How to Write a Statement of Purpose: All You Need to Know

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10th June 2018 By Bestwriter

How to Write a Statement of Purpose: All You Need to Know

Now that you have decided to pursue higher studies from a venerated university, time has come to start beginning preparing for the application.

The process of application can really get frustrating thanks to a document called Statement of Purpose or SOP.

Ironically, an SOP can decide whether you are worthy of admission or not—even when you have higher or lower academic scores.

So the key, to get admission to your favorite university, here is to write an SOP that can do all the talking about you and confirm admission.

So, you might be going: ‘How to Write a Statement of Purpose?’

That is what we are going to discuss here. Read on.

Get to Know What the School is Asking For

While trying to get admission, you need to realize that different universities have different requirements. However, what is important to know here is that they all are looking to get answers to four important questions;

  • Why do you want to study the course you want to study?
  • Why do you want to get admission to the institute you want to get admission to?
  • What experience do you have in the field?
  • What are your aspirations for your career once you have your degree?

So the best way to impress the admission committee is to answer these questions in the most convincing way.

Let them know that you really care about the area of field you have chosen and that you already have experience in the field. If you don’t, you need to let them know why you want to go on that particular path.

As much as what you say, how you convey your ideas is also important when you begin to write an SOP.

Pay Attention to What You Are Going to Include In the SOP

Some universities specify the word or character limit for an SOP while some others don’t. So it is up to you to decide how much you are going to write.

Are you going to write pages long essay about your culinary expertise—unless you are applying for such a course, of course—or something actually relevant to your line of study?

The committee could not care less if you know how to make Chicken Biriyani or Chocolate cake if you are applying for a PG program in Computer Science.

What they do care about is your skills in programming, the workshops you have attended, the programs you have written and the projects you have done.

So what is important to know here is that you need to really be selective on what to include in the SOP and what not. When students approach us wanting to get SOPs, they bring with us various things they wish to include in the SOP and most of the times it happens that they are irrelevant.

So what we do in such cases is to select only relevant details and omit the rest. One of the most important tips on how to write a statement of purpose is to omit those details that add no value to the statement as a whole.

Including only the relevant items will surely make your SOP more focused and a compelling case for the admission committee.

Make Your SOP Unique and Personal

While are numerous sample SOPs you can get from everywhere; from your seniors, friends and even online. A search for Statement of Purpose example would bring countless results.

If you have no idea on how to write an SOP, looking at a few winning SOP samples can help immensely. It will give you a few ideas on how to stay unique and engaging all the while being relevant.

Bringing in a few personal experiences that impressed about the field you want to study can be a great way to become unique all the while being relevant engaging.

Having realized this, when we sit down to write a statement of purpose, we work to get as much relevant personal experiences of the candidates. This helps us create impressive and winning SOPs for all our clients irrespective of their academic scores and grades.

After all, the personal experiences you have gone through are yours. This will make your SOP all more focused letting the committee know about your interest in the subject rather than just read your describing it.

Write an SOP that Converses

Being able to talk to the admission committee through your SOP is a great trait that most winning SOPs have and it is a good trait to emulate on any SOP.

The idea here is to not make the SOP sound rigid, too formal or uninteresting. This is why we create excellent writing approaches on how to write a statement of purpose to come up with excellent SOPs that can impress not only the admission committee but also anyone reading it.

When the SOPs have a conversation tone, it is easier for the committee to relate to your experiences, motivations and the aspirations. This will make them respond well to the SOP and give you the positive node for the admission.

Most of the times, the SOP samples we have read written by the clients themselves fail to address the fact that the admission committee consists of people. The SOPs tend to be really barren that they fail to impress anyone reading it.

As such, it is really important that you make your SOP lively and engaging to read right from the beginning.

Have a Structure You Think Best Suits You Unless Otherwise Required

Many would say that you have to have a certain structure for your SOP to convince the admission. But for us, it is yes and no.

Yes because if the university says so.

There are certain universities that prefer a particular structuring to the SOP.

No because there are many universities that just want an SOP left to follow a structure that the students prefer.

We are talking about the latter here because there isn’t much we can do about the former because that’s what the university wants. And we are all in for what the university wants.

So, with the latter you can structure the SOP in any structure as you would like.  The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you are able to include the answers for all the questions marked in the first point of the post.

Concluding thoughts on how to write a statement of purpose

Since SOP is perhaps the most important document that you append with your admission other than your academic transcripts, it is really important that you give your best while writing it.

If you are not confident about it and want some experienced hands to get the SOP written for you, we can help you with that. Our approach on how to write a statement of purpose has always helped us create excellent SOPs that win admission committees.

Over the years, we have helped numerous students with exceptional SOP writing services for a wide range of purposes and universities across the world.

Fortified with the most talented writers, experienced editing staffs and uncompromised quality standards, we can help you improve your chances of admission for certain.

As such, if you need an affordable SOP writing agency to rely on, we are here. You can contact us, now to know more about us.


















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