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22nd September 2017 By Bestwriter

If you have made up your mind to be a chef, the very first hurdle comes in the form of competition. An impactful and tailored resume can help you get employed in a reputed organization. Irrespective of experience, chefs approach the companies providing Resume writing services in Mumbai to streamline their profiles. Whenever you think of working for any reputed restaurant, hotel, resort or other organization, your resume speaks for your calibre. Well, you need to make the right choice of resume writing company. Check out a chef resume sample pdf from the experts before proceeding with the deal. A crispy resume can pave your way to the dream job you aspire for. Over the years, we have crafted the future of several chefs who are now working with nationally recognized organizations. Based on our accumulated experience, we recommend a few guidelines for you to follow.


In case of a chef resume, it is important to showcase your certifications. If you have already bagged your certificates in culinary arts, make sure you place them right at the top. The companies providing Resume writing services in Mumbai design the resumes to highlight the skills of the candidate. Depending on the level of experience, they decide whether to go for a chronological resume or a functional resume. We often suggest our clients to go for the hybrid pattern, where they can show their achievements at the beginning. It creates a positive first impression in the mind of your recruiter.

Professional experience

If you possess experience in the art of cooking, you can apply for the post of a head chef. The experts will format your resume accordingly. In this case, the head chef resume should contain the number of employees you have managed in the earlier organizations, responsibilities you can tackle, hygienic principles that you follow and other professional merits. You can use statistical details here, pointing out how you created a difference for your previous recruiter.


We tailor the resumes as per the needs of our clients. When we craft an executive chef resume, we analyse the background, aesthetic values and requirements of the hiring company. Based on these, we recommend certain specific skills to be incorporated into the resume. You may check out a chef resume template to get a clearer idea about our approach. It is based on the needs of the company than the skills of the chef. Well, you may have a lot of skills, but when you develop a resume, you should integrate only the relevant ones. We often incorporate the chef resume skills in the form of keywords. This helps to optimize your resume for better visibility.

Use figures and statistics

An effective way to create an impact is to use figures and statistics in your resume. Use statistical details that enable the employer to gauge your performance. You can mention the percentage by which you increased the productivity of the previous resort, or how much you contributed to increase the performance of your juniors. Most of our clients requiring a resume for chef cook are happy with their present positions. A powerful resume should also include small details like how much costs you saved, the level of client retention and related information.

Other skills

After placing the key skills, you should complement them with other skills, like planning for events and catering, managing inventory, budget administration and related skills. A good resume covers the soft skills diplomatically, stimulating the impression of the recruiter. Apart from these, you should also highlight on sanitation, developing the menu for specific customer groups, maintaining vendor relations and evaluating the performances of the entire team. The experts from leading resume developing companies in Mumbai craft all types of resumes, including commis chef resume, resume for freshers and those for master chefs.

Focus on presentation

The format and design of your resume should look inviting. A well-planned resume not only justifies your relevance to the job, but also enables the employer to absorb the information lucidly.  It is recommended to check out a few line cook resume examples and ensure that the experts offer optimum visual pleasure through their presentations.

For further information, feel free to contact us. We have several happy clients, working in reputed ranks in the culinary industry. A flawless resume drives your career to greater destinies.


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