5 Ways to Start Your Resume With a Bang

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26th February 2017 By Bestwriter

Want to start your resume with bang like a winner? Try these 4 ways;

We are sure that you are familiar with the advice …

your resume only gets around below 20 seconds to impress”. If you take any of the top 10 resume writing services in India, most of them would surely feature the similar idea, as well.

And, that your resume must have an extremely catchy, impressive and spot-on introduction to grab the attention of the recruiter like a crab—well, you know what we mean.

The advice cannot get better and more truthful than this; employers devote serious effort to screen a few outstanding ones from a horde of resumes and they only give a few seconds’ attention to an individual CV to screen it.

Hence, standing apart from the rest is essential for your success.

But have you ever thought how you do that?

We, one of the most preferred and cheap professional resume writing services in India, have some good news for you regarding this.

We have understood from years of our experience and interactions with many other affordable resume writing services in India that it is not that difficult as it has been made to sound and feel.

Here are 5 important ways and means you can start crafting your resume to make is pass the preliminary stage and grab the attention of the one reading it.

It is time for you to be your own self—

Does that confuse you? Well, it should and let me explain.

If you are thinking why we have said so, let us start with the routine of a typical job-hunter trying to write a resume—he/she searches online, finds a few websites—like ours, may be—finds a few samples that he/she thinks are good. Then based on the samples he/she has found, a resume is created.

If you are a person doing this; stop it now.

While it is great to get inspirations online, there is an important aspect to keep in mind. All those CVS you get online are created for a single individual—someone who is NOT you whether you are from Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai or anywhere else.

So, all those unique set of strengths, the value propositions, gravitas and personality traits are foreign for you.

The best way to sound unique, confident and stand out from the rest of the pack is to stop becoming someone you are not. Instead, you are an incredibly talented, amazing person.

Now, start your resume talking about the things that make you an exceptional individual and person. If you find this is hard—it should be, to begin with—think about the various feedbacks you have received from a your previous employers, what made you successful and pursue the career, in the first place.

Well, that does sound exceptionally unique to us—and, with most recruiters, too.

It is crucial that you focus on the value you can bring to the company—

Many a time when you hire the support of the affordable resume writing services in India or write a resume all by yourself, it is imperative that you focus on the value you can bring to the company. Often, it is not enough to say that you are unique, but you have to show how and why you are unique too.

For a normal person this can be difficult to comprehend, but for someone who has been in association with some of the cheap resume writing services in India can definitely understand this.

There are ways you present your unique by listing them across a few bullet lines but do you they often fail to represent the bigger picture.

For example;

If you are applying for a role of the online advertisement campaign manager, normally you would go on writing;

  • I have 8 years of combined experience in managing campaigns
  • I have worked with “ABC” for their online promotion
  • I have carried out several campaign projects over the course of 8 years.

These will make you a better candidate; but where is the value you can bring for the organization?

Instead, consider the following;

“I have managed several online campaigns and helped the organization run effective and efficient campaigns that helped to maximize the return-on-investment and boost the online image and lead generation to the extent possible”.

By simply highlighting what you can bring to the company can make a lot of difference.

Start with a testimonial and break the rule—

We will go back to the first point, why do hiring managers make such fuss over hiring?

They are simply risk averse. They need to make sure that, the people they hire are the best folks, exceptionally suited for the role in offer.

Isn’t that all we need, too—the right job where we can excel making an excellent and successful career?

So we must help them as well.

If you have an authentic testimonial from someone really important, you can always start with that on your resume. This is like providing a strong evidence to prove that you are indeed the best and someone has said it so previously.

It would be better to use a testimonial from LinkedIn or from your previous performance appraisal documents or so. Make the same all the more genuine and appeal by providing the name of the one who gave the testimonial as well.

Embrace the meaning of the old adage ‘show don’t tell’—

The ‘show don’t tell’ adage that forms one of the fundamental elements of creative writing can work well for anyone looking to get an excellent yet affordable resume writing service. Showing is more powerful and an emotionally intelligent way to express how incredible showing is.

Of course, you have to use it intelligently while crafting a resume that you need to get you the job in offer.

In a resume, it goes like this when you ‘tell’;

“I am an exceptionally incredible leader who can lead a team to constant success.”

Well, anyone from any metro city of India such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai or anywhere else can say it.

But, when you want to ‘show’ the same in your resume, you go like this;

“I have led a team of internet marketing for four years and the team was able to maximize the ROI by 45% with an effective sales improvement of over 58%”.

Need we say anything more?

We are sure that with these inputs you are sure to have a new understanding about resume writing and the approach you are going to adopt while writing one.

The industry is considered to be led by a few unwritten norms or rule. However, the only rule to have according to us is to have any at all.

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