Write SOP for MBA

SOP for MBA or Statement of Purpose for MBA is your gateway to the best college or institute that will set you on the right path towards the realization of your career. Most universities ask for an SOP—no matter if you are trying to write an SOP for MBA, SOP for M.Sc., SOP for PhD or SOP for Arts ,Statement of purpose for MBA with engineering background,

Now, how can you go about it? Are you going to download all the samples of Statement of purpose for MBA and try to create one on the basis of what you see?

Or would you rather prefer seeking help from a professional SOP writer who knows how to write an SOP for MBA?

It’s always better to hire an expert SOP writer for MBA because of obvious reasons.

Over the years, we have written thousands of SOPs for MBA thus helping students from across the world to secure admission in most desired MBA schools.

Apart from addressing the general requirements of an SOP, two specific elements must be considered while writing an SOP for MBA:

  • the role of SOP in getting admission
  • the role of MBA in setting your career up

Why are you doing MBA?

This is the most important question that you must try to answer throughout the SOP for MBA you are writing. No matter if you are trying to write an MBA statement of purpose after;

  • Commerce
  • Tech or Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering or IT
  • Or even after a few years of professional experience

How are you going to address this singular most important question? Have you thought about it yet? Does the sample SOP for MBA you have with you tell you that?

Well, fret not if you haven’t thought about any of it. We are here to help!

Let us tell you how!

In all honesty, no one pursues any course just for the sake of gaining knowledge. Even if one wants to acquire knowledge, he/she must have a goal for it. That’s what we must incorporate into the SOP for MBA here.

By the virtue of being the mother of all management courses, MBA is one of the most sought-after and preferred master’s programs in the whole world. Irrespective of the candidate’s academic background, many of them still prefer to do an MBA due to its career prospects. As such, we have written numerous SOPs for MBA for students with engineering background in civil, electrical and mechanical departments.

Pursuing MBA would help you;

  • Endow yourself with impeccable managerial skills
  • Create an exceptional professional profile
  • Improve your employment prospects
  • Become an entrepreneur if you wish to
  • Open the door of limitless career opportunities

Is an SOP for MBA really important?

A Statement of Purpose is the only opportunity you have to convince the admission committee that you are really worthy of the admission.

An SOP helps the candidate;

  • Explain why he/she fits the course better than someone else
  • Tell the admission committee why he/she chose to pursue the particular course
  • Show that he/she has done the homework and is serious about the admission
  • Disclose why she/he has chosen a particular country and a university
  • Explain how he/she thinks the course will benefit him/her

When an admission committee looks at a statement of purpose for MBA, or any other course for that matter, they want to know the candidate in ways more than just his/her academic transcripts.  They might present their CV and academic certificates along with the admission application.

Want us to write for you?

Let us know how our skills to play with words can be of your help. It would be our pleasure to help.

    However, it does not show the admission committee;

    • who the candidate really is
    • what the aspirations of the student are
    • why the student wants to study MBA
    • and how the candidate is going to take advantage of the course etc.

    These questions will help universities and admission committees decide whether the candidate is really worthy of admission and can bring value to the university, or not.

    Is it expensive?

    We have had many students asking us this question when they come to us wanting an SOP for MBA.

    We often say that a candidate’s career most of times depends on the SOP. No, it is not overreaching or overstating. It is simply a fast.

    SOPs often become the deciding element of your admission and a mediocre one can leave at the short end of the stick.  So it is important that you consider the value and importance of a Statement of Purpose Letter before thinking about the expense.

    Most of the MBAs in a good university abroad will certainly cost you more than INR 25 lakhs at the least. SOPs are available between INR 1000 to 2500 in the market as of now.

    You do the math.

    So if you are paying at the upper spectrum of the cost, you will still be only paying 0.1% of the total expense of your college. If you are paying 1000, its only 0.04% of the total course funding.

    So, you consider the role of this document in your admission and the cost; and you decide for yourself if writing an SOP for MBA admission is indeed expensive.

    How can we help you write an SOP?

    Since SOP is going to decide the fate of your admission, it must be done by someone who knows the business. We have been in the business for almost a decade now and we know how each Statement of Purpose Letter must look like.

    We have written hundreds of SOPs for MBA now that helped our clients get admission to their preferred universities across the world.

    It is not just different countries that we have written Statement of Purposes for. We have crafted;

    • SOP for MBA in finance
    • MBA SOP for IIT Delhi
    • SOP for Executive MBA
    • SOP for MBA in BITS Pilani
    • SOP for MBA in Sports Management
    • SOP for MBA in International Management
    • SOP for MBA for Fresh graduates, professionals and students
    • SOP for MBA in Operations, HR and Marketing
    • SOP for MBA in Entrepreneurship
    • MBA SOP for IT Professional
    • SOP for MBA in Harvard
    • SOP for MBA in NMIMS
    • SOP for MBA in IT
    • Statement of purpose for mba with work experience
    • Statement of purpose for mba with engineering background

    While these are the most popular SOPs for MBA we have written, we have helped students seeking SOPs for MBA internships as well. The extensive experience in writing such diverse SOPs for MBA has helped us create some of the best Statement of Purposes for MBA in the market.

    Want us to write for you?

    Let us know how our skills to play with words can be of your help. It would be our pleasure to help.

      How an SOP for MBA we write looks like?

      While there may be diverse sets of structures for an SOP, we have an outline we like to follow. Though the progress of the statement may change as per the need and the requirements of the students, the fundamental ideas that we want to share of the student through the SOP for MBA remain the same.

      We follow the below-given structure which has worked out pretty well for all our clients who want to do get an SOP for MBA from diverse backgrounds as B. Tech or Engineering, B. Sc., B.A., and B.B.A along with many others.

      Take a look;

      An exciting introduction: An introduction is what sets the mood of an SOP. It introduces the admission committee to the thought process of the student. While writing an SOP for MBA, or any other course, we have two approaches;

      1. the course setting introduction
      2. the personal exposure introduction

      Look what we have done here:

      “Hailing from a family that has years of entrepreneurial legacy, I have always been inclined to become one. I always wanted to learn the tricks of doing business in the technology-driven world and become an excellent management professional. During my commerce undergraduate program, I was able to get professional exposure in various subjects as business management, accounting, organization behavior and human resource management.”

      This was written for a candidate who is looking to get admission to MBA after B.Com. The SOP starts right off from an element fundamentally related to the course. It then progresses to tell how it helped her develop the desire to pursue the course.

      I am an individual who always understood life as the result of continuous learning and meeting challenges. I have always looked at challenges with a different perspective and uncompromised compromise. It has often helped me excel at my duties and endeavours.

      However, the introduction takes an entirely different approach which focuses on the personal traits and qualities of the person that would not otherwise be touched upon at the Statement of Purpose. The introduction tells the admission committee what the nature of the person is and how it has helped him shape his character in future.

      While either of the approaches can be beneficial to the student, the way it lands with the audience and impresses them depends on how well it is structured. As such, it is important that the introduction is written by a professional SOP writer for MBA who knows what they are doing.

      Talk About Your Academic Experience

      The next step would obviously be your academic experience so far. You don’t have to give complete picture of how you were in the school; what you learned and the scores you secure. However, it is always incredibly valuable to the admission committee to know how you were as a student since that’s what you will be when you get admission. While it is not at all necessary, you may as well share your scores.

      Look what we have done for Ms. Ankita who was looking to get an SOP for MBA in Entrepreneurship.

      “I have always been a dutiful student. My father always emphasized on the importance of education as not just a means to become literate but also as a path to become more civilized. As such, I always carried out my academic obligation from time to time. I have never restrained my knowledge to the textbooks but looked for diverse sources to understand the pragmatic scope of the subjects I learned.”

      We took clues from the student’s resume and created a unique case for her academic experience. Without delving directly into the higher education, we made a strong foundation for the student’s academic experience. The student states that she understands the fundamental goal of education by explicating upon its importance to develop a person.

      By saying that it is a perspective shared by her father, it gives a subtle node on the open-mindedness of the family. It also states that the student looks for more avenues to educate herself which is indeed a good quality that can impress the committee.

      You will certainly do well if you follow the same while crafting an SOP especially for your MBA admission application. Since MBA is suitable for people who are pragmatic, letting the admission committee know that you look for new pastures to learn can make quite the difference.

      Tell Them Why You Are Doing the Course

      Like we have discussed earlier, one of the most important aspects of your SOP for MBA is the motivation for doing the same. This is indeed the highlight of your SOP for MBA and the reason why you are writing it in the first place.

      The motivation is in fact what will decide the fate of your application. As such, it is only befitting that you give your best shot at it.

      Let us take an example of an SOP for MBA for a professional with work experience.

      Take a look at how the motivation has been drafted;

      “After the undergraduate program in business management, it was only natural that I was hired as a Management Trainee by a management consultancy company. Though I was able to perform well and really slip into my role effectively, I understood that I had too much to learn to become the management professional I aspire to become. I was able to understand the challenges of a manager’s role; the responsibilities and accountabilities and how a manager must conduct himself/herself in such a taxing and dynamic business set up. I have observed managers making important decision, solving conflicts, carrying out negotiations and managing people. I also found that they were very people-centric and possessed excellent communication and interpersonal skills that made them excellent communicators and easy to communicate to.  I also understood that my academic experience wasn’t enough and that I would not be able to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities the industry offered to a professional like me as I simply lacked focused academic exposure in management studies. Having realized that I needed to train myself better, I chose to pursue MBA from Dublin Business School.”

      If you look at the motivation, you see that it is well founded for the student to do the MBA. It shows that the student understands what the role of a management professional must be and the skills they need to have to become exceptional managers. We then emphasized that the student realized that there were so many opportunities to take advantage of and she lacked the skills and competence to leverage them. This is used as a strong case for motivation which anyone can relate to and identify with. This also sheds light on the emphasis on the student’s willingness to learn her shortcoming and work towards addressing them. If you consider, leaving a job to study is indeed a risk but ultimately this makes the student a person who is ready to take a calculated risk which will change the current status quo for a better tomorrow. This is in fact a quality expected of many managers and entrepreneurs.

      As you have read, you can see that we have not started stating that the student had always wanted to become a management professional. That’s not really convincing unless there is a strong case for it. The motivation here is much more earned during her professional stint making it all the stronger and valuable.

      While this wasn’t in the picture when the student communicated her need for an SOP for MBA after a few years’ work experience; we came up with this idea brainstorming. It did the trick as it also explained why the student was leaving a job for higher studies. If you don’t have a motivation that is not convincing enough, let us help you come up with one.

      Explain Why You Chose a Certain Country and University

      There are several countries in the world and not all of them are preferred by students to do MBA. No matter where you are seeking admission to for your MBA, we have got it covered as we have written;

      • SOP for MBA in the US
      • SOP for MBA in the UK
      • SOP for MBA Colleges in India
      • SOP for MBA Colleges in France and Germany
      • SOP for MBA in Singapore and Thailand
      • SOP for MBA in Australia
      • SOP for MBA in Ireland
      • SOP for MBA in Canada

      However, a student chooses a certain country and a particular university to do the course. This has to be explained well so that the admission committee understands your reasons. Most of the times, there may not be many concrete reasons other than your consultant saying a few reasons why a particular country and/or university are better than the rest.

      In some cases, though, the student makes a well-thought decision regarding the same.

      Either way, you need to be convincing and have enough reasons explaining your reason to choose a certain country and a particular university to do the course.

      Want us to write for you?

      Let us know how our skills to play with words can be of your help. It would be our pleasure to help.

        Here we bring an excerpt from an SOP for MBA after Mechanical Engineering we have written quite a few months ago. You can see how the same is phrased intelligently.

        The country in focus is the UK and the university is the University of Exeter.

        “As one of the preferred and exceptional academic destination for management courses, the UK has always been the priority ever since I sought to do MBA from a foreign country. Since it offered plenty of realistic learning opportunities and international exposure, I understood that it justifies the most important goal of doing MBA in the UK—gain global exposure and insights. The continuous investment of the UK government in education sector comes as a great perk for aspiring foreign students. However, choosing the most suitable university was indeed tougher than choosing country. Since most MBA schools in UK match each other well, it wasn’t easy at all. However, the global networking opportunities and the shrewd learning experience did the trick for me. I was also convinced by the focused curriculum of the course and the experiential learning methods such as group discussions, seminars, projects, debates and internships which helped me make the final decision. I have also learned about the collaborative academic setting of the university from the experiences of the students from various social media handles of the university and other online academic forums. Further, the veteran staffs and all-embracing infrastructural capabilities will guarantee that I have every opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally.”

        Now, if you look at the paragraph above, it is pretty detailed and convincing why the student chose the UK and the University of Exeter. The paragraph starts with the reason as to why the student chose to study in a foreign country and effectively connect the same to her choosing the UK for the same reason. This is really convincing to read. She also mentions the contribution of the government stating that she is aware of the emphasis the government bestows upon the education sector to show that she understands what’s happening in the sector. The focus now shifts to the university. It acknowledges that the process wasn’t easy since most of the universities are excellent in their own right. But she then explains the reasons why the choice is made giving reasons that are pretty convincing for her and indirectly shows that she has done her homework. It is also said that she learned about the academic capabilities of the universities and what the academic experience is like from the social medial handles of the university which is also convincing.

        This paragraph is written by us after thorough research on the university and the university.

        This is just one of the SOP for MBA samples we have written. We have plenty of SOPs for MBA written over the years with such techniques implemented to explicate why a student chose a particular university and country.

        Tell Them about Your Future Aspirations

        This is the concluding part of the SOP. You have created a strong case for your SOP throughout the document and now it is the culmination. You need to explain how the course will help you and what your plans are.

        Here is an example from an SOP for MBA with engineering background;

        Written for a student wanting to become an entrepreneur, the Statement of Purpose intelligently sums up everything in the last paragraph. Foreign countries want to know if the student will go back to their home country after the course, and the first sentence here addresses this issue. The next sentence demonstrates that the student is well aware of the financial condition of the home country and how the employment opportunities fare there. It is underlined by the following sentence which lists some of the leading companies in the country in diverse industry sectors. The student then shows the short term goal and the long-term goals. Both these goals have clear reasons behind them showing that the student has worked the same well.

        “At the end of the course, I would be returning to India and join the ranks of a leading company. Since India is one of the fastest-growing trillion-dollar economies of the world, opportunities for a professional like me are aplenty. With numerous companies as HUL, ITC, Tata, Airtel, Jio, Reliance, Mahindra, Flipkart, L&T, Aditya Birla, Maruti Suzuki and Infosys along with many others, Indian employment market is ripe for a professional like me. I would like to gain industry exposure during the first few years in the short-term. In the long-term, after gaining practical exposure in the field, I would like to incept a management consultancy company of my own and offer management solutions to medium and small scale industries of the country at affordable rates.”

        With short and long-term goals in place, we have made the student already in control of the future. Most universities accept students who have clear aspirations for the future and the same is well-evident here. We have also went a step further and explained that the student wants to become an entrepreneur and what she wants to do becoming an entrepreneur. It goes on to show that she does not just aim to make money but wants to help those who cannot use various management techniques simply because they lack the support. This is written so that it shows the social commitment of the student and responsibility towards the society.

        Now that you have seen how we frame your SOP for MBA, let us show why we are the best to help you write the perfect SOP for MBA no matter what your academic background is;

        Why Are We the Best in the Industry in India?

        The following unique traits help us become the best in the industry;

        • We have years of experience in the field writing SOPs for numerous universities, courses and students
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        • Our customer service is 24×7, and is professional and friendly

        Hire Our Professional Writers for Your MBA SOP

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        Apart from the aforementioned qualities, we ensure that each SOP we write is;

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        Apart from the aforementioned qualities, we ensure that each SOP we write is;

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