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Statement of Purpose(SOP) Samples

Are you struggling to get your SOP from the ground and finding it quite a task to pull off? Do you think you need some help with it? We can be it, and more! PWS has been in the business of writing statements of purpose for years now.

We have worked with numerous clients from diverse parts of the world crafting them the statement that promptly addresses all the requirements of an admission committee and secures admission. This has transformed us today into a reliable SOP writing service.

We can help you with either writing a fresh SOP from the scratch or editing an already written essay. We can also release you a statement of purpose example for reference if you want to compare yours with and find out what changes to be made. With us, you can find these statement of purpose samples.

  • SOP for US samples
  • SOP for  UK samples
  • SOP for Canada samples
  • New Zealand SOP samples
  • Ireland SOP
  • SOP for Australia Samples
  • SOP for Germany
  • SOP for India

It does not matter what course you are applying to, the university or even the country. What really matters is whether you are able to translate you eligibility to an impressive narration, as you may have rightly seen in any SOP Sample given above.

Think it is impossible? Let us help you.

We have crafted numerous SOPs and the samples of which are available here. We have had numerous clients saying that they want to write their own statement of purposes but don’t know what to include and where to begin. We say that writing your own SOPs is the best thing to do and we can help you do that.

That’s the reason we have presented a range of SOPs samples for you to refer and craft an excellent SOP modeling the ones we have already written.

When you use samples of SOP to craft your own essay, we want to remind you not to let yourself influenced to use any phrases in them because that will spoil the uniqueness of your essay. If you wonder why then you should even care to see a statement of purpose sample pdf? Well, they are only for educational purposes.

Five Essential Steps to Prepare Yourself for Writing an SOP

Does the thought of writing a statement of purpose bother you? There is nothing to worry. If you are ready to do a little bit of homework, for instance, carefully analyzing few SOP samples and SOP writing tips, you will be able to face this challenge more creatively and successfully. Here discussed are five essential steps to prepare yourself for writing a statement of purpose.

Prepare a checklist

 Having a checklist will help you make use of your time, resources  and knowledge more effectively for writing the statement of purpose. Make sure you have the institution’s guidelines and a couple of best sop samples from us to prepare the checklist.

Get to know the SOP structure

Have you cared to understand what an SOP structure is? It is a broad term that rightly includes the SOP format, writing tone, range of points to include in the essay and so forth. To brief up, it’s like a framework or outline of your essay.

Allocate enough time

As a student writing the SOP for the first or second time, you won’t be able to write it fast. So, if you have any plan to write it on your own, make sure you allocate enough time for that.

Review sop example

As a student writing the SOP for the first or second time, you won’t be able to write it fast. So, if you have any plan to write it on your own, make sure you allocate enough time for that.

Improve your English

If you don’t possess a good command of English, it won’t be easy to write a good SOP. Your statement of purpose is going to be read by native English speakers, if you are applying at a college in Canada, Australia, UK or New Zealand. Read a lot and practice writing before you start working on your statement of purpose. Reading of any relevant materials, ranging from the statement of purpose samples to good academic writings, will enhance your

Statement of Purpose Format and Template

In addition to good English and coherent thoughts, your statement of purpose needs to have a recognized format. So what is the ideal format to use in an SOP? Online searches might show you several results with myriads of formats. Make sure that the Statement of Purpose format you choose to use for your essay contains the following basic things.

  • A convincing introduction.
  • A comprehensive body that consists of multiple paragraphs – each focusing on a single point or concept.
  • A reiterating conclusion
  • Recognized font, font size, paragraph intending etc.

How can we strengthen your chances of getting admission?

Over the years, we have written numerous Statements of purpose for students with diverse academic and career ambitions. This has helped us have a bevy of SOP samples of diverse styles, structures, formats, and narrative styles. So if you are looking for ways to strengthen your chances of getting admission to a reputed university, our best sop samples would definitely be useful to boost your knowledge.

You can choose the sample SOP that reflects your course and ideas. As a reliable SOP writing service provider, we offer a statement of purpose samples as given below;

  • Electrical, mechanical and computer engineering
  • SOP samples for MS, M.Sc. and PhD
  • Samples of sop for MBA
  • SOP samples in computer science
  • Health informatics and healthcare administration
  • SOP samples for scholarship
  • GRE SOP Samples
  • SOP samples for tourism
  • SOP samples in architecture and construction
  • HR department and human resource management
  • SOP samples for PhD in biotechnology
  • Sample SOPs for MIS
  • SOP samples for masters
  • UCAS SOP samples
  • SOP samples in business management and administration
  • Hotel management and hospitality industry

Most of the SOPs that we have written so far fall into any one of the above categories. However, we have various other SOP samples in our database as well. Should you need any further assistance in this regard, you can always get back to us and request for an SOP example from these.

How can we help you with our SOP examples?

You can look at the sample SOPs we have written for our clients before and see how you can write the perfect SOP you need. Going through these SOP samples will help you understand how you can write facts and your background details in interesting manner. Moreover, it will show you how language devices are used to improve sentence and paragraph coherence and cohesion. Another great advantage is that it will make you familiar with statement of Purpose format.

Take a look at the SOP we have written for MBA;

Having been born to a family of businesspeople like my father and uncles, I have always loved the idea of doing business. It would, I realized, give me plenty of opportunities to interact with different people, exercise my creative and take the business in any direction I loved. I loved the idea of doing something different and the autonomy involved in it. Being an outgoing person who loves to connect and network with people, I understood that being an entrepreneur is where I can excel. The opportunities brought about by technology and changing faces of business for growth have led me to this point where I am seeking admission to the course.’

As you can see that’s an introduction that works perfectly on diverse levels. It delves right into the motivation factor as to why the student wants to do the MBA. It also explains what attracted her to the course, the insights she found in the marketing prevailing. The introduction also gives a subtle node to the nature of the person and that she understands the current situation in the business world. A pretty focused and very crisp introduction, it lays the stage for the further details of the student.

I have been an ardent learner even from the formative years of my academics looking to learn from not just the curriculum from all sources possible. It helped me excel at my academics and stay amidst the developments in the world as well. I was also very active in a trove of extracurricular programs and events that helped me develop and hone my organizational, leadership, communication and people skills. These have tremendously helped me become a better person altogether.

The next part is your academic details. While you don’t have to explain the name of the institutions and the score you secured, display how well you were able to phase through your academic years. The first sentence of the above paragraph attains that goal. It also tells the admission committee about the extracurricular activities you have been a part of and how they helped you as a person.

Since I wanted to gain extensive international and global exposure I have always wanted to pursue the course from a foreign university. So I traded India for other countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland. However, since the expenses of the US, the UK and Australia, I filtered them out of my list. My cost and value analysis showed me that doing the courses in either Canada or Ireland was more favorable to me and my current academic ambitions. However, I was preferred Canada as I was able to get excellent feedbacks from former students of Canadian universities and educational consultants I have spoken to. Adding to my confidence was the low rate of crimes, supportive government and welcoming environment of the country.

As you can see, the next paragraph makes a clear case the best case to choose Canada by the student. The paragraph explains in clear terms why the student did not choose the home country and the UK, the US and Australia. The reasons are very practical and logical. The same goes for the reasons for choosing Canada over Ireland as the students lists the elements that she felt were better in offer in Canada than in Ireland. By making the statements personal to the student, the student asserts here that the choice is person and the view of others may change. This will certainly impress the admission committee for sure.

When I was carrying out the research to find the best university in Canada, I was overwhelmed to see the sheer number of universities offering a similar courses with great quality. However, what attracted me to the course were the internship opportunities brought forth by the university to the students and experiential learning systems in the university. Further, the university had excellent faculty with veteran teachers, expansive infrastructure and collaborative learning opportunities where growth of the student is not limited to academic subjects alone.

Here, the case is made to convince the admission committee as to why she made the decision to pursue the course in a particular university. In the sample SOP for MBA, she explains why she felt the university was ideal for her and what elements attracted her to the university. The elements the student identified are extremely important for the quality of education rendered by the institute. As such, the observations of the student are very astute driving respectful value from the admission committee.

My researches to understand about the course, the living expenditure and other expenses with respect to the course helped me understand my financial obligations. My parents are the ones sponsoring my education and they have already secured an education loan which is well enough to support the financial requirements of the course and living in Canada. The details of the same have been attached herewith along with the financial wherewithal of my parents.

Crisp and insightful, the paragraph addresses all the elements the admission committee looks to understand about the financial details of the student. The student here asserts that she understands the needs of the university in terms of tuition and living expense. By saying that an education loan has been secured which is enough for the study, the student says here that she is already got the financial part secured. By stating that the documents for the loan and the parents’ financial capability are attached, she is able to close the paragraph with great confidence and poise.

After the master’s I intend to return to India not just became my familial ties call me back but also because India is an incredible market for employment. Being one of the fastest-growing economies of the world, India is a hotcake that everyone wants a piece of. As such companies from across the world want to open their operations in India. Hence, I am sure that I can certainly have an excellent career in India as a business management professional with incredible insights in the field. In the long-term, after gaining enough exposure in the industry, I would like to incept a management consultancy in India.’

If you look at this SOP sample for MBA, you can see the student clearly wording out her intent to return to India based on two important reasons. Since the professional reason is more important, it is given more prominence and fleshed out further. The goals of the student goes from short-term to long-term which shows that she has given a fair amount of thought to the career she is going to build.

As you can see, the sample of an MBA SOP addresses all the important elements that an admission committee looks to find in the SOP of an MBA aspirant. As such, it is never a surprise she got admission. Having written this after consulting with the student through a strong questionnaire, we helped her secure her future.

If you are looking to find the best SOP samples or assistance to write the same, you have reached the right place.  Hire Professional SOP writing services. We have exceptional;

  • Experience in the domain
  • Team of exceptional writers and editors
  • Infrastructure capabilities
  • Quality processes and systems
  • Professional customer service

All of these elements combined together, we can offer you the best SOP that can stand you apart from the rest and help you win the admission.


Here is the list of statement of purpose samples

As we suggested earlier, reviewing Statement of Purpose examples will enhance your knowledge of writing it. We have listed here a series of statement of purpose sample PDF for you to download and review. Go through the list, select one that is relevant to your chosen course and university and review it carefully. Feel free to reach us out and request for our sample statement of purpose if what you are looking for is not in the list.

Here is the list of sample statement of purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It’s not required to sign a statement of purpose. There are some exceptional cases where some universities demand a signed essay from the applicant. So, it is good to check with your institution’s guidelines first.

You can use the first paragraph of your statement of purpose to give a brief introduction about yourself. Structure the introduction to make it sound relevant to your course and the institution so that it won’t appear out of context in your essay. Download and review our statement of purpose sample pdf and see how self-introduction is crafted out.

Generally speaking, you are not required to mention your name on your statement of purpose because you are not independently sending it to your college. Instead, you are including it in your application bundle which contains several other documents from which your complete bio is retrievable. However, if your applying institution requires you to write your name on the SOP, do comply with the same. You can find it out by reviewing sop example they send you for reference.

To make your SOP impactful, do the following things

  • Make it unique
  • Make it interesting to read
  • Make it cover all questions your selection officer may want to know

Before submitting your SOP, proofread it several times and make sure that it contains no mistakes. Also, compare it with samples of statement of purpose from the applying institution and check if it complies with the recognized structure.

We have noticed that the ideal word count of best sop samples range between 750 and 1000 words. 500 words look too short.

SOP should be comprehensive and at the same time shouldn’t contain any irrelevant information. Within the limit of 1000 words you get to speak in your statement of purpose, use every word carefully. Do not write your personal or family information and situations extensively if they do not make any sense in the context of your application. Check our statement of purpose sample doc and get a thorough understanding of range of details to include in your writeup.


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