SOP sample for Masters in Applied Microbiology

SOP for Masters in Applied Microbiology

Statement of purpose sample for Masters in Applied Microbiology

Masters in applied Microbiology would serve as the stepping stone for materialization of my aspiration to be a discerning scientist. Equipped with a Bachelors in Microbiology from Malankara Catholic College, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, my ambition is to pursue Masters from a renowned International University so that may academic accomplishments would be accorded due credibility.

I am happily married with my husband rendering his services in the capacity of a network engineer in InfoTech at Maldives. Our only daughter is presently studying in kindergarten. With a happy family to back me, I now wish to reinvent my affinity for microbiology.

After completing my higher secondary, I opted for a job as laboratory assistant in Indian Tropical Agro Products Pvt Ltd’ s (ITAP) microbiology and quality control  department.  Personal reasons compelled me to take up this job after undergoing six months training. As an assistant of food microbiologist, I came to experience the myriad attractions of this field from very close quarters. My job profile stipulated me to isolate microorganisms present in edible items so as to prevent food borne diseases. As days went by, I gradually became enamoured with microbiology considering the scope of research present in this domain.   Further, research in food poisoning and preservation is a lucrative proposition keeping in perspective the market demand career growth opportunities present. The stint at lab had been quite insightful with me consolidating the grip on concepts like media preparation and plating techniques. ITAP incidentally is one of the leading exporters of gherkins, onion, babycorn and other canned products. Prior to enrolling in my Bachelors course, I had kept myself professionally engaged at ITAP from 2009 to 2013.

My graduation years offered me rich exposure to the fundamentals as well as practical aspects of microbiology.  During practical sessions, I fully availed of the opportunity to analyse and monitor microbial cultures and samples and also conduct clinical trials. Participation in seminars and international conferences during college life piqued my interest further. I had actively participated in extracurricular activities like essay writing, painting and cultural festivals to keep my social facet from drying up. After graduating out, I was sufficiently empowered with contemporary knowledge in microbiology and my aversion to science during school life was completely washed away by the overwhelming knowledge garnered at college.

With passion for microbiology thoroughly kindled in me, I now seek expansion for my confidence, aptitude and talent through a higher degree. Agricultural microbiology ,clinical microbiology, food  microbiology, genetics, marine microbiology and their applications as taught in college now have a new fascination for me and I wish to take my learning to the next level. I love to research and disseminate knowledge and during college years orated on phylloplane association with animals, Leprosy and its diagnosis and preservatives used in foods.

The decision to opt for University of Tasmania for my Masters is purely dictated by the unstained renown this pristine institute enjoys internationally. The faculty is highly erudite as I have been informed by my professors in college. I have also been referred some research articles on microbiology published by the Tasmanian professors and I was awestruck by the depth of research undertaken. The university lays emphasis on imbibing skills through pragmatic learning. Further, the opportunity to interact with some of the most illumined learners from across the world on the campus comes once in a lifetime. Tasmanian weather suits me and the international student support wing of the University does a stellar job in acclimatizing students to the prevailing culture.  After completing my Masters, I aspire to do Ph.D and then work as scientific research expert in any top notch institute.

SOP for Masters in Applied Microbiology

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