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In order to achieve one’s dream job, it is very important to pen down an effective cabin crew resume. It is a crucial process, although it is little bit daunting. One needs to spend considerable time polishing it. Keep in mind that, hiring managers will not spend more than 25 secs to scan one resume. Think wisely how you can make an impact within those few seconds….

Is the resume looking impressive enough? Have you carried all your important and relevant information in it? There will be n-number of applicants in the line – have you crafted your resume in such a way that it makes you stand out from the rest? Keep reading further to know about how to write resume for cabin crew….

General guidelines on writing a resume for cabin crew:

  • Keep it simple and short. Try to limit your resume to one page or maximum to two pages and not more than that. Remember you have only few seconds to market yourself. So write effectively and include only those information which is related to your job posting. Make the right impression from the beginning itself. Give an eye-catchy sentence that will impress the recruiter immediately.
  • If you are stuck on how to make resume for cabin crew freshers, then don’t worry! You can always rely on your qualifications, skills and achievements as well. On stress on the fact that, your resume looks professional towards the end.
  • Avoid putting Resume or Curriculum Vitae on top of the document. Well, obviously every recruiter will know that. The only thing that you should highlight in the top portion of your resume is your name. It’s waste of time and efforts to add flowery elements beside your name and contact details like airplane symbols or fancy characters. Kindly avoid them.
  • Come up with an impressive summary in the cabin crew resume objective In fact, altogether ditch the usual, old practice of putting headline like ‘Objective’. Instead, make a head start directly by writing out a brief summary that is not more than four sentences. Outline your qualities and skills and show your worth to the recruiters.
  • It is best to avoid the section, Bio-data or personal details. While it takes good amount of space, you can easily put across such details (like age, languages or achievements) by weaving them effectively within your summary or under the Name section.
  • Follow up your Summary section with the employment history. Mention only those job experiences which are directly related to the hospitality industry and customer service. Along with the job titles, give a brief descriptions about some responsibilities you undertook. If you do not have any work experience, then take support from your extracurricular activities, part-time job or internships (if any), personal skills and achievements. Generally in the cabin crew resume with no experience, one can cleverly mention how they have proved their calibre in engaging in varied activities and developed their personality and skills by participating in cultural events or training programs.
  • Write to the point when it comes to listing your educational background. Don’t give elaborate space to the education section. Keep the most recent qualification on top. It is fine if you avoid mentioning your high school if you are a graduate.
  • If you have put work experience section then it is redundant to put a separate section for skills. Since you are in aviation profession, you don’t need to follow resume rules generally used by office goers. And also, better to avoid highlighting that you are well-versed in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint!
  • It is not necessary to mention about References, if you are applying the cabin crew resume via online. Thereby giving you extra space. Viola! Make use of this space by giving additional work experience, achievements and honours, if any. These will only increase your chances of attracting a job interview.
  • Let’s recollect the important points by putting together vital information that has to go in your resume:
  • Full Name
  • Contact Details like email address and phone number
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education (*if you are writing cv for cabin crew freshers then it is advisable to put Education after Summary section)
  • Achievements
  • Awards

Different airline companies have varied specifications and requirements, expected from the applicants. Make sure you read your job posting thoroughly and modify your resume to suit the prospective employer’s needs. For example, if you come across emirates cabin crew cv sample it will be more or less different from that of Air India applicant. The former will be more sophisticated than the latter one.

Also remember along with your cabin crew resume cover letter must be attached as well. This brings in to create better impression on the recruiters.

After going through the article, we are sure you would have opened the skies of creativity and given wings to your writing skills to write a good resume for cabin crew job!! All the best and fly high by achieving all your career dreams.

If you have any queries or need assistance on resume writing, then we are ever available to help you! Feel free to get in touch with us!

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