not advisable to blindly copy online it resume examples. Take enough time to go through it and incorporate the format within your resume. Replace all the information with your own and see whether the new version matches your profile as well as the job posting you are applying to.
  • Similarly, if you are going for the resume format download, ensure that you modify it completely and personalise it as far as possible. Don’t give resume tracking software a chance to lose your impression. With this app, hiring managers will come to know whether you have put good efforts to write a resume or simply copy-pasted contents from somewhere. Be honest and reflect authenticity.
  • Include important achievements and awards, if possible. It will add value to your worth and help you sell better. It will reflect that you have calibre to shine.
  • If you feel that there is something lacking in your resume, then try to include additional information, like – Training Programmes, Certification, Software Skills, Other Professional Experiences or Licenses. Freshers can include a section for extracurricular activities as well. Check for information technology resume examples which will help you to give ideas on what you can include.
  • While it is mandatory for experienced professionals to mention the Hobbies and Interests’ section, it is good to include it if there is enough space left. This section will help the recruiter to know you on much closer terms and decide whether to hire you or not. However, it is better to do away with this portion if your resume is already of two pages.
  • You may be aware of a special software used by the recruiters known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is used to scan the keywords in a resume and check whether it matches with the company’s job posting. Hence, it is essential that one goes through the job posting, company’s profile and vacancy link to successfully incorporate those keywords mentioned in them. This will up your chances of attracting an interview call. Also, the ATS helps the hiring manager to check whether the candidate has copied from any sample resume format or written the resume on his own. That’s why it is very much important to modify one’s resume, even if they have downloaded it from somewhere or taken reference. Be honest and original – that way you can stand out from the reset of the candidates.
  • Pepper your skills with action verbs and phrases that prove your abilities. Specify with right and relevant examples.
  • Stay simple yet effective. Be creative but focused, by choosing a common template and easy-to-read fonts. Don’t confuse the reader by using too many colours or font sizes and styles. Give clear structure and keep consistent in formatting.
  • Always save your resume in a word document file as well as PDF file. The first one will allow you to regularly update your resume, while PDF will help to maintain the contents, format and structure consistent, no matter which medium has access to it. It should retain the original form in any device – computer, laptop, mobile and even after printing it out.
  • Don’t forget to reread your entire resume before sending it off to apply for jobs. Better still, ask someone to check and proofread it for you.

Hope this article has given you a fair idea about the entire resume writing process and you will now know how to write a simple resume. Alternatively, we have an exclusive team dedicated to content writing service and who will help you with any kind of professional document, of any profession for that matter. Do get in touch with us for the same…

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