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28th August 2018 By Bestwriter

While writing a resume by a student with no experience it a daunting task, it is more or less taxing for a candidate who has good number of work experiences. Amusingly there are several professionals who have strong qualification and employment history and yet they will be confused over how should work experience be listed on a resume.

If you want to have an edge over other candidates, then make sure your resume reflects your credentials loud and clear, at one glance. Here are some attractive ways through which you can grab the attention of a prospective employer.

  • Always make an impressive beginning. Focus on how you will start your resume and what kind of content you will put on top.
  • Don’t sound monotonous by copy-pasting work descriptions from some work experience resume template. You will easily put off the hiring manager. Pep up your job responsibilities in the experience section by choosing your own words.
  • Convey what kind of worker you are to the recruiters. For that you have to effectively woven in information by using action verbs and market yourself. For example, prove your worth by mentioning qualities that helped in achieving impressive results.
  • Which is more convincing?
  • Proven track record of bringing in positive changes within organisation by improving business and increasing customer base.


  • Increased profits from Rs.200,000 in 2014 to Rs.700,000 in 2016 and doubled customer base from 3000 to 8500.

Although both are conveying the same idea, the second option is more compelling and gives the hiring manager to measure his growth. However, if it is not feasible to reveal a company’s performance details, sort to alternative ways.

  • Don’t blindly follow any kind of work history resume example. Instead, take time to go through it, make notes and come up with your own personalised version.
  • List out all your accomplishment and put the most significant ones on top. Share the kinds of challenges you faced and how you tackled them.
  • Now many will be in a fix as to how to describe work experience on a resume. For them, an easy tip is to concentrate on sharing vital detail and avoid putting irrelevant information. You can lead the reader by stating the outcome of your work first rather than putting the problem and solution you gave. This will be more attractive than demonstrating bland sentence.
  • Be clear and give appropriate spacing. Don’t make the reader strain through your resume by cramming contents in small spaces or using a complex formatting style. Use bullet points to describe your skills and abilities. Highlight job titles. Give brief paragraph. In all, the entire resume should look professional. Take reference from a sample resume for experienced candidates and see how it has been framed, spaced and what contents have been used.
  • Show your worth. Sell yourself effectively by use of power words. A resume can either make or mar your chances of attracting a job interview, with its quality. So be careful in framing your content.
  • Your resume should focus on achievements that are directly related to your professional goals. Delete job responsibilities that do not match with your career objective.
  • Honesty is the best policy – goes the common adage. Stick to it while writing a resume for job. Don’t share fake work experiences or false details. Be truthful about your employment background and be accurate while sharing your information. Else, you will fall into embarrassing situation later.
  • Get some qualified person to review your resume before applying it for some job posting. Take extra time and read and recheck your resume thoroughly. See if you have missed any important fact, achievement or whether there is any kind of error in the resume. Check for format, structure, typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes.

We really hope this article has served your purpose. If any doubts or need further assistance in resume writing, then do get in touch with us. Never compromise on your career or professional goals. It is better to be safe than regretting. Hence it is essential to invest in right avenues to improve yourself and seek help…..

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