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26th July 2017 By Bestwriter

Writing a statement of purpose often seems like a daunting task for it carries a lot of value while applying to colleges abroad. Most of the times, it’s the statement of purpose that acts as a deciding factor for your college application approval. SOP writing services from us assist you with this as needed. Let us start with the basic information and take it from there.

What is a statement of purpose?

An 800-1000 words long essay that tells the reader about the candidate’s life story- his dreams, goals and ambitions. The candidate would either be required to fill a questionnaire or he may have to write an essay.

What is the purpose of a statement of purpose?

The statement of purpose has to do only one job and that is to convince the reader of your ability and your interest in achieving your goals, and how this particular university fits into your life plan. The best SOP writers with us weave an intricate flow of your story that helps capture the interest of the reader.

How to begin?

Starting is the most difficult part because staring at a blank piece of paper is more intimidating than one realises. You need to prepare yourself for the fact that you will be making numerous drafts and will be proof reading your essay countless number of times. To begin, take a piece of paper and write a structure that you wish your essay to have. Put a bullet point under all the headings and write the details you want to mention in each of those headings.  For your first draft, forget the word limit. You will have time to refine your essay. The most important thing is to have your essay’s skeleton ready.

What to do after you have written your statement of purpose?

It roughly takes a week for a student to write a good statement of purpose. When you are confident that you have done your best, give your essay to your sibling for the purpose of proof reading and ask them to point out all your mistakes. Never ask your friend to proof read your essay because they won’t tell you what it lacks, on the other hand, siblings like to go out of their way and scrutinize you too way, exactly the way the college committee will do. In case if you want, SOP writers can also be engaged.

Things to keep in mind while writing the essay?

  • You need to use your word count wisely. If you are saying something in 45 words but the same thing can be put across in 20 words too, you are wasting 25 words that could’ve made a better contribution to your essay.
  • Establish a clear connection between your interests and the course of your choice. Mention why you think a particular university would be the best fit for you.
  • Try and write an essay that would make your application memorable. Your essay needs to stand out. This can be done by adding small anecdotes that elucidate on your character or a certain event that has had a profound impact on you. Give your essay a personal touch.
  • Do not send the same statement of purpose to all colleges. All colleges are unique and you need to tweak your essay every time you send in your application.

Not everyone is good at writing such essays. It requires a lot of time and patience. Our team consists of the best statement of purpose writers. We give attention to all intricacies and make sure to capture the essence of the candidate. If you are looking for Statement of Purpose writing services that work together with the candidate, you have reached your destination.

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