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SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal

The Detailed Blog & Sample For 2024

Did your Canada study visa application got rejected? 

Don’t worry. You have got an option to reapply for the same. 

Writing an SOP for Canada Study Visa after refusal is a tedious task but reading this blog will help you craft a winning SOP for a Canada study visa if your previous application has got rejected. 


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sop for canada study visa after refusal

SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal

sop for Canada study visa

What are the Reasons for Rejecting your SOP for Canada Student Visa Application - A detailed Review

statement of purpose for Canada study visa after refusal

How to write a Winning Sop For Canada Student Visa After refusal in 2024

sop for Canada study visa image

SOP samples for Canada study visa after refusal

sop for canada study visa after refusal

6 Important Tips to Reduce the Rejection of your Canada Study Visa SOP

SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal

sop for canada study visa after refusal

SOP for Canada Study Visa is an important document in the entire process of your visa application. 

But did your SOP for Canada visa got rejected? 

But don’t be disappointed with your SOP for Canada Study Visa refusal as it’s very common and you have got the chance to draft a new SOP after refusal.


What Is SOP For Canada Study Visa After Refusal?

SOP for the Canada Study Visa after Refusal is an SOP written by the applicant after the refusal of their initial application. Along with the standard SOP format, the SOP after refusal must address all the concerns raised by the Visa Officer for the rejection of your first application.

What is the Importance a Strong SOP after refusal?

Writing a strong SOP after Canada visa refusal is essential to avoid the risk of being denied a second time. It must address all the loopholes in your first SOP and rectify all the gaps in your initial Statement of Purpose.

A strong SOP after refusal is important as it will help to: 

  • Cover up the issues and concerns raised by the Visa Officers
  • A strong SOP for Canada Visa after Refusal is a great way to impress the Visa Officers
  • Help to ease the visa application process
  • Express your reason to study in Canada in a more effective manner
  • It is your only means to attain a Canada student visa

What Should Be Your Next Step if your SOP for Canada Study Visa Is Rejected?

Don’t panic if your SOP for Canada is rejected. 

Instead, analyze the reason mentioned for the rejection of your SOP and rectify those mistakes in your SOP after visa refusal

If your SOP is not in accordance with the information and documents you have provided, then there is a high chance that it will be rejected. 

But you have got the chance to reapply the same.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to make your SOP after a refusal more attractive and impressive. 

  • Review and understand the reason for the rejection

Review each reason mentioned in the Refusal Letter to understand where you went wrong. 

Understand all the drawbacks in your writing and rectify the same in the next SOP. 

  • Contemplate new ideas and find a reasonable justification 

Think about how you can address the reason mentioned for rejection in a more effective manner and find a reasonable justification for the same.  

  • Address the reason for the rejection

Rather than providing a simpler explanation for all the reasons raised by the visa officer, address each reason separately and provide a great explanation for the same.  

  • Cite a few websites to show your homework

While providing your insightful justification, never forget to use different websites to support your arguments. 

  • Draft an entirely new SOP and address the mentioned concerns

Rather than making changes to the rejected SOP, draft a brand new SOP and give justifications for all the reasons raised by the visa official. 


What are the Reasons for Rejecting your SOP for Canada Student Visa Application - A detailed Review

sop for Canada study visa

With the increase in the number of Canadian study visa applications, there has been a rise in the number of Canadian student visa rejections as well. 

According to the latest reports, the rejection rate of Canadian student visas is 60% in many Indian states, which is far above the average Canadian visa refusal rate. 

As an SOP is an important element of your Canada study visa procedure, you have to ensure it is free from all types of errors to avoid rejection. 

Having a look at your SOP for rejected student visa Canada can help you understand your mistakes. 


Now we can check the grounds for rejection of your SOP in a detailed format,


Introduction/Personal Information

A dull introduction or absence of necessary information in the introduction of Canadian student visa SOP can create a negative impression about your SOP. 

Below are listed a few common mistakes observed in the introductory part of a Canada student visa application:

  • Vague or general introduction
  • Absence of name of the student, course chosen, the university applied
  • Mention of the work permit details
  • Inefficiency to express that you are a bonafide student seeking temporary admission in Canada.


Academic Qualification

Failure to provide enough details in this section can lead to the rejection of your SOP. 

Below are the most common mistakes often committed by students in writing about their academic background. 

  • Lack of school/college name
  • Absence of marks obtained
  • Inappropriate details on educational background
  • Failure to mention the reason for the choice of the undergraduate program.


Why this specific course

As an important part of your Canada Student Visa SOP, the reason you chose this specific course has to be addressed with the utmost care and precision. 

The absence of the below-mentioned points can lead to the instant rejection of your SOP. 

  • Lack of course motivation
  • How the proposed study program is linked to your previous academic background/professional experience
  • Some of the subjects or modules you wish to study in the proposed  study program 
  • Inability to state how this program will help to enhance your career prospects

Why this specific institution?

While mentioning your reason for choosing a particular college or university, a lack of a convincing explanation can create a negative impression.

 Below are a few common mistakes students often make when writing this section of the SOP. 

  • Lack of clear explanation on what motivated you to fill out your application in this institution. 
  • Absence of special features of the chosen institute
  • Lack of details regarding the performance of the institute in various rankings
  • Absence of details regarding the different programs offered in the chosen institute, details about the faculty, etc.

Short and/or long-term career goals

In the section pertaining to career goals, always be careful to present yourself as a focused and determined individual. 

Consider the below points to avoid mistakes in this section of your SOP.

  • Expression of your intention to work in Canada after study will surely lead to the rejection of your SOP. 
  • Lack of short and long-term goals
  • Stating career goals in a generalized manner
  • Failure to mention your desired job position  and the company you wish to work for in the future

How to Write a Winning SOP For Canada Student Visa After Refusal in 2024

statement of purpose for Canada study visa after refusal

Having faced a refusal from the Canadian Immigration Authority, you would be wondering about how to write an SOP after refusal. 

Don’t worry. With the right knowledge and skills, you will be able to ace the process and give wings to your study abroad dreams. When you reapply for the Canada Student Visa application after refusal, you have to be extra careful with your SOP, as inaccuracies in the SOP are the major reason for the visa rejection.


The best format for Writing your SOP for a Canada Study Visa After Refusal

Following the correct format and structure and including sufficient details is a great way to impress Visa officials. 

Below mentioned is the best format recommended by the industry experts on writing an SOP for a Canada student visa after refusal.


Introduction/Personal Information

The introductory part of an SOP plays an important role in the creation of the student’s overall image. 

Below are the few points that are expected to be included in the introductory part of an SOP for a student visa. 

  • Name of the student,
  • course, and the university chosen
  • Location of the university 
  • Reasons for the choice of the course
  • Reason for the rejection of your first Canada visa SOP and how you have fixed the same in the second SOP.

Academic Qualification

Briefly explain your academic background in the second paragraph of your Visa SOP. 

Never forget to include the below-mentioned points in this paragraph. 

  • Details of your school/college studied
  • Reason for the choice of undergraduate degree
  • Achievements you had during the academic time period. 
  • Your academic credential

Why this specific course?

As this is an important part of your Canada Student Visa SOP, never forget to include the below-mentioned points:

  • Your course motivation
  • How you got interested in this specific course
  • The connection between the course chosen to your previous educational or professional background
  • How this course will help you achieve your dream job.

Why this specific institution?

Here in this paragraph, you have to give a convincing reason for your choice of this specific institution. 

You can structure this paragraph by including the below-mentioned points. 

  • Discuss what made you select this specific university
  • Write about some of the salient features of this university
  • Discuss what you expect from the university
  • Explain how you can be a good candidate for the course

Short and/or long-term career goals

This paragraph is very important to creating a good impression of your profile. 

As a tricky part of your SOP, never mention your desire to remain in Canada. Below are a few pointers to make this part of your SOP attractive.

  • Discuss in detail about your immediate career plan after the completion of the course 
  • Write about where you wish to see yourself after a few years
  • Always mention about your desired post and the name of the company you wish to work for.
  • Give a convincing explanation for your intention to return to your home country after the completion of the course.

SOP Samples for Canada Study Visa After Refusal

sop for Canada study visa image

Viewing some of the SOP after refusal sample will help you understand how to address the drawbacks of your first SOP in an effective manner.  

Below is an approved SOP sample for Canada Study Visa after refusal. Have a look at it to understand how to write an SOP for Canada Study Visa after refusal.

SOP For Canada Study Visa After the refusal


The Visa Officer

The High Commission of Canada

New Delhi


Dear Madam/Sir,

Subject: Resubmission of Statement of Purpose According to the Canada Student Visa Application Requirements

Let me wish you the best greetings of the day!

I hereby introduce myself as Abhishek Mishra, a permanent resident of India, and hold the passport number X8372891. Academically, I have been consistent and have completed my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Application. Now that I am at the crossroads of a strong academic life and a dynamic career in India, I decided to complement my knowledge with an internationally recognized degree. This degree will help me transform my career, enabling me embrace better professional opportunities in India. Prioritizing my learning curve, I decided to pursue the Graduate Certificate course in Mobile Application Development. Fanshawe College in Canada would be the right academic destination for me to pursue this course. I have obtained the letter of acceptance for this course from the institute.

However, I would like to state that my previous application to obtain a study permit in Canada failed as the visa officer rejected the same on the following ground.

  • The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.

The rejection disappointed me since I am a genuine candidate willing to visit Canada solely for academic purposes. My sole purpose to visit Canada is to refine my academic profile with relevant knowledge. I don’t have any professional interest in the country. This explains why I am drafting this letter of reapplication so that you can understand my actual intention to visit Canada. I will respect the visa norms and return to my homeland in India immediately after completing this course. I also have strong family ties in India. All my professional goals revolve around my homeland. Therefore, I will return to India immediately after this course is over and secure my career in the field of my interest.

About my English language skills and competence

I have demonstrated my competence in the English language, which is evident from my IELTS Examination. I appeared for this examination in October 2022 and obtained an overall band score of 6.5 (Listening: 6.5, Reading: 7, Writing: 6, Speaking: 7.5). This score explains that I will be able to pursue this course in Canada with English as the medium of instruction. I will also be able to understand the course properly.

My career aspirations and ambitions

Once I complete this course in Canada, I will return to my homeland and enjoy my family life in India. As always, I remain family-oriented deep in my heart. So, it won’t be possible for me to isolate myself and stay away from my family members in a different country. I have my aging parents and a younger sister back at home, all of whom need my presence and support. Being the elder child of our family, I have my moral obligation for my parents.

This course will help me acquire relevant industry skills, and the global accreditation will give me an edge over my peers in India. I would like to channel my newfound skills to the domain of mobile application development. Particularly, I have realized the high demand for certified mobile app developers in industries like insurance, healthcare, banking, fintech, IT, and many others. While more than 2/3rd of mobile developers is working on Android, sophisticated apps for iOS and other operating system still have door for young minds. Therefore, I would like to focus on this field and embrace a progressive career back in India. Particularly, I am aware of fresh trends like no-code app development and low-code app development. Prioritizing my inclination towards mobile app development and weighing my career prospects back in India, I decided to pursue my career in this field.

Currently, I am eyeing a berth in one of the leading MNCs in India. Some companies on my radar include TCS, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, and Infosys. The following websites have helped me gain a comprehensive idea on my career prospects in India. 

  • LinkedIn
  • Naukri
  • Glassdoor
  • Placements India
  • Times Jobs

What is the reason for choosing to study the Graduate Certificate course in Mobile Application Development Program?

I have decided to pursue this Mobile Application Development program in Canada since this course complements my current skills and future career prospects in India. I have long been eyeing a consolidated position in the IT industry in India, which can bring me the opportunity to remain in the learning loop throughout my career. Considering that I have already completed an IT-oriented course during my graduation, I am well-versed with the basics. Besides, I am keen to make my career future-ready in India. I have already worked on related assignments and projects, that helped me gain a strong grounding in my area of interest. Besides, I regularly read tech magazines and go through IT journals to remain at the top of the industry.

As a part of my graduation program, I interned at Accenture, where I worked using Python. During this time, my interest projected towards iOS development. Currently, I am interested to upskill myself and with a globally recognized degree and scale up the competitive IT industry in India. From my research, I have come to know that skilled and certified IT professionals in India specializing in iOS development can earn annual salaries between INR 20 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs. These websites have helped me get a better view of the career prospects in the area of my interest in India.

  • PayScale
  • Indeed
  • 6figr
  • Glassdoor
  • Ambition Box

My family and sponsorship details

All these years, I enjoyed a supportive academic environment in my family. My parents want to me return to India and unite with the family once I gain the global learning exposure. This way, I can grow my career potential in India. My father is a retired business professional, and my mother is a teacher at a government school. My sister is currently pursuing her 12th grade.

I have carefully evaluated my financial requirements to pursue this course in Canada and have arranged the necessary funds. The overall valuation of our assets is CAD 2,98,382, and I have attached the CA’s report to validate this claim. I have already paid CAD 18,000 as the tuition fee for the first year. I have also deposited CAD 10,000 as my GIC. We have enough financial resources to manage my temporary living expenses, tuition fee, and incidental costs in Canada. Financially, we are affluent, and will be able to manage the expenses ourselves.

My academic synopsis and details

I have maintained a consistency in my academics all these years. Besides being proactive in games and sports. In cleared my Secondary and Higher Secondary Examinations in 2016 and 2018 with 98% and 86% marks, respectively. Next, I got myself admitted to Delhi University to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I graduated in 2021 with a CGPA of 8.7 and interned at Accenture for 1 year.

 What made me choose Canada? Why not India or any other countries?

For me, studying in Canada was a strategic decision. I was looking for an industry-oriented course, that would bestow me with relevant knowledge. In Canada, global aspirants find the right academic infrastructure, and the courses are perfectly aligned with the industry. The pragmatic way of transferring practical knowledge to the aspirants makes the courses effective. Also, the course modules that leading universities in Canada offer are deeply synced with the industry. Considering these aspects, I decided to pursue this program in Canada. In this country, education is more practical than the universities in India. This makes the learners well-poised for the challenges in the industry.

I have also checked out the official websites of top universities in other countries like the US, the UK, and Australia. The course fee in Canada is comparatively lower, making it affordable for me. The temporary living expenses in Canada are also more manageable. Canada offers the same quality of education to the aspirants as other countries. Considering the high quality of education, global recognition, and affordability of these courses, I decided to pursue the program in Canada.

Besides, the country has a multicultural learning environment. It would be a privilege for me to refine my knowledge while studying amidst students from different demographics.

I have explored the following websites to get a detailed concept about the academic environment in Canada.

  • International Academy
  • Bachelors Portal
  • CIC News
  • Edu Canada
  • IDP

What is the reason for choosing Fanshawe College?

I have explored the review aggregator websites to get an idea of the quality of education aspirants can gain from Fanshawe College. Besides, I have checked out the official website of this institute to get an idea about the curriculum. The comprehensiveness of this program makes it suitable for me. The course modules are perfectly in sync with the industry. Also, the channels of knowledge delivery look practical. This would make the learning process more methodical for me.

I am keen to complete training in relevant areas like mobile application UI/UX design, iOS application development, graduate success strategies, enterprise tech for mobile platforms, cross-platform mobile development, and Android application development.

Declaration and acknowledgement

All the information that I have furnished in this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I haven’t altered any detail for my benefit, or haven’t doctored any document to take advantage of the same.

Conclusion and final appeal

In this application, I have presented my situation for a careful scrutiny on your end. Also, I have addressed the issues that the previous visa officer raised while rejecting my application. On completing this course, I will return to India as per the visa norms. This course will significantly strengthen my career prospects in India. Therefore, I earnestly request you to consider my application and make your decision in my favour.

I am waiting for a positive response from your end.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Abhishek Mishra

6 Important Tips to Reduce the Rejection of your Canada Study Visa SOP

sop for canada study visa after refusal

An SOP for Canada Visa is an amalgamation of your hope and aspiration for a better life ahead. 

So don’t risk the chance to get a refusal letter for your visa application. 

Below are a few tips to consider when you write a Canada Visa SOP after refusal.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is no specified word limit for Canada Student Visa SOP after refusal. 

But be careful not to make it too lengthy.


If you are able to impress the Visa Official in your next Canada Visa SOP, then surely you have the chance to get a Student Visa for Canada.


There is no limit to reapplying for the visa after refusal, but be careful to provide new information in each application.


The difference between visa refusal and visa rejection is that visa refusal means that something went wrong on your side and was added to your permanent record, leading to the visa refusal. 

The visa rejection means something necessary is missing in your application, and you are asked to resubmit it.


Visa officers check whether you fulfill all the necessary criteria to enter the country mentioned. 

The visa rejection means something necessary is missing in your application, and you are asked to resubmit it.


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