Resume writing tips for accountants

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17th September 2017 By Bestwriter

Resume writing tips for accountants

A tailored resume has the potential to take you to your professional goals. Accountants need highly specialized resumes amid a competitive job market. It is wise to seek assistance from the companies providing Resume writing services in Chennai and infuse vigour into your resume. Professionals differ in experience and abilities, so does the company in terms of background and needs. A good resume balances all these elements to present a palatable profile to the recruiters. We have been dealing with clients from different parts of Chennai over the last decade. It is important to note the individuality of these candidates while crafting the resume. Before you entrust a company to develop your resume, check out a sample of resume for accountant in word format. Make sure that it is crafted as per these guidelines.

Accounting summary statement

The accounting resume skills summary presents your skills in a capsulated format. You need to captivate the attention of the recruiter in a few seconds. As he scans through the summary, he should be able to realize your potential. A strong summary statement ensures that he will proceed to the subsequent sentences and grow interest in your profile. We stress on this summary as it creates a positive stimulation in the mind of the employer. You can check out an accountant resume sample doc file to learn how these statements are crafted. A few crispy lines can leverage your career when you apply for an accounting job in Chennai.


Focus on technical skills

Today, speed and accuracy are two prime parameters of success in any industry. The experts providing Resume writing services in Chennai focus on your technical skills when they build the resume for you. A separate section is dedicated for these skills. You should specify the software you can operate and other technical details relevant to your profession. We recommend our clients to mention their certifications for special courses in their resumes. Companies hunt for candidates having advanced technical knowledge. You can make your way through the clutter of competition when you have the necessary technical skills. Follow the accounting resume samples to get a more comprehensive concept on technical skills.


Use SEO friendly job titles

While dealing with the accounting resume skills list, an experienced company focuses on SEO friendly job titles. This helps recruiters to map your profile. Companies search for potential accounting candidates in the online job portals. You can increase your exposure by using your job titles as keywords. It is necessary to seek expert help when you craft a resume, as they are well-versed with the optimization mechanism. Our clients have been immensely benefitted due to these strategies.


Use powerful action verbs

While crafting resumes for specific industries, we incorporate strong verbs that indicate actions. Words like ‘audited’, ‘developed’, ‘optimized’, ‘compiled’, ‘analysed’, ‘negotiated’, ‘researched’ and ‘calculated’ empower your resume as it creates a strong sense of agility in your profile. These words are to be strategically integrated in a resume. You can check out a senior accountant resume sample and study the use of verbs. When you apply for the job of an accountant in Chennai, it is important to use these words to magnify your profile.

Writing job experience

The job experience has to be placed in such a manner that the recruiter can realise how you are going to be beneficial to his organization. Instead of going for large chunks of data in paragraph format, use small sentences along with bullet points. Specify your job role in your previous company. Mention the responsibilities you carried out and how it leveraged the organization. Use statistical data and numbers to enable easy comparison and create an impressive profile. In case you need further information, you can check out an accountant resume sample pdf or simply contact us.


Be diplomatic

We have assisted several candidates in Chennai to get across to their goals by incorporating career information diplomatically. You need to explain how you can solve problematic conditions or act in tricky situations. The diplomatic approach of the leading resume developing companies can help you to disseminate these skills to your recruiter. Use sophisticated words and professional language to build your image. Even if you lack experience, the experts can help you cruise to your goal. Check out a junior accountant resume sample to study the approach.


A well-crafted resume is the most powerful weapon for an employee. A large section of the employees reaches out to the professional resume developers. You can have a consultation with us when you plan to craft your resume.


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