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22nd July 2018 By Bestwriter

Like the phrase that goes “fit like a glove”, one should craft their resume so that it fits them very well and sums up their personality aptly. There are many aspects within a resume that may differ from one profession to other, but still the key ingredients remain the same. While one can play around the style, format and content, the emphasis should fall on the skills, depending on what kind of job one is applying for. Here, for example, when we are focusing on resume for bank job, one needs to highlight their mathematical and interpersonal skills as well as other vital details.

General Tips of Resume Writing

Before starting to write a resume, one must first understand what they want, what are their objectives, what kind of industry type they fall in, assess what the market demands, find out the important keywords in a job posting and chalk out all their important skills, achievements and abilities – so that nothing will be missed once the resume writing process begins.

Also, it is better to do a thorough research and browse through various online resources or refer to hard copies of resume collected from your friends, colleagues or seniors. All these will help to write a good version of resume.

On the other hand, if you are taking notes from resume format examples, then please be careful so as to not to copy anything. It is always best to write a resume of your own or completely modify the content to give a personalised outlook. Reason being that, these days there are resume tracking software that can easily tell recruiters whether your resume is original or copied. Also, it can give them a false impression that you have not put enough efforts to develop a resume on your own. For instance, you can download resume format for bank job in word file and then sit down to edit it thoroughly by including your own skills and abilities and adding your touch of style and format. As the employment market is flooded with thousands of resumes, it is necessary to be unique and present something that will make you stand distinct from the other candidates.

Make sure your resume has these following information:

  • Name
  • Contact Details (Email Id and phone number)
  • Objective/Summary
  • Work Experience (Most recent job on top, followed by reverse chronological order of other jobs)
  • Skills
  • Other Achievements
  • Education
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Personal Details (Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Age, Address Languages Known)
  • Self-Declaration Note

The above information are commonly given by those with good amount of experience. However, the freshers or people with no experience can opt for putting the education section on top (after objective) and highlight skills by elaborating in effective manner using right keywords.

It is not mandatory to give out details regarding ‘References’ while resume writing. Instead, one can put a note like “will provide on request’.

Highlight important details by using bold fonts, bullet points and headlines appropriately. Stick to 1-2 font style and maintain a consistent font size. Don’t use too much colours as well. It is better to be safe by choosing simple resume format rather than using flowery or over-the-top structure which might confuse the reader.

Whatever you write, ensure that everything is clear, specific, concise…and most importantly ACCURATE and HONEST. Avoid getting into embarrassing situations by including false information during interview time.

Another essential thing is that – NEVER submit or send off incomplete or resume that carry mistakes. Else, you will ruin your chances of attracting an interview or making a good impression in front of a prospective employer. Please check everything beforehand – read and reread, proofread and see if there are any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, poor structure, etc.

Now that you have gone through the basic guidelines of resume writing, let’s move on to the main topic of how to write resume for bank job.

  • Concentrate on your objective. It is very important to make the ‘first impression the best impression’. So write a compelling summary by including your skills and experiences in the beginning. Take reference from online about sample resume for banking sector, to get clear idea.
  • Be specific and don’t sound generic. Like, it sounds good to say ‘managing different types of accounts for over fifty customer base and maintain transactions records’, instead of giving random, common phrases. Try to give more action verb phrases. On the other hand, the career objective for resume for fresher in banking sector needs to emphasis more on the education and achievements since he/she wouldn’t have any work experience to show.
  • Unless who don’t have many number of experience, it is fine to include high school education. Else it is better to stick to mentioning degrees alone. Also, when it comes to sharing work experience it is not necessary to include all the jobs you did so far, instead, mention only those which are relevant to the job position you are applying for. To get a fair picture, try to compare a sample resume for bank jobs with no experience with that of experienced candidate. Again, it is best to use action verbs like developed, designed and supervised, rather than putting achieved, obtained and accomplished which doesn’t convey your skills properly.
  • List out all the relevant skills suitable for banking sector. Specify both hard and soft skills. Such as, mention computing abilities (which are hard skills) as well as communication abilities (soft skills).
  • Understand your criteria and what kind of job you are looking for. It is essential to tailor your resume according to the job you are applying for. Meaning, the resume format for bank job varies from one position to another. For example, the bank teller’s job is different from investment banker. While a bank teller has to showcase his mathematical skills and social abilities, investment banker needs to highlight strong educational background and demonstrate qualities of commitment and diligence via work experience. So it is important to develop content to match the job posting.
  • When it comes to creating a cv for bank job, one needs to reflect that they have keen eye for detail. It is better to opt for safest format rather than going overboard or making mistake by using glossy layout. Keep a tab on the length – not more than two pages.

We hope this article has been useful for you and believe that you will be able to come up with a good resume of your own. If at all you have any doubts regarding bank resume then feel free to contact us.

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